Self Care Sunday – 33 Easiest Ways To Recharge For The Week Ahead

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Mention self care Sunday and images of cucumber-covered eyes and towel-wrapped hair may come to mind. It’s the perfect day for rest, after all! With most of us rocking jam-packed schedules, taking a day in the week to properly reset and recharge just makes a whole lot of sense.

Sunday self care looks different for everyone; an active student might feel energized with a morning hike, while a busy mama might recharge with a proper shower and a steaming cup of tea. Either way, the goal is the same: to feel great physically and mentally through an intentional set of healthy habits.

Here’s a tip to start your self care Sunday routine: get most of your to-do list done earlier in the week, so you have some free time on Sunday for your favorite self-care activities.

In this article, we’ll share with you a list of effortless self care Sunday ideas that can make you feel all kinds of amazing, and ready to take on the new week!

33 Best Self Care Sunday Ideas To Help You Relax And Recharge

What To Expect

  1. What Is A Self-Care Sunday?
  2. Why Is Self-Care Important?
  3. What Does A Self-Care Day Include?
  4. What Should I Do On Self-Care Sunday?
  5. How Can I Have The Best Self Care Day?
  6. How Long Should You Spend On Self-Care?

What Is A Self-Care Sunday?

Self-care Sunday is based on the idea of taking one day a week – on Sundays – to dedicate to taking care of yourself. Sunday is the popular choice as it’s naturally geared towards rest but if that’s not a good fit for you, pick an alternative day. Self-care Saturday, perhaps?

Why Is Self-Care Important?

We all need a good break to feel great! According to Southern New Hampshire University, regularly practicing self care is clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

What Does A Self-Care Day Include?

The goal is to care for your body and mind, so think of any activity that we do purposefully in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. To start building your care routine, check in with yourself: “What practices make me happiest?”

What Should I Do On Self-Care Sunday?

Prioritize activities that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This looks different for everyone, so customize a self care Sunday routine that works best for you. Could it be a morning walk and a coffee catch-up with your girlfriends? Or perhaps an extended skin care routine followed by a much-needed nap?

How Can I Have The Best Self Care Day?

Take a holistic approach to your self-care Sunday practice. Self-care Sundays work best when you incorporate a balanced mix of:

  • Physical self-care to promote your body’s well-being (enjoying a relaxing shower, getting enough sleep, etc.)
  • Emotional self-care to help with processing your emotions (journaling, talking to someone, etc.)
  • Mental self-care to stimulate your mind and support mental health (learning something new, taking a social media break, etc.)
  • Social self-care to give you a strong sense of support and community (spending time with family, calling up a friend, etc.)
  • Practical self-care to promote better organization for everyday functions (tidying up the home, running errands, etc.)
  • Spiritual self-care to promote spiritual health (meditating, practicing gratitude, etc.)

How Long Should You Spend On Self-Care?

Dedicating a full Sunday for self-care is a fantastic way to rest and recharge. That being said, life can get in the way sometimes so find a way to make your routine realistic for you. Can’t do the whole day? Try half a day. Don’t have half a day? Practice self-care for 30 minutes. If that’s still not doable, a 5 minute self care activity works too!

Self Care Sunday: 33 Easiest Ways To Feel Refreshed For The Week Ahead


Set Your Intentions

Before your self-care Sunday begins, take a moment to check in with yourself on what you’d like to get out of the day. Write down your intentions in a journal or planner, or the notes app on your phone.


Soak Up Some Sunday Morning Sun

Head outdoors for a healthy dose of vitamin D! In the long run, regularly spending time in the morning sun can greatly help with boosting mood, improving hormonal balance, supporting bone health, and promoting good sleep.


Get Your Steps In

Spending time outdoors is the perfect opportunity to hit your steps goal at the same time! Enjoy a stroll in the park or go for a hike. Take your self-care challenge up a notch: consider going car-free and walking to where you need to be for the day.

Self Care Sunday - Meditate | Haul of Fame



Meditation is a powerful tool for promoting mindfulness. Find a quiet spot, and take some time to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. If you’re new to meditation, check out mindfulness apps like Calm and Headspace for guided meditation sessions.


Practice Self-Love Affirmations

Self-care starts with self-love; it’s always a great idea to remind yourself of the amazing person you are! Pick some positive affirmations that speak to you. For a more impactful experience, practice with a mirror and recite the affirmations out loud.

