Béaba Babycook: The Baby Food Maker Every Mom Needs For Quick & Easy Baby Meals!

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Baby Food Maker
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Are you a new mum that is about to tackle the world of baby weaning and currently on the hunt for a baby food maker that’ll make life so much easier for you in the kitchen when it comes to baby food preparation? We’ve got you covered!

TheBéaba Babycook is an absolute dream baby food maker and will save you SO much time making fresh baby food. The Babycook is one of the most popular baby food makers on the market, loved by so many mums and backed with thousands of raving reviews and we’re about to tell you why!

What is the Béaba Babycook?

The Beaba Babycook is a convenient one-handed appliance for baby food preparation. This 4-in-1 baby food maker steams, cooks, blends and reheats in just 15 minutes or less, making up to 4.7 cups of food at a time, which can be enjoyed fresh, with the remaining food frozen for later.

Baby Weaning

As a first time mum that is seriously very clued up when it comes to obsessively researching all things beauty and home related, when it came to researching for parenting essentials, it was a whole new world to me. But still, I knew I wasn’t going to sacrifice on quality, now more than ever, as everything I would be purchasing would be for the safety and wellbeing of my child and would be investments that I could potentially use again in the future. After all, which mum doesn’t want the best for their child?

So when the time came to start weaning my daughter on to solids, I wanted to find out everything I could about the weaning process including where to start, how to start, what to start with, anything I shouldn’t be giving her etc. The whole idea of introducing solids to a baby who was living off milk for 6 months was both scary and exciting too.

So I first did a quick search on Amazon on weaning and came across the no.1 best selling book by Annabel Karmel which was so informative and answered all my questions on weaning. It included a full introduction to weaning, weaning essentials, meal planners for different stages of your baby’s weaning journey as well as step by step recipes to help you along the way.

When can baby eat baby food

Weaning – Annabel Karmel

some other popular baby food recipe books…
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New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner – Annabel Karmel

What Mummy Makes – Rebecca Wilson

After purchasing Annabel Karmel’s book, I felt much more prepared and decided to search for a baby food prep machine that I could freshly prepare all my daughter’s meals in and ideally something that could steam and blend her food in one. I came across so many baby food makers but they were either too big, didn’t steam and blend or only had one setting for pureeing which meant your baby’s food would be the same runny consistency each time.

How to Use Beaba Babycook

But then I came across the beautiful Béaba food processor and instantly fell in love with the Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker in pastel pink with rose gold detailing. I loved that this appliance not only steams food in 15 minutes or less, but also blends, defrosts and reheats too! I also love that you can control the blend to create smooth purees or lumpier consistencies which is great to help your baby progress past purees and onto more solid textures as they grow.

Beaba Babycook Solo

The Beaba baby food maker was honestly such a lifesaver for me when weaning my daughter. I would literally just chop up fruits and veg, throw them into the basket of the Babycook, fill up the reservoir with water and turn it on. 15 minutes later, I’d empty the basket into the jug and blend it to my desired consistency and done! The Beaba Babycook manual tells you exactly how long different foods will take to steam and what level to fill the reservoir too (using the measurement guide on the jug itself which shows 1, 2 or 3).

For Beaba recipes, head over to Beaba’s website where they have a huge selection of baby food recipes and step by step instructions (and beautiful baby food pictures too for inspiration!).

Pros of the Béaba Babycook

So as for my Beaba Babycook review and without being repetitive, it really is just the ideal appliance to have to make baby food preparation simple, quick, easy and fuss free. There’s no need to stand over a pot constantly checking to see if your veg has cooked/steamed yet, or taking out a puree machine to puree the food after cooking, resulting in even more dishes in the sink. The Beaba food maker really does just do it all.

The Beaba Babycook baby food maker automatically switches off once steaming is complete so you can get on with other things without having to worry about constantly checking in on baby’s food!

The main jug is a really good size for blending baby’s food with a capacity of 1100ml so you can prepare food in batches and freeze if needed. The jug is marked with helpful measuring units to easily measure the correct amount of water needed for the reservoir before the Babycook starts doing its thing.

