60+ Cute Fall Nail Designs To Inspire You This Autumn

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Image: @jadenailedit

On the hunt for cute fall nail designs inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

Fall is right around the corner and with it being our favourite season of the year, we’ve put together some seriously cute fall nail designs for you to show your manicurist this autumn, or perhaps even channel your inner nail artist and have a go at recreating these nail designs yourself from home!

Cosy jumpers and blankets, crisp autumnal air, beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange fall leaves and rich hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows are just a few of our favourite things about the autumn season, and the nail inspiration we’ve chosen absolutely reflect all these autumn tones and vibes!

These cute fall nail designs will complement any and every fall outfit and occasion and we’ve handpicked 60+ of our favourite fall nails (with a handful of halloween nail designs included too!) from some incredibly talented nail artists and business owners so you can flaunt your gorgeous autumn nails and enjoy all the compliments that are headed your way.

For those of you that want to give these fall designs for nails a try from the comfort of your own home, we’ve included a few shoppable links from Etsy so you can recreate these looks (or your own personal spin on it).


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1. Glam Gold Leaf Fall Nails Designs

If you’re on the lookout for done for you coffin fall nails, these fall press on nails are a great way to start the season with a touch of glam too (because who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?).

2. Fall Color Palette

These fall nail polish strips showcase a mix of the perfect muted fall nail colors and are so easy to apply too! Great for anyone on the hunt for inspiration for olive green fall nails.

3. The Perfect Fall Coffin Nails

Nothing says fall like the beautiful shades of crisp autumn leaves and these seriously cute fall coffin nails that you simply press on will save you time and money (buying each of these gorgeous shades separately). This gorgeous design also makes for the perfect thanksgiving fall nails too!

4. Autumnal Glitz & Glam

When looking for fall designs for nails, the first nail color that usually comes to mind is brown which sounds boring in the first instance, but not when they’re as sparkly and eye-catching as this fall nail design!

5. Chic Tips

The most chic of all nails designs for fall are these black french manicure nails which look even more elegant when done on almond shaped nails. So minimal and effortlessly chic and sophisticated.

6. Muted Tone Tips

This fall nail design is so easy to do yourself so save yourself a trip to the nail salon and have a go at doing this from home with a nail polish design brush dipped in these beautiful monochrome shades.

7. The Perfect Shade of Sage

fall nails designs
Image: @byleah.x

Sage is such a beautiful transitionary color to opt for to take you from the hot summer to the crisp autumnal air that everyone loves to use as an excuse to wrap up in all sorts of cosy comforts! With a mix of french tips and full nail colors, this fall nail design is bound to get you some serious compliments.

8. Maroon 5

fall nail polish designs
Image: NailBella

Maroon fall nails are such an elegant color to rock this season and literally suits every skin colour. Save yourself some time and treat yourself to these coffin shaped maroon press on nails.

9. Earthy Tones Fall Nail Design

fall style nails, fall acrylic nail designs
Image: @byleah.x

French nail designs with color have been all over social media lately and having white french tips is definitely a thing of the past. We cannot get enough of these deep bottle green french tip nails which set the perfect tone for autumn season. Also how much do you love this design on squared nails?

10. Natural Nude

cute nails designs for fall
Image: @byleah.x

For anyone struggling to choose simple fall nail colors for their next manicure, your search is over. This perfect soft nude shade is not only perfect for any season all year round, but will look stunning when worn with the autumnal color palette of autumn outfits. This could even be one of your next fall gel nail designs to do from home!

11. Cosy Cardi Nails

These press on cosy knit fall almond nails will complement your cosy fall outfits perfectly and are perfect for anyone that loves cosying up with oversized cardi’s and throw blankets the minute the temperature drops!

12. Autumn Love

You asked for cute fall nail designs, you got it! There’s nothing cuter than tiny white and gold hearts on natural nail colors that give this design the wow factor!