Need some self-love affirmation ideas? Here are 50 affirmations for positivity that your mind and body will love you for.


Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is a great practice to support emotional health. Use it to set your goals, organize your thoughts, and inspire new ideas. Not sure where to start? Check out our handy Glow Up Challenge printables that you can use as prompts for your writing and goal-tracking.


Eat Something Healthy

Feeding yourself well is a major part of self-care, so take the opportunity to fuel up on nutrient-dense meals. Some low-and-slow home cooking can be incredibly nourishing; simple ideas you can try include soul-soothing soups, comforting stews, and hearty roasts.


Enjoy Your Favorite Workout

Staying active isn’t just great for physical well-being – it’s incredibly beneficial for mental health as well. If you’re struggling to be consistent with your workout plan, find ways to move your body that you truly enjoy. It’s easier to exercise when you’re having a good time!


Pamper Yourself With A Spa Day

A proper pamper session for self care Sunday? Yes, please! Treat yourself to your favorite treatments at the spa, or keep it simple and enjoy a rejuvenating spa day at home.

Self Care Sunday - Pamper Yourself With A Spa Day | Haul of Fame

Take the time to enjoy a more elaborate version of your daily skin care routine. Start with a thorough facial cleansing, and relax with a face mask. Give yourself a pick-me-up massage with gua sha stones and facial rollers. Don’t forget the eye cream now!

Bring out your fanciest bath soaps and enjoy an extended bathtime for maximum relaxation. Here is the ultimate bathing essentials kit to complete your self care Sunday routine.


Give Your Hair A Little Extra Care

While we’re on the topic of grooming, don’t forget to show your hair some TLC! Get your locks squeaky clean with a shampoo bar, or change your hair color for a fresh new look.

If you’re looking to level up your hair care routine, here are our recommendations for the ultimate best hair products.


Treat Yourself To A Mani-Pedi

Yes, we’re going head-to-toe with the pampering so don’t forget about those nails! Turn it into an indulgent afternoon at the salon with your favorite girlies, or try new nail colors and designs from the comfort of your home.

Need some inspiration for your mani-pedi? You can’t go wrong with these elegant minimalist nail designs. For seasonal ideas, check out our favorite nail design picks for summer, spring, autumn, and more!


Take A Nap

Good rest is a crucial part of our physical and mental well-being. If you’re running short on sleep during the week, use self-care Sunday as an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed downtime.


Try A Digital Detox

Scrolling on your phone can be equal parts engaging and draining, so it’s good to take a break once in a while. This gives you a great chance to be more present and alert to your surroundings. Plus, your eyes are probably thankful for the break too!


Spend Time With Family And Friends

Self Care Sunday - Spend Time With Family And Friends | Haul of Fame

Celebrate your favorite relationships by spending quality time with your loved ones on Sundays. Be the support system that they are for you: check in on how they’re doing, have meaningful conversations, and enjoy bonding activities together.


Refresh Your Living Space

Self-care ideas can apply to your living space as well. Breathe new life into your home by giving it a fuss-free facelift! Here are some simple home care ideas to make your living space feel fresh:

  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Change your curtains
  • Put up your favorite photos
  • Reorganize your bookshelf


Declutter One Part Of Your Home

Cutting down on clutter in the home makes it so much easier to maintain a tidy and organized living space throughout the week. It can get overwhelming if you have a lot of things to declutter, so you might want to start with one part of the home at a time and look up some decluttering tips online. Remember to channel your inner Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it!


Get Some Fresh Flowers Or (More) Plants

Brighten up your space and give it a breath of fresh air with some fresh flowers or potted plants. If you already have quite a collection of the latter, just remember: you can never have too many plants!

Self Care Sunday - Fresh Flowers | Haul of Fame


Light Some Candles

Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet, and guess what’s one of their secrets for a cozy time at home? Candles! Lighting candles instantly provides a warm glow and gentle lighting, while the addition of pleasant scents definitely adds to the relaxation factor.


Revisit Your Vision Board

Check in on your life visions as part of your Sunday self care routine. Having a vision board is incredibly helpful for this, as it gives a visual representation of your life goals.