You can even defrost food and reheat in the Babycook too which again makes life so much easier and more convenient when pressed for time!

The Beaba baby food processor comes with a steaming basket that is inserted into the jug where the solid fruits and/or veg are kept to steam. The juices produced from the steaming process contains all the vital vitamins and minerals which can then be combined with the steamed food (as required) to get your desired baby food consistency (depending on the weaning stage your baby is at).

The Babycook also comes with a spatula that has its own dedicated space to slot into on the appliance and is used to pick up the hot basket post steaming as well as to scrape out the food from the jug once blended.

The ability to control how much you want to blend the baby food is also a bonus as you can either create smooth purees or just do a quick blitz for a mushier/lumpier consistency.

At the time of researching for baby food makers, I noticed that a lot of them had only one setting for blending so you would always get the same consistency each and every time. The fact that the blender on the Babycook Beaba can be controlled provides so much more value for money as it allows for your baby’s food consistency to be adjusted in line with their stage of weaning. Also, once your baby is well and truly passed the weaning stage, you can use the Babycook for soups or as a food processor too, so it doesn’t just become redundant as soon as your baby progresses on to the next stage, which I love!

Beaba Babycook Neo

The Beaba Babycook is compact and doesn’t take up too much counter space at all and comes in various colours including grey, white and silver, red, white and neon and then my absolute favourite – pastel pink and rose gold.

There is even a Beaba Babycook Duo which allows you to prepare two different types of food at once, so perfect if you’re cooking larger quantities of food in one go or if you’re a supermama to twins (or more!).

Beaba Babycook Duo

Beaba Babycook Duo

Cons of theBéaba Babycook

The basket that comes with the Babycook is a pretty decent size but is on the smaller side, so if you’re hoping to batch steam huge quantities of fruit/veg at once, you may have to split it up. I don’t remember batch cooking much though as it was just so easy to cook everything fresh on the day. But, if I was steaming a whole sweet potato for instance, I would either cut and steam the amount I needed for that day or cut up and steam the whole thing and freeze the remainder. I’d then defrost it as and when needed for later that week. But to me this isn’t a big enough con to be a dealbreaker.

I initially found cleaning the Babycook a bit of a hassle as in order to clean the main lid I thought I needed to carry the whole Babycook to the sink, but then later realised that the head of the lid was a piece that could actually be removed, which made cleaning the Béaba Babycook SO much easier. I read quite a few Beaba reviews complaining of the same issue so I’m hoping these people later discovered this removable piece too! It was a bit fiddly to start with as I was scared I’d break it but then I eventually got the hang of it and it’s actually really easy to remove!

Beaba Babycook 4 in 1

Summary of Pros & Cons

Steams, defrosts, reheats, blendsBasket is on the small side
Steams in 15 minutes
Automatic shut off
Controlled blender
Compact and beautiful design
Comes with spatula to lift basket and scrape out blended food
Easy and convenient to use
Measuring units marked on jug as well as well as numbers for pouring correct amounts of water into the reservoir
Comes in various colours and a duo version for cooking larger amounts of food or different types of meals at once
Can be used as a household appliance for steaming, blending and making soups once baby has successfully weaned so doesn’t become redundant

The Verdict

I love that our little girl could have fresh baby food ready for her in 15 minutes tops with minimal fuss and effort! Even though my daughter is almost 4 now, I still use the Béaba Babycook Baby Food Maker to steam veg for all of our meals and its really great for soups too!

[Update 2022: We had another little girl in 2021 who is absolutely loving her baby food prepped in the Beaba Babycook which is still going strong! She’s now on lumpier textures which literally just requires a super short blitz of the food processor and bon appetit!]

I have and will continue to recommend the Béaba Babycook to all parents and mums to be out there looking for the best baby food maker because convenience really is key (especially when it comes to parenting)! If there’s something out there that’ll save you time and make your life easier, just get it, as we all know that time is a luxury us mums rarely get!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Béaba Babycook Baby Food Maker! Do you love it as much as I do? Comment below! If you want to find out more about the the Beaba Babycook or if you have any questions at all, feel free to fill out a contact form or drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Sabira x

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