5 Best Exfoliating Scrubs For Legs: Get Silky Smooth Skin For Days

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Are you desperately on the hunt for a shower product that will give you Hollywood legs in one quick scrub? We’ve got exactly what you need and thats one of our 5 handpicked best exfoliating scrubs for legs.

Alright, we admit it – we’re in love with exfoliation. In fact, we’re probably leaning towards obsessed, if not entirely reliant on its refreshing powers. And while we relish in wiping away the dead skin cells from every square inch of our body, we won’t deny where it feels best – the legs. 

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Why Should You Exfoliate Your Legs?

best exfoliating products for legs

We have our reasons. While it often goes overlooked, exfoliating can quite literally transform your legs. It rejuvenates, brightens, evens, smooths, and wipes away imperfections alongside dead skin cells. What’s not to like? And while we could spend hours gazing at our reflections in our newly glowing legs after exfoliation, we know there’s work to be done – we have to spread the word about leg exfoliation.

Which almost always leads to us being asked, “What are the best exfoliating scrubs for legs?” Great question! Luckily for you, we have the answer!

Believe us, we’ve done the research. And we may or may not have tested almost every worthwhile product. We know that when it comes to the best leg exfoliant scrub, sugar, vitamin-packed spice, and all things nice are what really matter. What we’re looking for in the best exfoliating body scrubs is moisture, nourishment, softness, and a slight abrasiveness to help us say buh-bye to those pesky skin cells. 

So, we promise to tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth, as we peel back the layers on the best exfoliating scrubs for legs. To get started, let’s roll out the red carpet and give a warm welcome to…

Haul of Fame: Best Exfoliating Scrubs For Legs

  1. Tree Hut Sugar Scrub
  2. Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub
  3. First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub
  4. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Scrub
  5. Frank Body Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

1. Best All-Around Leg Exfoliating Scrub: Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub - best exfoliating body scrub for ingrown hairs, leg scrub

100,000+ verified reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7 stars – need we say more? Probably not, but we’re going to anyway. And that’s because we can’t help but gush over this miracle worker which takes the gold for being one of the best exfoliating scrubs for legs around (if not the best!).

Loaded with natural oils and ultra-hydrating butters, the Tree Hut Shea Sugar formula is food for the skin. And, of course, no sugar scrub is complete without, well, sugar! And while it’s abundant in this non-abrasive absolute best exfoliator for legs, we’d like to emphasize non-abrasive – the innovative formula goes easy on the skin.

Each cute pot of exfoliating scrub is brimming with nourishment, helping you to scrub away the day to reveal silky smooth, soft, radiant skin that lasts (not to mention it works wonders on minimising the appearance of cellulite before and after tanning too!).

This is the sugar leg scrub to end all sugar leg scrubs and also takes the gold for being the best exfoliator for dry skin on legs too. A true all-around shower essential – you know what to do.

2. Best Exfoliating Scrub for Sensitive Skin: Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub

Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub - exfoliating scrub for sensitive skin

Dove is synonymous with industry-leading skincare. And when it comes to their exfoliating body scrub, they don’t let us down. Instead, their formula’s whipped texture and creamy coverage is trademark Dove. We’d also argue that the seeds used to scrub and firm your skin and leave it supple, also make this formula one of the best body exfoliating body scrubs for ingrown hairs.

Each is infused with ingredients known to hydrate the skin and fight skin aging while evening the skin tone. The skin food comes in five flavors: Pomegranate seeds and shea butter, Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk, Brown Sugar and Coconut Butter, Kiwi and Aloe and Crushed Lavender and Coconut Milk.

3. Best Exfoliating Scrub for Sensitive Skin: First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub - exfoliating scrub for legs

Think your legs need reviving? Skin looking dull and on the cusp of demise? Meet the transformative treat that instantly polishes away dull skin, leaving your skin looking very much alive and well! We present you with the ultimate leg scrub to remove dead skin that you’ll wish you bought earlier.

The KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub from First Aid Beauty is akin to CPR for the legs and easily the best leg exfoliator around. A powerful blend of skin-friendly ingredients comes to the rescue: 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid shows no mercy to dead skin cells, improving skin texture upon first use. Further helping to coax out your silky smooth legs by taking a dual-action approach, Pumice Buffing Beads offer a natural exfoliation alternative. In other words, your legs enjoy the full monte – a chemical peel and micro-dermabrasion in one go!

