Best Selling Our Place Cookware: 5 Must-Haves For Quick (& Chic) Cooking

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Best selling Our Place cookware: Selena Gomez poses in the kitchen with her collection of Always Pans and the Perfect Pot.

Every kitchen needs a good set of best selling Our Place cookware. Why? With the right tools in your hands, cooking at home can transform from being intimidating to exciting!

The Always Pan and the rest of the Insta-famous crew hit all the right notes for what thoughtfully-crafted kitchen essentials should be: not only are they easy to use, but these cult favorites are also non-toxic and super chic!

When it comes to finding the best products for your home, our Haul of Fame editors follow a rigorous, foolproof process and in today’s article, we’ll share with you all you need to know about this Selena Gomez-approved cookware brand. Plus, get to know the top 5 bestsellers that deserve a spot in your kitchen!


What Is Our Place?

A home cook makes breakfast in the cast iron version of the best selling Our Place cookware, the Always Pan.

If you search for the best place to buy kitchenware, you’ll probably see mentions of Our Place pop up a lot lately, with the Always Pan and Perfect Pot all over social media.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect in our Our Place Brand Spotlight feature:

Best Selling Our Place Cookware:


Always Pan

Our Place

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Perfect Pot

Our Place

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Mini Always Pan

Our Place

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Spruce Steamer

Our Place

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Mini Perfect Pot

Our Place

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What To Expect

  1. Are Our Place Pans Good?
  2. Are Our Place Pans Safe?
  3. Top 5 Best Selling Our Place Cookware
  4. Are Our Place Pans Worth The Price?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Summary

These signature Our Place pieces were first created based on a simple yet profound idea: to make home cooking more accessible.

Clearly, it’s an idea that resonated with many! Since its launch in 2019, Our Place cookware has seen some impressive stats:

  • The Always Pan once had a 30k waitlist!
  • During its launch, one Perfect Pot was sold every 2 seconds!

The brand prides itself on creating thoughtful products that make cooking and sharing a meal together that much easier – a true embodiment of the brand’s inviting concept: From Our Place to Yours.

With a majority founding team of immigrants, inclusivity is a major theme at Our Place. The brand draws inspiration from age-old cooking traditions from around the world, and this is reflected in its eclectic product line-up.

Additionally, the cookware brand invests in factories with safe and ethical working conditions while working with non-profit partners for each collection to support diverse communities in need.

From a functional point of view, you’ll find that a lot of thought goes into the design of each Our Place piece; their products have multiple tasks neatly combined into one versatile pan.

Raved about by the likes of Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton, the celeb-backed brand is also known for its dreamy designs. Co-founder Shiza Shahid theorizes that beautiful kitchen essentials inspire better cooking: “If it’s pretty enough to leave on your stovetop, you’ll want to cook more often!” – and we couldn’t agree more!

Are Our Place Pans Good?

Top best selling Our Place cookware the Always Pan serves as the centerpiece of a dining spread.

The versatile design of Our Place cookware naturally addresses the biggest pain points of home cooking; their multi-tasking pans help make meal prepping quick and easy by reducing clutter in the kitchen and shortening clean-up time.

In terms of performance, the best selling Our Place cookware truly excels, with one pan made to replace multiple kitchen tools: the Always Pan is a frying pan, steamer, saucepan, and more, while the Perfect Pot can effortlessly handle multiple cooking styles like boiling, braising, and roasting.

Our Place pans’ nonstick surface receives rave reviews for its non-toxic yet top-notch quality. The cast aluminum body used for most of their products enables quick and even heating. Efforts towards inclusivity extend to the compatibility of all pans: they can be used on all cooktops (and yes, that includes induction!).

Are Our Place Pans Safe?

Best selling Our Place cookware in different shades are stacked on tiered platforms.
A top-down view of the Always Pan, the #1 best selling Our Place cookware, with its nested spatula, lid, and steamer.

