The Background Story of a Research-Obsessed Shopper

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Picture the scene: I’m 17 and I’ve just received my first-ever paycheck. I run to the shopping centre with joyful abandon, feeling like I’ve won the lottery. Daydreaming of card-swiping and armfuls of shopping bags, this is not a time for self-restraint. This is a time for treating myself

That brand-new foundation? Into the basket it goes. 

A high-end scented luxury moisturiser? Why not! 

New ‘firm’ pillows to help my neck pain? An essential purchase. 

The outcome? 

The foundation oxidized as soon as I applied it, the moisturizer made my teenage skin erupt into spots and the pillows? They flattened as quickly as my shopping spree glee. 

It was, quite literally, a pain in the neck. 

Three useless products later and £150 down, I decided enough was enough and vowed to never fall into the same trap again. 

From investigating renowned favourites to tried-and-tested go-to’s, I developed a foolproof process for whittling down the ‘best of the best’ products in beauty, home, and parenting. 

Fellow discerning shoppers amongst my friends, family and colleagues started to notice that my process was working…and it wasn’t long until the questions and recommendation requests started flying in!!

“How did you know to buy that one?

“I need to get so-and-so a gift, what would you recommend?”

“Sabira… I don’t want to waste my money. Could you help me find a good…”

Haul of Fame exists to help you avoid making the same common mistakes my 17 year old self made and that many overwhelmed shoppers continue to make today.

Before every purchase and recommendation, we religiously follow a tried-and-tested research process to make sure you’re buying the best of the best every single time. So let’s say ‘good riddance’ to product regrets and wasted wages once and for all!

Happy shopping!

Sabira x

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