If this sounds like too much for your legs to handle, don’t worry, Bisabolol extracts are to the rescue, with their soothing and moisturizing effect. Also rich in antioxidants, the formula protects skin from further damage by enhancing its natural shield against pollution or sun rays. And being free from alcohol, parabens, fragrance, phthalates, and sulfates, you can bet this leg exfoliator is a friend of all legs (and especially on sensitive skin too)!

4. Best Exfoliating Scrubs For Legs for Silky Smooth, Radiant Skin: Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Scrub

Exfoliating scrub for feet

Become your smoothest self with Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Scrub. A bit of a cult favorite on the beauty scene, Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Scrub is admired for bringing Brazilian beauty secrets to light. Contained within each ultra-chic and unique exfoliator pot is a heavenly-scented cream that allows your senses to take flight.

Hiding behind the aroma is a blend of coconut, açai, and cupuaçu butters that help to nourish and condition the leg from toe to thigh. Fine sugars gently roll over your skin like passersby on the beach, wicking away dead skin cells at a leisurely pace. And if you want to spread the soft joy further, the answer is in the name – bum body scrub.

5. Best Exfoliating Scrub for Legs and Overall Glowing Skin: Frank Body Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

Exfoliating scrub for legs

Would 20,000+ reviews with a 4.7 rating lie to you? Absolutely not! Now, thanks to this coffee scrub for legs, you can get your coffee and skincare fix in one! 

Coming to you in cute, unique packaging, there are shades of eco-friendly from the very beginning. Open up, and you’ll be treated to a rich, sumptuous, almost creamy aroma that could only be a soothing cup of coffee. Once you’ve regained your senses, you’ll catch a glimpse of the ultra-creamy, organic, vegan formula that easily evokes baby-soft skin entirely guilt-free.

You can also be promised a thorough spring cleaning of dead skin cells thanks to the cherry on top – sea salt. More abrasive than sugar but still easy on the skin, this added exfoliator can tackle even the driest, flaky skin without causing irritation and fighting off breakouts.

Sweet Almond Oil is brimming with skin-loving antioxidants. At the same time, vitamin E takes on the dual role of skin bodyguard and miracle worker as it fights off free radicals while fading away scars. But of course, the main star: coffee. Much like it perks us up, Coffee promotes collagen production and boosts circulation, leaving your skin not only looking perky and even but feeling softer than ever.

The Benefits of Using a Leg Exfoliation Scrub

Best exfoliating scrub for body
  • Boosts skin radiance.
  • Smooth feeling. 
  • Increased collagen production for youthful-looking legs. 
  • More readily able to absorb and make the best of moisturizers. 
  • Lower risk of developing ingrown hairs.
  • Achieve a closer shave.
  • Decreases appearance of cellulitis, dimples, stretch marks, and most other “imperfections.”
  • Treats and prevents breakouts.
  • Prevents keratosis pilaris breakouts.

How To Make Your Very Own Homemade Exfoliating Scrub For Legs

If you prefer to keep things au naturale, you could have a go at creating your very own homemade exfoliator for legs with minimal ingredients. Here’s a great video we’ve found that’ll show you how you can make 4 different diy sugar scrubs for your body or even tailored sugar scrubs for legs too. So easy!

Guide To Exfoliating Your Legs

exfoliating scrub for legs homemade

Wash your legs: While exfoliating, you don’t want to rub dirt or oils into your skin. So be sure you’re working with a clean slate by washing your legs as usual before starting the exfoliation process.

Apply exfoliating product to your leg: Evenly spread the exfoliating product of your choice across the entire surface of your legs.

Get exfoliating! Grab your exfoliating brush, exfoliating glove, or just use your hands! Best practice is to start at your ankles and work your way up your body, moving the brush upward in long, fluid, circular strokes. Be sure to pay special attention to the knee and ankle area, as that’s where those pesky dry skin flakes tend to reside.

Many dermatologists recommend that you exfoliate as though you’re giving yourself a gentle massage. The light pressure and circular movements help to stimulate blood flow to the skin while ensuring no dead skin cells are left behind.

Tip: If you don’t have any specific exfoliating tools for legs, a loofah or washcloth can provide the same abrasive effect and achieve much the same result.

Rinse it all away: Here’s the fun bit! Feel refreshed and re-energized as you wash away the residual product and dead skin cells. Run warm water over your legs, let it drift away in the bah, or just stand in the shower and let the water flow take its course! Once all product and skin cells have been removed, gently pat your legs dry with a towel.