13. Gold Leaves Fall Nails

fall nail
Image: @byleah.x

This has to be the prettiest sage green nail designs we’ve set our eyes on and with sage being one of the most popular nail colors of the year, you have to flaunt these sage and gold nails this autumn for everyone to swoon over!

14. Cosy Winter Cardis

Nothing shouts out fall style nails more than 3d cosy knit nails in the perfect shade of taupe! Fall matte nail colors never looked better.

15. Valentino

fall nail ideas
Image: @byleah.x

We couldn’t put a seasonal nails post together without including some pretty fall nail designs and this design in particular gave us serious blush Valentino Rockstud vibes with the gold accent detail.

16. With Love

fall nail tip designs
Image: @byleah.x

Here’s one of the more simple autumn nail designs we chose to showcase with a cute gold heart and natural pink nail color which is great for anyone who isn’t a fan of bold/loud nail colors and prefers to keep things minimal with a touch of cute.

17. Green Swirls Fall Nails

fall nails design
Image: @byleah.x

These fall swirl nails in various autumn shades are perfect for anyone looking for cool fall nails, with a twist!

18. All Of The French Mani Vibes

Of all the fall nail design ideas we’ve gathered, this one has to be the most unique and totally achievable from home too!

19. Monochrome Queen of Hearts

We love these simple heart nails which have been so elegantly placed on the tip of the nails rather than the entire nail, with a natural pink base color.

20. Checkers

A black and white french manicure is a modern twist on the traditional french manicures. Some people love either black tips, or white tips, or black and white on alternate nails, but why not combine both to achieve this stand out look?

21. Red Riding Hood

We couldn’t have found a more fitting design for nails for the fall than this perfect autumn shade of red coupled with black vines. It gave us all of the Red Riding Hood vibes!

22. Greyscale

Who would’ve thought grey french tip nails would be so eye-catching? And even more so on squared nails too!

23. How Do You Like Your Coffee?

On the hunt for autumn gel nail designs? This has to be our favourite Autumn fingernails yet! From the 5 different shades of brown, the almond nail shape and the overall aesthetic and vibe that this nail inspo gives us, we’re here for it and are totally ready to recreate this.

24. Glitter & Khaki

If you’re a fan of glitter but are looking for inspo for simple glitter nails, this type of cute fall nail designs is perfect. Choose your favourite color as a base and then add a little glitter outline wherever you fancy for a subtle pop of glam.

25. Autumn Leaves Are Changing Colors

For anyone wanting to add some glam to their fall fingernails, why not add a pop of gold glitter nail polish to your ring finger, which definitely seems to still be on trend (and we can see why!). This trend would also work so well for fall thanksgiving nails too!

26. Fall Flower Nails

If you’re struggling to decide between fall ombre nails or flower nails, why not just get both?!

27. Check Please

Fall plaid nails are a design we’re seeing a lot more of this year and would look beautiful against any base nail color (but we personally love this dusky pink nail color as a base).

28. Bold Statement

These short fall nails are so easy to maintain and will definitely make a bold statement with these striking nail colors. Why not have a go at recreating these cute fall nail designs from home? Simply square off the tips of your nails and apply your favourite bold nail colors and finish with a good top coat to seal the deal and lock in your fall nails.

29. Metallic Fall Nails

If you’ve been searching for metallic nail ideas to show your manicurist for your next fall manicure, this metallic nail color (a metallic maroon) will look stunning against any skin color whilst adding a pop of shimmer too.

30. Fall French Manicure

Looking for fall themed nail designs or struggling to decide what shade to go for for your next french manicure? Fall french tip nails can take the form of any typical fall nail color (from brown, dark red, orange, dark green) on the tips with a natural pink base. What do you think of this fall french manicure with an interesting shade of brown for the tips?

