40 Gifts For Your Best Friend (That Are Just Perfect!)

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Your bestie deserves the world, right? But if you can’t gift them the sun, moon, and stars, we’ve listed the next best things below – enjoy!

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1. Best Friend Mug

You want your best friend to feel awake and ready to take on the world or just to respond to your early morning memes. So, give them the pick-me-up they deserve, and help them to ease into the day with this adorable coffee mug.

Custom best friend mugs are like a warm hug alongside your coffee every morning. So, gift them this and make their mornings that bit more bearable!

2. Best Friend Portrait

Best friend gifts just got that bit cooler. Since best friends are for life, why not mark your special bond with a heartfelt message that they can use to decorate their walls, reminding them that they’re loved by their number one bestie – you!

3. Best Friend Necklace

This is a timeless best friend gift that speaks of deep devotion to your friend! It says, “this is my bestie! No one else can have her,”… but in a nice, delicately stylish way. You’ve been through thick and thin with plenty of laughs and maybe even tears along the way. This customizable necklace honors the connection you’ve built in style, even reminding you of the warmth and fun of friendship when you’re apart!

4. Stackers Jewellery Box – Blush and Champagne Gold

You love your bestie, but her constant complaining about her lost earrings and the long-gone favorite necklace is getting a little … well … on your nerves, isn’t it? This is your chance to fix all of their jewelry organization woes, and it’s delightfully delicate and stunningly beautiful to boot. Of course, it could only be a blush and champagne gold jewelry box. It’s luxurious, it’s a little extra, and it works – she’ll simply adore it!

5. Diptyque Candle – Baies

This exquisite (and quite popular) candle is like a 60-hour-long hug from you to your beloved best friend. Once the wick is lit, the high-quality wax evenly burns, releasing aromas of fresh roses and sweet blackcurrant. Is it any surprise these are Meghan Markle’s favorite candles?! All that said, this wonderful best friend gift is a little on the pricier side, but it’s worth every last penny!

6. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

It’s cute, it’s functional, it’s haute couture, and it’s taken TikTok by storm. This iconic bag is everything Marc Jacobs is about. The trademark effortless, cool, and chic streetwear look has won the heart of pretty much every fashionista and style influencer this season, so make sure your bestie is right on trend with the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag that’s loved by all.

7. The Always Pan

This thoughtfully designed, viral pan is naturally a thoughtful gift! It’s not only pretty, it also does
the work of around 5 separate pans in one! Long-lasting, non-stick, and versatile, your bestie
will enjoy tastier food, faster cook times and less washing up!

8. Birthstone Necklace

The month your best friend came into this world should be celebrated! This is the ideal gift thanks to its style flair and personalized edge. As well, who doesn’t love the idea of birthstone gems? It’s a gem that shines just as bright as your bestie, so let them know how much you appreciate them by gifting them this gorgeous birthstone necklace.

9. Personalised Necklace

While necklaces are lovely accessories in their own right, they’re always that bit more beautiful when they come with a heartfelt story. So gift your best friend a little slice of fashionable appreciation and let them know you care by adding a personal touch!

10. Victoria Secret Sprays

Does your best friend love fruity floral scents that simply delight the senses and turn any space into a tropical getaway? If so, they’ll love these refreshing Victoria’s Secret Sprays that not only smell delicious but also treat their skin to a moisture boost thanks to their Aloe Vera and Kamilie ingredients.

11. Personalized Fill In Your Words Book

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement, or other special holidays, a personalized fill in your words book is a fantastic way to make sure that your nearest and dearest know just how much they mean to you. So, fill it up with those lovely trip-down-memory-lane photos and jot in all your favorite memories together and just watch as your best friend goes on a roller coaster of emotions while flicking through it – it’ll be appreciated for sure!

12. Airpods

I don’t care what anyone says, you can never have enough Airpods, and if you don’t have them – you need them. So honestly, you simply can’t go wrong with the gift of Airpods. Yes, they’ll set you back a bit, but your bestie is worth it, right?!

13. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are little explosions of goodness that elevate bathtime to new levels of relaxation and restoration. The story is no different when it comes to this colorful set of LifeAround2Angels bath bombs. Handmade with Shea & Coco Butter, your friend can expect to enjoy moisturized, nourished, and heavenly-scented skin that feels velvety soft to the touch.

14. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

This botanical blend blush (from Selena Gomez’s highly coveted vegan and cruelty free makeup line) feels weightless, looks natural, and makes your skin feel as good as it looks. That’s why we nominate it as a must-buy for your bestie! As well, due to the miracle-working blushes popularity, she’s bound to have heard of it already (and likely added it to her wishlist!)

15. Crocs

Crocs have made a surprising comeback, and we should all be grateful for that. These downright sinfully comfortable shoes are actually going through a little renaissance, with celebrities wearing them out and about while even finding their way into a few trends. So, get your best friend the gift they were probably already thinking of buying themselves (but weren’t sure they could admit it) by gifting them crocs this year.

16. Cozy Slippers

These fluffy slippers are like walking on clouds. They’re lightweight, adorable, and are a little pick-me-up after a long hard day. Their cross-band design is also the crème de la crème when it comes to cozy slipper trends, so you know what to do – your bestie will never take them off!

17. Silk Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies are stylish, on-trend, always useful, and great to have on hand. Also, did you know they’re better for your hair than traditional metal or elastic hair ties? So, get on this one stat and up your bestie’s haircare game! While they may not be the “biggest” of gifts, they’re a hair accessory that certainly shows you care and can be gifted as an “extra” gift if needs be.

18. Vanity Mirror

If my best friend bought this for me, I’d promote them to best friend for life. There’s a certain salon quality to this vanity mirror thanks to its sleek, modern design that’s only enhanced by a natural crisp, cool sheen. It’s even kitted out with its own doors, magnification mirrors, and LED lights to keep your best friend where they belong – right in the spotlight. Need I even mention that it makes applying makeup and doing skincare routines an absolute delight?

19. Personalized Phone Case

Best friend always dropping her phone? Or does she love changing her phone cases as often as the wind changes direction? Perhaps she hasn’t changed it in a year! If any of that is the case – it’s time to treat them to a spectacularly stylish yet on-trend minimalistic phone case.

20. Weighted Blanket

If you think your bestie has it all – think again. Weighted blankets are becoming a familiar face on the well-being and self-care scene thanks to their scientifically-proven ability to calm our bodies and minds, leading to less stress and more restful sleep. Sound like something your bestie could benefit from? Then be sure to gift them this utterly unique best friend present!

 21. Instax Camera + Film Bundle

You’ve already made plenty of unforgettable memories with your bestie; here’s your excuse to make even more! The best part of this portable candle isn’t that it’s quite fashionable, but rather that it never makes you wait! So capture those special moments and enjoy them right away thanks to the instant print feature – enjoy!

22. Dior Lip Glow Oil

The Dior Lip Oil outshines all other oils or glosses thanks to its smooth, non-sticky texture that effortlessly glides over the lips, leaving a nourishing, glossy sheen in its wake. In addition, its smart formula intensifies and protects the lips, providing long-lasting wear that brings out their natural color. In other words, this is one of the best gift ideas on the market for best friends! You can read more about The Dior Lip Glow Oil here.

23. Sephora’s On Cloud Nine Minis Set – Summer Fridays

This is an adorably miniaturized version of a Sephora favorite. Within each beautifully packaged set are a Jet Lag Mask and the Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream with a gorgeous Terry Cloth scrunchie. While it’s intended to make travel a bit more comfortable, I think this set would also work wonderfully as a self-care reminder or hangover cure set – whatever works best for your lovely bestie!

24. Face Masks Collection

What’s better than kicking back with your bestie, Netflix on, red wine in hand, takeaway on the way, and face masks on?! I can’t think of anything. That’s exactly why face masks are the ultimate best friend gift!

25. Face Roller and Gua Sha

Face rollers are becoming an essential part of every skincare routine, with many celebrities swearing by them, such as Kourtney Kardashian and Sydney Sweeny. They naturally stimulate blood flow to your face, which may help make your skin look healthier and brighter while reducing the signs of aging. So, make sure your bestie’s skincare routine is up to par, and gift them this gua-sha face roller.

26. Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are essentially an exfoliator for the skin on your lips. They feel like a little spa treatment for your pout and help to make it all that more glamourously “pouty” by getting rid of dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new ones that evoke a soft, smooth, and plumper look. So, what are you waiting for? Set your bestie up with these Lip scrubs!

27. Ring Light

If you’ve ever taken a photo or video lit with a ring light, you already know why this must-have is on the list of best friend gifts. These lights are designed to illuminate everything in their path, including your bestie’s perfect makeup, bringing out the best side in everyone.

