30+ Valentine’s Day Nail Designs To Fall Crazy In Love With

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Source: @nails.miastudio

Single, coupled, or it’s complicated – however you find your dating status this Valentine’s day – there’s always one love you can bank on: that which you have for your nails.

So, to help you paint love across your nails this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) day, we’ve gathered only the trendiest Valentine’s day nail styles for your inspiration. Whether you’re feeling romantic red or passionate
Parisien black and white styles this year, there’s the perfect Valentine’s day manicure for you below – enjoy!

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1. Statement Valentines Nails

Valentine's Day Nail Designs
Source: @nails.miastudio

Roses are red, and so are your nails … These are THE Valentine’s day nails of the year – no need to be poetic about it. They’re understated on some nails, statement on others, and utterly fabulous all over. They’re even delightfully easy to complete at home for a look that’ll steal many hearts come romantic season!

2. Glam Valentine’s Day Nails

nail design for valentine
Source: @emenstudio_

Glimmering gold sparkles rise up from the cuticle and spread across a fiery red bed in this bold, “I mean business” valentine’s day manicure look. The secret to this look is rich, totally red, and nothing but red nail polish that lasts.

3. Red Wine Nails

nail designs valentine
Source: @nails.miastudio

Ah, sumptuous red wine nails to match the red wine on your romantic dinner date. He’ll know you’re not to be messed with when he watches your prepossessing nails wrap around the stem of your wine glass.

4. ‘I Love You, But I Love My Nails More’

nail designs valentines
Source: @nails.miastudio

It doesn’t get any more sugar, spice, and all things nice than these downright adorable valentine’s day nails. A milky white bed is sprinkled with cute heart nail designs that say, “I love you, but I love my nails more.”

5. Luxurious Valentines Nails

san valentine nails
Source: @n_a_i_l_it

These nails are a little extra but so are you, right? Nails fit for a queen, this exquisite Valentine’s day themed manicure exudes royalty, luxury, and sensuality.

6. Simple and Sweet – The Classic French Mani

valentine nail design
Source: @emenstudio_

Valentine’s nail designs have taken a minimalist turn this year, and we can see the best of that trend in these simple yet stylish valentine’s day nails. You can never go wrong with a classic French manicure.

7. Heart Nails

valentine nail designs
Source: @samrosenails

These heart nails truly have our hearts! Following in the “soft girl” trend, these nails are brimming with feminity, delicacy, and a gentle subtly of beauty that makes romance fun!

8. L-O-V-E

valentine nails design
Source: @samrosenails

Get your warm and romantic nail polish colors at the ready – we’re painting love across your nails! From a striking white to a rich red, with neutral pinks and even nudes in between, no shade stone is left unturned.

9. Marilyn

valentines nail design
Source: @emenstudio_

Valentine’s day nail art has evidently evolved into pop-art territory if these retro-cool nails are to be believed! An elegant-chic hand of minimalist creamy nails is artfully enhanced by a Marilyn Monroe-esque accent nail that adds a pop of color alongside lots of fun! This nail art is ideal for a cool gal who wants to pay tribute to Valentine’s day while staying incredibly cool and right on trend.

10. Fun Valentine’s Day Nails

cute valentines nails
Source: @samrosenails

Ice cream for the nails, anyone? These Strawberry and Cream nails are just delicious! A fun swirly wave of pink and white nail polish looks good enough to eat as it seems to melt into a milky-cream base. With little hearts as toppings, is there really any need for a cherry on top? These Valentine’s day nails are inspired by the excitement and butterflies of new “honeymoon” love.

11. Queen of Hearts

design nails for valentine
Source: @karin.nailedit

For when you’re last minute dashing out the door to your date – these nails are your fast and easy-to-DIY lifesaver. A quick slick of natural pink nail polish, followed by perfectly executed red hearts by dipping a toothpick into red varnish and getting your Picasso on. Feel free to add more or fewer hearts to any part of the nail that your heart desires!

12. French Tips With A Twist

hot valentine's day nail designs
Source: @emenstudio_

Nails fit for a queen whose knight in shining armor is surely on the way! These are valentine’s French tips with a one-of-a-kind twist. Seriously, no one else will have these nails this love season. The best part? They’re delightfully simple! All you need is gold glitter nail polish, French-tip know-how, and a toothpick to perfect that ultra-thin gold-necklace-like line.

13. Candy Heart Nail Art

nail design valentine
Source: @allnailss._

Uh, we’re in love. Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s day; wear them all on your nails instead! It’s heart galore with this tiny, multi-colored candy heart nail art. While you can certainly hunt down these adorable nail decorations, you might want to ask your nail artist to take this one on instead.

14. Bleeding Love

nails designs valentines
Source: @emenstudio_

Heartbreak, strife, pain, and passion can all be a part of love, and these dramatic nails understand that. Be bold, be brave, and showcase your “bleeding-heart” nails this year. These gorgeous nails are also deceptively easy to master, with just a splash of sparkly maroon nail polish doing the trick!