31. Me-ow!

We couldn’t do a fall nails round up without including leopard print nails could we?! This animal print nail design is much more chic and understated and won’t look as out there as if you were to cover your entire nails with leopard print (although we’ve of course included this a bit further down to cater for animal print lovers)!

32. Crisp Autumn Leaves

Is this not one of the most spot on autumn nail designs you’ve seen? A nude base, with autumn leaves and gold specs. Nothing says fall better than fall leaves on nails! Just perfection.

33. Colorful Leaves

Almond fall nails with vines and gold specks to make this already beautiful autumn leaf nails design even more special!

34. Dot To Dot

These beautiful short fall nails are so easy to recreate from home. For this diy fall nail art designs, take a bottle of your favourite brown nail color and fully paint the nails of your choosing and then grab a tooth pick and drip a dot onto the remaining nails (after painting them with a natural color).

35. Dot To Dot II

Similar to the fall nail design before but this time in a beautiful mauve shade. This ultra cute fall nail designs would not only look incredibly classy in fall, but would work all year round. Expect plenty of compliments with this nail design!

36. Groovy Chick

Fall square nails never looked so good! We are obsessing over this new swirl nail trend that seems to be popping up everywhere on our feeds. Paint on each neutral shade in your own artistic way and once dry, paint over the edges of each color with a white liner nail polish to separate. Finish with a top coat.

37. For The Love Of French Tips

Anyone looking for inspo for almond heart nails? Look no further. We’re all for the mismatch on the hearts and french tips. The colors featured would suit any skin tone and will definitely get you compliments!

38. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Massive fan of PB&J and looking for gel nail designs for fall to reflect that? Let that show in your next manicure with these gorgeous deep red and mustard shades. Can we also appreciate how good they look on short nails too?! If you’re also on the hunt for simple thanksgiving nails, you’ve definitely met your match here.

39. Plaid

How strikingly gorgeous are these fall plaid nails? Channel your inner nail artist and get to work with some liner nail polishes in your favourite shades to recreate this cute fall nail designs. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful they look against a chunky knit too?!

40. One With Nature Vibes

If you’re a massive fan of nail art and nail stickers, feel free to also go crazy and create something like this (on top of a natural base coat). We are absolutely obsessed with these Deco Miami Nail Stickers! Be your own kind of nail artist and take a walk on the wild side!

41. All About Khaki

We’re not sure what we love more, the stylish shape of these fall square nails or the perfect shade of khaki mixed with sage to create this stunning finish which is just right for autumn (and even for transitioning into the Winter months).

42. Salvador Dali

nails designs for fall
Image: @allnailss._

As soon as we saw these beautiful fall nails, it reminded us instantly of the Salvador Dali melting clock. Fun fact: did you know Dali’s inspiration for that famous art piece was seeing a piece of Camembert cheese melting in the sun? So, if you are a lover of art (or cheese!), have a go at recreating this design from home or show it to your makeup artist at your next nail appointment.

43. Crème Brûlée

This fall french nail design is so unique. We’ve seen dozens of trends across the internet of using various different colors as a french tip for your manicure but this design create a marble effect on the tip (which reminded us of marble cake and the contrasting colors in crème brûlée). Start with a natural base, let it dry and then proceed to apply your french tip shade in a cream tone. Once dry, take a tooth pick and saturate it in a chocolate shaded nail polish and get to swirling!

44. Barbie Girl

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Who says fall nail colors and designs have to be dark or neutral shades and simplistic? We always thought blush pink was the prettiest pink nail color but we take it back. This beautiful soft hot pink (the only way we can describe it!) has won our hearts and is a winning nail color to wear all year round and especially to brighten up your cosy fall outfits on a gloomy day.

45. Liquorice

pretty fall nail designs
Image: @allnailss._

If you’re looking for black fall nails but nothing too harsh on the eye, why not have a go at these liquorice nails? This black and pink nail design (or liquorice nails as we like to call them) are oh so simple to recreate from home. All you’ll need is two coats of a medium to light pink shade and a black liner nail polish to outline and fill as pictured!