Moisturize: As exfoliation peels away dead skin cells, it can also strip away some of your leg’s natural oils. And, now that your pores are cleared while a new layer of skin is exposed – there’s no better time to treat it right! Lather on your favorite moisturizer or oils that your skin loves to lap up. There’s really no better sight than newly exfoliated and freshly moisturized legs!

And there you have it – the entire exfoliation process from start to finish – good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions About Leg Exfoliation: Answered

best exfoliating scrub for legs ingrown hair

What’s the best way to exfoliate your legs?

Knowing where to start when it comes to getting under your leg’s dead skin cells can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the exfoliation is relatively simple and will be second nature to you before you know it.

Follow the leg exfoliating step-by-step guide above and invest in one of our best exfoliating scrubs for legs too and you’ll have the silky smooth legs of your dreams in no time.

What is the difference between a scrub and an exfoliator?

The main difference between a scrub and an exfoliator is that scrub is a cream-based skincare product that contains tiny exfoliating particles, while an exfoliator is a mechanical or chemical agent you apply to the skin to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Do you exfoliate your legs before or after shaving?

First and foremost, never exfoliate right after shaving. Even if the temptation of refreshed legs knocks at your door, resist it! Exfoliating on freshly shaved legs can result in ingrown hairs and pesky irritation. So, have patience and wait a couple of days, usually 3 to 4, before reaching for your exfoliation scrub again (or our top pick best exfoliator for ingrown hairs on legs).

On the other hand, indulging in exfoliation before shaving is actually recommended. Common sense and experts say that the lack of dead skin cells prevents the razor from becoming overloaded or clogged, helping you to achieve a cleaner shave. Better still, with the old skin cells out of the way, you can also enjoy a closer shave than ever – ideal!

This brings us to the question…

Should I exfoliate before or after waxing?

Gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before waxing, but skip harsh scrubs the day of your waxing appointment. Exfoliation helps wax grab hair and not skin, but it can also leave skin more sensitive to pain, so lighter is better.

Should I exfoliate before tanning?

It’s a fact: tan takes better to exfoliated skin. In addition, since the product is working with newer, smoother skin, it generally lasts longer and looks phenomenally even. So, whether you’re reaching for a bottle of tan or you have your tanning appointment booked – be sure to exfoliate beforehand (4 hours recommended for a spray tan). 

And since you don’t want to scrub your tan away right away, avoid exfoliating after tanning.

How often should I exfoliate my legs?

How can something that feels so good ever be bad? As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to exfoliate your legs once or twice a week. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends allowing time between exfoliation sessions, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. And when the American Academy of Dermatology speaks – we listen.

That said, all hope is not lost – for some. If your skin happens to be on the oilier side, you have a little more leeway when it comes to exfoliating your legs.

As well, hydration can save the day. To fight back against over-exfoliation, which happens when skin is less hydrated, there’s a solution: dry-skinned folks, if you plan to exfoliate, remember also to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your legs will thank you later.

How can I avoid irritating my skin while exfoliating?

Whether you have sensitive skin or not – irritation comes for us all – especially after stripping away dead skin cells. The skin underneath is new and, as such – pretty vulnerable.

How do I know if I’ve over-exfoliated?

Here are the Signs of Over Exfoliation:

  • Redness – Slight redness or pinkness is perfectly normal, particularly after physical exfoliation.
  • Dryness and Flakiness – Over-exfoliating the skin can cause dehydration and flaking.
  • Acne.
  • Increased Oil Production.
  • Shine

So, if you experience a slight burning sensation or itchy skin, don’t worry; that just means your skin’s barrier needs a little extra TLC.

Here’s how you can minimise your chances of irritated skin:

  • Avoid using hot water since it can cause further dryness and irritation.
  • Use gentle cleaners on your legs before exfoliating.
  • Stick to a fragrance-free moisturizer.
  • Keep an eye out for exfoliants with softer and small grains.
  • Don’t exfoliate over a sunburn.
  • Never exfoliate over an open cut or broken skin.

The Skinny of it… 

Exfoliating your legs doesn’t just remove dead skin cells; it gives your legs a new lease on life. We recommend you start using one of our best exfoliating scrubs for legs as soon as possible and never stop! We also give you our full word when it comes to the best exfoliating products for legs listed above based on our research findings as well as their cult status, but feel free to try what works best for you – silky smooth legs are a very personal journey, after all.

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