15. Red Valentines Nails

valentine day nail design
Source: @allnailss._

Sometimes, all you need is a classic romantically red manicure that can be worn anywhere this Valentine’s day. Perfect for the gal who’ll be rushing from the office directly to her date this year! It’s simple, easy, stunning, and can even be applied on the go!

16. Minimalistic Love Note

valentine nails designs
Source: @emenstudio_

This is the perfect valentine’s day nail design for when you’re really feeling the love. Drawing on the eternal romance and Parisience beauty, there’s something a little minimalistic about these “amore” nails.

17. Love Hearts

valentine's nails
Source: @allnailss._

Love is truly in the air with these adorably light and airy heart nails. Like a little explosion of pastel colors across your hand, these nails look like what butterflies feel like.

18. Mini Heart Nails

valentine's nails
Source: @emenstudio_

Want to draw them in closer? If they want to see the true contents of your heart, they’ll have to almost hold your hand with this nail art that whispers, “I love you.” Or, if you’d like to honor valentine’s day on the fashionably down low, these barely-there dear nails are for you.

19. Negative Space Valentines Nails

valentines nail designs
Source: @allnailss._

Unleash your romantic side with these “negative space” valentine’s nails that feature a cute cut-out heart accent nail that’s accompanied by a hand of simple red nail polish French tips.

20. Heart On My Sleeve

valentines nails
Source: @emenstudio_

Light pink hearts dotted with tiny red hearts – does it get any more lovey-dovey than that? These endearing nails are like a little heart bonanza that’s brimming with playful love that’s just waiting to be unleashed this valentine’s day.

21. Barbie’s Valentines Nails

nails design valentine
Source: @allnailss._

If barbie wore valentine’s nails – this would be them. These pink heart nails are utterly flawless, feminine, and fabulous. They pair almost every pink shade under the sun in French tips and hearts that all embellish a glossy base – perfection!

22. Peeping Hearts

nail designs for valentine
Source: @nails.miastudio

There’s something a little retro-chic about these 70s-inspired nails. The main act of the show is the psychedelic-cute heart, that’s neighboured by two “peeping” hearts. Really, it looks like a lot of effort, but it’s so easy to complete.

23. Queen of Heart Tip Nails

nails for valentine
Source: @nails.miastudio

If you’re not blessed with a steady hand this Valentine’s Day, take on a French tip that doesn’t require too much precision and still gives maximum cute vibes. The nail art eyes are such a fun addition that says, “I’m watching you.”

24. Black Valentine’s Day Nails With A Pop Of Bling

nails valentine design
Source: @n_a_i_l_it

Valentine’s day nails, but make them bling! These nails catch the eye with their carefully-placed black hearts that are accompanied by tiny decorative silver dots to really make the nails pop.

25. Understated Beauty

valentine day nail designs
Source: @emenstudio_

Understated beauty at its finest, these Valentine’s day nails are stylishly sophisticated. This nail art is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to dedicate herself to the romantic day but still wants to enjoy some of those lovey-dovey vibes.

26. For The Love Of Hearts

valentine nails
Source: @n_a_i_l_it

Valentine’s day nails don’t have to mean red hearts and romance. Instead, they can be sleek black and white passion that is almost reminiscent of vintage French movies.

27. Subtle Red Heart Nails

valentines design nails
Source: @emenstudio_

It’s love at first sight, second sight, and … well … every sight with this valentine’s day nail design. This subtle nail art is hard to detect from afar but can be made out up close and personal, making it one of the only nail designs on the list that’s made for the eyes of whoever you choose only – how exciting!

28. Valentine’s Day Glitter Nails

valentines nails design
Source: @emenstudio_

Everything is fine with a little shimmer and shine. These nails are a little casual and a lot chic. A polished white nail is enhanced by a ceremonious and shimmering sprinkle of glitter that adds an exclusive look to these not-so-lovey-dovey but utterly passionately romantic valentine’s nails.

29. Classy Valentine’s Day Nails

cute valentine nail designs
Source: @emenstudio_

Sometimes, red nails aren’t enough. What you really want is redder than red nails. So, go hunt down the deepest, most rich shade of red nail polish you can find and make this Valentine’s day one of intense passion!

30. White Valentines Day Nails

love nail designs
Source: @nails.miastudio

One of the more abstract, futuristic ways to pay homage to the day of love, these nails aren’t precisely classified as “valentine’s day nails,” but we do love them dearly thanks to their sleek lines and ultra-chic look, so they naturally made the cut.

31. Valentines Day Nails Pink

nail design for valentines day
Source: @elle_orlyboutique

Like a love letter for the nails, this manicure tells a stylish and romantic story. There’s almost a soft, comfortable look to this nail design that’s only alleviated the split love written across two nails. On the other hand are two tiny love hearts that are the perfect cherry on top of an already lovely set of nails.

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