60 Hottest Summer Wallpapers for iPhone 2023 (+ Free HD Download)

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Summer is right around the corner which only means one thing, holiday season!! To get you ready for what we’re sure will be your best Summer yet, we’ve put together 60 of the hottest (pun intended!) Summer wallpapers for iPhone to get you Summer ready!

We’ve made sure to include lots of aesthetic summer iPhone wallpapers which include beautiful iPhone wallpapers of palm trees, sun, sea and sand. We’re so sure that our Summer wallpapers for iPhone will completely lift your mood whenever you find yourself staring at your phone at work/school/home, counting down the days to your glorious, much awaited Summer holiday!

Go ahead and download as many of these Summer wallpapers for iPhone to your hearts content, there’s plenty to choose from!

You can download our iPhone backgrounds in three ways:

  1. Tap and hold on the wallpaper of your choice and save it to your camera roll. Alternatively you can screenshot any of our Summer backgrounds too.
  2. If you’re saving these wallpapers from your laptop/desktop, just right click on your favourite image(s) and save them. You can then email them or airdrop them straight to your phone.
  3. To download any Summer wallpaper for iPhone to your phone in HD quality, click on the buttons below the images for an instant free HD download to your phone.

It’s that easy. Happy browsing and enjoy your new i-Candy!

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Summer iphone wallpapers

1. Summer

summer wallpapers for iphone

2. Sea You Soon

summer iphone background

Probably our favourite free summer wallpaper for iPhone has to be this Sea You Soon wallpaper that teases you of the summer beach you’ll be dipping your toes in very soon!

3. California Dreamin’

wallpaper iphone summer

4. Sun, Sand, Sea

cute summer wallpaper iphone

This wallpapers summer is a wonderful collage that beautifully represents sun, sea and sand which will be a lovely reminder of the summer you’ve got planned or the summer you’re manifesting!

5. The Beverly Hills Hotel

cute summer wallpapers for iphone

6. Pink Summer

iphone backgrounds summer

A gorgeous collection of pink pictures aesthetic summer iphone wallpaper for anyone that loves all things pink (does anyone not?).

7. But First, Iced Coffee

summer wallpaper iphone 11

This iphone wallpapers summer pretty much sums up what all of us will be doing every summer morning and that’s sipping on a nice ice cold iced coffee!

8. Aesthetic Summer iPhone Wallpaper

cute phone backgrounds summer

A chic aesthetic summer wallpaper for anyone that loves minimalism, neutral tones and a gorgeous aesthetic.

9. Uh Huh Honey

wallpaper summer iphone

10. Hello Summer

cute iphone wallpaper summer

Summer is officially upon us which means you can switch to this iPhone background summer to welcome holiday season!

11. Surf On The Waves

cute summer iphone wallpaper

12. Watermelon Ice

iphone summer backgrounds

Everyone loves cute summer screensavers, and what’s cuter than a watermelon on a stick? So refreshing!

13. On The Seashore

summer wallpaper 4k iphone

14. I See You, Summer!

aesthetic summer iphone wallpaper

This summertime wallpaper for iPhone pretty much sums up what we’ll be doing to prepare for summer! Sunnies out, cute summer nails at the ready and staying hydrated!

15. Sweet, Sweet Summer

summer flower wallpaper iphone

16. Vitamin Sea

cute summer iphone backgrounds

17. Good Vibes Only

free summer wallpaper for iphone

Our summer wallpapers iPhone have been created and curated to bring you nothing but good vibes only every time you stare at your phone!

18. Summer Sparkles

summer wallpaper iphone 12

19. Sunny California

summer beach wallpaper iphone

20. Pretty Wallpapers for iPhone

cute iphone backgrounds for summer

21. Bright Summer in Cali

cute summer backgrounds for iphone

22. And Relax

wallpapers for iphone summer

This is probably the most perfect summer wallpaper 2023 and the best way to remind you that you can now relax and enjoy every minute of your summer break!

23. Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

pinterest summer iphone wallpaper

24. VACAY!

summer screensaver iphone

25. Aesthetic Summer Wallpaper for iPhone

summer holiday wallpaper iphone

26. Summer Rainbow

summer popular wallpaper iphone

27. Well, Hello Summer

iphone summer girly wallpaper

28. Summer In Santorini

free iphone wallpaper summer

29. California Sunset

iphone summer wallpaper hd

30. Go Where You Feel Most Alive

pretty summer wallpapers for iphone

31. Yellow Summer Vibes

summer theme wallpaper for iphone

32. Summer Is a State Of Mind

summer screensavers for iphone

33. Beautiful Summer Daisies

summer floral iphone wallpaper

34. Vitamin C

summer tropical wallpaper iphone

35. Mad About Strawberries

summer watercolor iphone wallpaper

36. Summer Vibes

summer iphone screensavers

37. Squeeze The Day!

summer wallpaper for iphones

38. Aesthetic Door

summer iphone cute backgrounds

39. Candy Floss Clouds

summer backgrounds for iphones

40. Sunnies Out!

free iphone summer wallpaper

Another beautiful summer wallpaper aesthetic – get your big summer shades at the ready!

41. Escape The Ordinary

summer iphone wallpaper hd

42. Sunset Dreams

summer iphone wallpaper tumblr

43. Ice Cream and Seashells

cute summer iphone wallpapers

44. Sunset Strip

summer wallpapers for phone

If you’re looking for a summer popular wallpaper iPhone then we can’t think of one more popular than this mesmerising view of Sunset Boulevard. We’re pretty sure everyone is manifesting being there this summer!

45. Summer Lovin’

summer wallpapers iphone

Another wallpaper summer 2023 for anyone looking to find love this summer!

46. Purple Vibes

cute wallpapers for iphone

47. Flower Wallpaper iPhone

awesome wallpapers for iphone

48. Summer, I Miss You

best wallpapers for iphone

49. Cute Summer Wallpaper

summer hd wallpapers for iphone

50. Minimal Summer Wallpaper

best summer wallpapers for iphone

51. Vitamin Sea Blue

blue wallpapers for iphone

52. California Palm Trees

aesthetic summer wallpapers for iphone

53. Pretty Summer Wallpapers for iPhone

pretty summer wallpapers for iphone

The definition of a summer girly wallpaper. Love, a cute pink bicycle and all of the flowers!

54. Plant Aesthetic Wallpaper

cool summer wallpapers for iphone

55. Happiness Comes In Waves

cute summer wallpapers for iphone

56. Summer Fruits

summer background wallpaper iphone

57. Green Summer Vibes

summer wallpaper for phone

58. Coconut Tree

best place to get iphone wallpaper

59. Ice Cream, You Scream!

summer background aesthetic

60. Blue iPhone Wallpaper Aesthetic

blue iphone wallpaper aesthetic

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