Our Place cookware products like the Always Pan and Perfect Pot are made with a non-toxic ceramic coating, free from these potentially problematic materials:

  • PFOAs
  • PTFEs
  • GenX chemicals
  • Lead
  • Cadmium

The cooking pans’ silicone dioxide-based ceramic nonstick coating is tested to the standards of a polymeric coating – meaning nothing can pass through the coating – making it a worthy alternative to more established brands often featured in best nonstick cookware consumer reports.

Planning to start your Our Place kitchen collection? If you’re wondering what is the best cookware to buy from Our Place, here are the top 5 best-selling products you should start with!

The Haul Of Fame: Top 5 Best Selling Our Place Cookware


Always Pan

A home cook serves a meal at the table in the top best selling Our Place cookware: the Always Pan.

Our Place’s true MVP tops the best-seller list. This “kitchen magician” as christened by Oprah Winfrey has the functions of an eight-piece cookware in one sturdy yet lightweight multi-purpose pan.

This perfect pan does it all: it’s a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, and nonstick pan, and conveniently comes with an integrated spoon rest, modular lids, and custom steamer basket.

The 10-inch pan offers a roomy 2.6 qt capacity, effortlessly handling simple one-pan recipes. Given its 2.7-inch depth, the pan can also be used for smaller-batch soups and stews. For its long list of capacities, the Always Pan weighs a mere 3 lbs.

What people are saying about the Always Pan:

“I love my pan. It’s all that is advertised. It’s versatile, truly nonstick, and excellent at steaming and cooking with the lid tightly closed!”

Jerri N (read more Always Pan reviews)

Bundle and Save: Shop The Always Pan and Perfect Pot Duo and save!


Perfect Pot

The Perfect Pot, the #2 best selling Our Place cookware, serves as the centerpiece of a festive spread.

Inspired by the all-in-one features of the best-selling Always Pan, the Perfect Pot incorporates all that you need in a pot – and then some!

The family-sized 5.5 qt pot is great for larger batches and holiday cooking, taking on the roles of a stockpot, dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest. It’s also oven-safe. Talk about being the ultimate all in one pot!

Nifty features of the Perfect Pot include a custom roasting rack, two-way spoon rest, and a self-basting lid that also strains and pours. For all the hard work this pot is capable of, it weighs an unbelievably light 4.5 lbs – that’s with the lid!

What people are saying about the Perfect Pot:

“I absolutely love this pot! It is especially fantastic for a family and I love it because I can double my recipes and have leftovers or freeze a meal. It has such nice features like the self-basting lid and spoon rest. This really is the perfect pot!”

Tammy F (read more reviews)

Bundle and Save: Shop The Always Pan and Perfect Pot Duo and save!


Mini Always Pan

The Mini Always Pan, is pictured with its spatula and lid.

Touted as the even more convenient version of the Always Pan, this 8.5-inch mini pan is great for frying the perfect sunny side up and preparing side dishes.

Its smaller size means it’s pretty portable too – couple that with its aesthetically-pleasing design and you’ll be tempted to let this cutie travel with you to your next potluck.

Just like with the Always Pan, the mini all purpose pan is made with the same non-toxic ceramic nonstick coating and is compatible with all cooktops – induction included.

What people are saying about the Mini Always Pan:

“Love the size of this pan! Perfect for every day.”

Kim L (read more Our Place cookware reviews)

Bundle and Save: Shop The Mini Always Pan and Perfect Pot Duo and save!


Spruce Steamer

This handy steaming tool slots right into the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot, ensuring perfectly-cooked dumplings, vegetables, seafood, and more!

Inspired by traditional Chinese cooking, the 10.5-inch handwoven spruce with a bamboo base comes complete with a set of bamboo cooking chopsticks. A set of 15 paper liners is provided as well for easy clean-up.

What people are saying about the Spruce Steamer:

“I simply love this bamboo steamer. Works excellent for pot stickers, broccoli, and more. Clean-up was not a problem. The steamer was just what I needed.”

Andrea F (read more reviews)

Shop The Spruce Steamer On Our Place


Mini Perfect Pot

The Mini Perfect Pot, is pictured with its nested spatula and lid.