If you don’t already have a vision board, you can create one; it can be as simple as a virtual Pinterest board, or as elaborate as a handmade collage. Either way, use your board as a prompt to assess if your current lifestyle is aligned with the vision you have for your future.


Plan For The Week Ahead

Reduce your mental load by getting some of the week’s planning done in advance. Update your calendar and map out your key tasks. Having a preview of what your week might look like helps you feel more in control and ready to take on the new week.


Meal Prep For The Week

Preparing your meals ahead of time makes it easier to stick to healthy eating habits. Plus, it takes the time-sucking debate of “What do I eat today?” off your plate, freeing up your mental space for more important things.

It does take quite a lot of preparation so make it easier on you where possible. You might choose to save time and get groceries delivered to you, or sign up to a recipe box delivery service (check out Hello Fresh reviews) or to cook a big batch of basic recipes that can be enjoyed in different ways throughout the week.


Bake A Special Treat

How heavenly would it be to have freshly-baked bread to start your mornings with, or your favorite cake waiting to be savored after a long day? On Sundays, bake a treat you can look forward to enjoying throughout the week.

Self Care Sunday - Bake A Special Treat | Haul of Fame


Tackle A Chore You’ve Been Putting Off

Imagine what it feels like to finally tick that long overdue task off your list. What a relief! Use that as motivation to tackle an annoying chore you’ve been putting off (like cleaning kitchen cabinets!). Tip: Make completing difficult chores more doable by enlisting help from your family and friends.


Learn Something New

Stimulate your mind by picking up new knowledge. Pick up a new hobby (imagine getting to that karate black belt you once dreamed of when you were younger or taking up swimming), read self-improvement books, or take up a course.


Make Something With Your Hands

Make time for something artsy! You can spend self-care Sundays making watercolor paintings, or trying your hand at pottery. The sensory experience of these art projects can greatly help with reducing stress and inducing a feeling of calm.


Support A Cause You Love

There’s a special kind of fulfillment you can get from supporting causes you strongly believe in. Contribute to the cause by making a donation, volunteering your time, or helping to create awareness.


Bust A Move

Crank up your favorite jams and have an impromptu dance party! Fun tip: Breaking out your best dance moves while you go about your chores will definitely make your to-do list a breeze to go through.


Laugh Out Loud!

Having a good laugh is a quick way to boost your well-being. Not only does laughing lighten the mood through the release of feel-good hormone endorphins, but it can also promote circulation and muscle relaxation, enhance oxygen intake, and stimulate key organs.


Lay Out Your Next-Day Outfit

Here’s a simple hack to save time and energy for Monday morning: plan your outfit the night before. You can also reduce decision fatigue for the week by planning your 7-day outfit selection.

Next-Day Outfit | Haul of Fame


Enjoy Some Peace And Quiet

Leave some breathing room in your self-care Sunday plans for quiet time. You might choose to read something or do absolutely nothing. Either way, enjoy a little breather!


Plan Something To Look Forward To

Anticipation for something exciting can help you to feel more motivated and inspired in your day-to-day routine which is why self care while traveling is key. Use your relaxing Sundays to plan fun breaks in your calendar. It might be a long overdue date night with your partner, or a full-blown family vacation.


Recount The Things In Life You’re Grateful For

Sometimes the best pick-me-up is to remind yourself of the things in life you’re thankful for. Research shows that gratitude is consistently associated with greater happiness.

Take the time to notice and seek out the good things in your life. You can write down what you’re grateful for, or express your heartfelt thanks to someone.


Get Quality Sleep

Complete your self care Sunday routine with good wind-down habits. Minimize usage of digital screens at night, aim for an early bedtime, and sleep in a cool and pitch-black room to get some quality shut-eye.

Quality Sleep | Haul of Fame

Are You Ready To Take On The Self Care Challenge?

We hope the self care Sunday ideas we’ve shared in this article will help you to start your own routine. Feel free to mix the ideas up with some of your personal favorite habits to create a rejuvenating routine that’s uniquely yours!

We talked about how self-care would look different for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you only have the time for 5 minute self care, or if you’re taking it up a notch by turning it into self care weekend; the important thing is that you come away feeling lighter and ready to take on the week ahead.

We’ve all got so much on our plates; when things get too overwhelming, just remember: it’s always a good idea to take a little breather. Have a restful Sunday!

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