28. Skincare Fridge

Do you really want to earn your title as “world’s best friend?” The gift your best friend the object of all of their desires: a skincare fridge. Because really, who doesn’t want their favorite skincare products to last longer, look better, and feel nicer?

29. Glossier Makeup Set

Perfecting both the overall minimalistic trend alongside appealing to the “Soft girl” aesthetic that’s a favorite on TikTok, Glossier is the makeup brand of the moment. Contained within this set are three easy-to-apply makeup essentials and best sellers (the Boy Brow brow gel, Cloud Paint blush, and lash slick mascara) for a fresh-faced look.

30. Victoria Secret Pyjamas

Pamper your best friend with these luxurious silky pajamas that feel like wearing ultra-creamy body butter. These pajamas are so fashionable, which is to be wholly expected considering they’re Victoria’s secret. Your best friend will love not only the feel but the glamorous look of these bedtime must-haves.

31. Cricut Machine

Is your best friend a creative genius, into arts & crafts, or likes to dabble in DIY? Then, here’s the best’ best friend gift’ for them. With razor-sharp accuracy, a Cricut machine seamlessly cuts various materials, such as vinyl and paper. If you gift them this gift (or the newest Cricut machine), you can expect back a handmade DIY token of their appreciation very soon!

32. Dry Body Brush


If, when over at your best friend’s house, you’ve noticed the absence of one of these brushes – you need to rectify that issue immediately! The benefits of these exfoliating brushes are life-changing. Not only do they feel fantastic on the skin, but they also improve circulation, which promotes healthy skin growth, and the results are glowing and flawless, to say the least.

33. The Five Minute Journal

For those times when you’re not available to listen: The Five Minute Journal. First of all, it’s stylishly vintage and looks like something straight out of a Jane Austen novel/movie. Secondly, it’s an excellent place for your bestie to write down their thoughts, clear their heads, and find the peace they deserve!

34. The Comfy

With a name like “The Comfy,” you better believe this trendy and much-loved wearable blanket is the comfiest thing known to man or woman. It’s the ideal best friend gift because of its immense warmth, coziness, and convenience.

35. Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases aren’t just the pinnacle of bedtime luxury; they’re also little wellbeing-wonders thanks to their ability to reduce breakouts and improve the overall health of our skin and hair. As far as best friend gift ideas go – this one is pretty solid and sure to go down a treat.

36. Bathtub Tray Table

The bathtub tray table is a unique best friend gift that never stops giving. Admittedly, it’s not one we think of often, is it? But, when we have it, we absolutely adore it – because what’s better than an excuse to stay longer in the bath with your book, laptop, candles, delicious dessert, or whatever else this wonderful tray can hold.

37. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Everyone’s raving about this hairdryer, and with over 30,000 5-star reviews on Amazon – it’s clearly the next best thing to happen to DIY haircare. But that’s just the thing, this hair dryer goes easy on the hair and is even easier to use while producing salon-quality results. So, don’t think twice; your bestie will thank you later.

38. Yoga Mat

Is your best friend a fitness fanatic? Or have they been talking about going to that yoga class but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Gift them a motivational boost in the shape of a gorgeous yoga mat that’ll make every yoga session feel that bit easier.

39. Lululemon Gym Wear

Are you really their best friend if you don’t honor their obsession with fashionable sportswear? Lululemon is a sportswear fashion brand. Everyone’s heard of it, everyone wants their styles, and now you have the chance to make your best friend the happiest gal alive by letting her take her pick from their fabulous line of trendy gym wear!

40. Hair Waver Tool For Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are the beach-inspired, loose, effortless-looking hairstyle that’s not only taken social media but literally everywhere by storm. It’s dominating on TikTok, where multiple new tutorials are uploaded every day, aiming to achieve these highly-sough-after waves. So, gift your bestie a one-way ticket to trendy hair town with this high-quality hair waver that’s sure to make their hair dreams a reality.

41. CurrentBody LED Face Mask

Treat your bestie to flawless, red carpet ready skin with the CurrentBody LED Face Mask that went viral after being featured in the opening scene of Emily in Paris Season 3! Also loved and used by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Kade Hudson and Renée Zellweger before Red Carpet events and award ceremonies to give them the ultimate glow! You can read more about this game-changing, skincare must have here. We’ve also got an exclusive 15% discount code which you can apply at checkout ‘HAULCB.

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