And then there’s the super cute version of the Perfect Pot! This mini-sized pot comes with a longer handle for mess-free pouring and is great for preparing soups, sauces, and grains.

The functions of the Mini Perfect Pot differ slightly from its original-sized sibling. The Mini Perfect Pot combines the roles of a saucepan, saucier, sauce pot, soup pot, stewpan, and steamer. Unlike the Perfect Pot, the mini version is not oven-safe.

What people are saying about the Mini Perfect Pot:

“A staple in our house! We love the Mini Perfect Pot for rice and quinoa!

Diana P (read more Our Place cookware reviews)

Bundle and Save: Shop The Mini Always Pan and Perfect Pot Duo and save!

Are Our Place Pans Worth The Price?

Our Place’s products are worth considering if you’re especially interested in quality non-stick cookware that is not only multifunctional but comes in aesthetically-pleasing hues like sage and lavender. 

That being said, Our Place cookware is known for its higher price tag, with most of the pans being upwards of $115. There’s a reason why there’s a spike in searches for Our Place pan dupes!

The good news is that you can find some to be closer to the $95 mark during sale seasons like Black Friday. Subscribe to the Our Place mailing list to get a heads-up on their next sale.

While the brand may not be the first pick if you’re specifically looking for the best inexpensive cookware set, it’s a strong contender to popular brands often featured on top 10 rated cookware sets like Caraway cookware and would make for the perfect gift too.

Popular our Place cookware the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot are displayed in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Selling Our Place Cookware

Why Is The Our Place Always Pan So Popular?

The Our Place Always Pan is so popular due to its ability to replace your fry pan, nonstick pan, saucier, saucepan, saute pan, skillet, spatula, spoon rest, and steamer.

It’s multifunctional, durable, lightweight, and beautiful – which pretty much sums up all you would want in a worthy piece of cookware.

Can The Our Place Always Pan Go In The Oven?

The Our Place Always Pan cannot go in the oven. For an oven-safe pan cooking option from Our Place, try the Cast Iron Always Pan. Made with heirloom-quality cast iron, it’s oven-safe up to 425°F with the lid and broiler-safe up to 500°F without the lid.

Can You Use Metal On The Always Pan?

It’s not recommended to use metal cooking tools with the Always Pan. Although ceramic nonstick is generally more durable than traditional nonstick, it still requires special care to avoid damaging the coating.

Can The Our Place Perfect Pot Go In The Oven?

The Our Place Perfect Pot can go in the oven; it is oven-safe up to 425°F. This does not apply to the mini version, however. The Mini Perfect Pot should not be used in any form of cooking that utilizes the oven, as it is not oven-safe.

Can You Fry In The Perfect Pot?

You can fry foods in the Perfect Pot if needed, though the Always Pan or the Cast Iron Always Pan all would be a better fit for frying. Given the pot’s depth, use proper tools like a slotted spoon or long tongs to safely fry your food.

What Can You Cook In A Spruce Steamer?

If you’re wondering what you can cook in a Spruce Steamer, the list is endless! It’s perfect for steaming vegetables, fish, dumplings, tamales, glutinous rice, desserts, and more.

Summary: Best Selling Our Place Cookware

A woman holds up the Perfect Pot, one of the best selling Our Place products.

Our Place seems to dominate the conversation on the best place to get cookware lately. With a classic line-up of multi-purpose kitchen essentials that are functional, durable, and elegant, it’s easy to see why standout products like the Always Pan once came with a 30k waitlist!

If you’re looking to start your kitchen collection at home that can all be conveniently purchased from one place, here are the 5 best selling Our Place cookware you can consider:

  1. Always Pan
  2. Perfect Pot
  3. Mini Always Pan
  4. Spruce Steamer
  5. Mini Perfect Pot

Which pieces from this coveted cookware brand will you be treating yourself to? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.



  1. I have the always pan. I use it to cook everything! I’m now also considering getting the spurce steamer. Excellent pots!

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