About Haul of Fame

The Superstars of Beauty, Home, and Parenting Products. Welcome to Haul of Fame.

Is your make-up bag bursting at the seams with barely-used cosmetics? 

Or perhaps those pricey baby products are now gathering dust in a cupboard? 

What about that novelty gadget that you bought on a whim that’s now…hang on…where even is it?

We’re spoilt for choice. But when everything is marketed as a ‘must-have’ product, how do we cut through the noise? 

Haul of Fame was born when one shopping connoisseur decided that enough was enough. With a penchant for smart shopping and tried-and-tested research, we set to work curating the biggest and best beauty, home, and parenting products the world has to offer. 

From market-leading skincare to the most coveted gadgets, parenting essentials and home appliances, Haul of Fame is an ‘A-list only’ zone. 

No paparazzi, please. 

These are the products that are seamlessly woven into your daily routine. The products constantly flying off the shelves within 5 minutes of being restocked. The products that aren’t always the most expensive, but the most effective. 

The products that you cannot (and should never). live. without. 

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and shop smarter by allowing your very own pocket-personal-shopping-experts to do the hard work for you. Say goodbye to those hours of bewildered browsing and replace them with your daily dose of Haul of Fame. 

It’s time to start investing in the best.

Your red carpet awaits you…


Hey, I’m Sabira!

Your very-own research-obsessed pocket-personal-shopper.

Think of me as your ‘in the know’ confidant. Whether you’re seeking the moisturiser revered by backstage make-up artists or the home technology piece that’s boasting umpteen 5* reviews, I’m here to give you the lowdown on the most relevant and desirable products out there. 

Rather than resorting to the cheapest or most expensive products in a particular category, Haul of Fame showcases market-leaders and cult favourites. The goal is to help you invest in the best and turn your shopping woes into wins, saving you valuable time and pounds in the process. 

That, my friends, is what I like to call… smart shopping.

Where Did Haul of Fame Begin?

After 5 years working an average of 15+ hour days (and then some!) in the Big Smoke for an international law firm, I decided it was time to settle down and start a family. 

After having my beautiful daughter, and enjoying the relative peace and quiet of Solihull, I dreaded the prospect of returning to the hustle and bustle of City life. So, armed with a laptop and a passion for smart shopping, Haul of Fame was born. 

I used to make the mistake of shopping without doing any prior research. Lured in by false promises, I was often left disappointed and underwhelmed. From foundation that oxidised minutes after application to ‘firm pillows’ that ended up as flat as a pancake, I vowed to ditch the impulse buys. 

But it wasn’t just for me… my colleagues, friends and family members started to notice my savvy shopping skills and discerningly dedicated pre-purchase research habits. Before I knew it, I was the go-to when it came to finding their A-list go-to’s! 

Since then, I have become a smart shopper. As a stickler for research with razor-sharp attention to detail (you can take the gal out of the law firm…), I curate an authoritative treasure trove of the best products in beauty, home, and parenting. 

You can check out the hero products that I’m forever recommending on our shop page under ‘Sabira’s favourites’.

Working With Brands

We work with brands we trust. Our passion is putting the right products in front of the right customers, helping them to find cult favourites and helping brands to raise awareness of their sell-out superstars. If you want us to take a look under the hood of your sell-out products, then please get in touch.