46. Pumpkin Pie

The perfect orange autumn nails ready for PSL’s, pumpkin pie, Halloween season and would also make such cute thanksgiving nails too!

47. Pumpkin Picking

Whether you’re after inspo for pumpkin nails for halloween or thanksgiving themed nails, these cute pumpkin nails are giving us all of the fall feels!

48. Toffee Sauce

These brown fall nails are so simple yet so effective and look so chic with gold jewellery and a chunky knit! Get to work on these toffee sauce nails by starting with a natural base coat, wait for it to dry and then create your outline using your brown nail polish and then fill! Finish with a top coat to seal.

49. Autumn Garden

If you’ve been gifted with seriously steady hands and manual dexterity, have a go at recreating these fall sunflower nails using a thin brush. Otherwise save yourself some time (and a whole load of nail polish remover!) and get them done at the salon!

50. French Girl

Have you suddenly become obsessed with French girl styles and trends after (binge) watching Emily in Paris? You’re not alone. Keep up with Parisian nail trends by flaunting these insanely chic and sophisticated Parisian nails. Emily who?

51. Abstract

These super cool fall nails are so eye-catching and unusual and perfect for anyone who is a fan of the arts and abstract prints. Start with a natural base coat, take a light brown nail polish shade and swipe horizontally or vertically (as pictured). Once dry, grab a gold liner nail polish and release your inner Picasso by drawing on some irregular shapes and finish with a top coat.

52. Cowgirl

Fall french tips with a cowgirl twist! Proceed with a natural base coat and then your usual white french tips using a white liner nail polish and then (once dry) create some irregular cow print shapes on the tips. Yee-haw!

53. Little Minx

These big cat orange fall nails are actually much easier to recreate from home than you think! Start with your black liner nail polish and draw on your irregular spots. Once dry, go over with a thin coat of orange nail polish (thin enough to allow the transparency to show your first round of black spots). Once the orange nail polish is dry, finish with another set of irregular black spots and then seal with your top coat!

54. Pumpkin Season

Of all cute fall nail designs for short nails this has to be one of the cutest designs we’ve seen! Thanksgiving inspired nails that would also work great for Halloween too or just generally nails for the fall!

55. Casper

These ultra cute Halloween nails takes us back to the 90’s when casper was one of the favourite (albeit lightheaded) Halloween films to watch! This Halloween nail art is so easy to achieve. Just grab yourself a black and white liner nail polish (the ones with a super fine tip) and get to drawing your ghost outline, fill with white polish and create two dots for eyes with your black liner polish and you’re good to go!

56. Halloween Party

If you’re not a fan of the bloody, gory and scary Halloween style nails and prefer something a little more low key and subtle (whilst still being in the spirit of Halloween), these pretty Halloween nails are perfect for you! A milky white base coat with some gold cobweb and star nail art stickers.

57. Vampire Blood

If you’re a serious Twilight fan and cannot possibly fathom the thought of turning up at your Halloween party with anything other than a vampire Halloween costume then these nails are perfect for you. Start by creating an inverted french tip at the bottom of your nail and then drench the tip of your nail brush with polish and create three dots across the base line. Tip your finger down and watch the drips trickle down to create their own unique pattern of vampire blood. Finish with a top coat to seal.

58. Cute Halloween Nails

Another gorgeous design for anyone wanting to sport a simple (but super cute nonetheless!) Halloween manicure. It may be fall but it’s also spooky season!

59. Incy Wincy Spider

These spider Halloween nails are perfect to add a touch of Halloween spirit to your look without being OTT and out there. Also, almond fall nails for the win, all day everyday!

60. Black Halloween Nails

These black Halloween nails are super easy to recreate this fall. Take your black liner polish and outline and fill your french tips and then draw on a simple cute cobweb on your ring finger. Even without the cobweb, this nail design would also be perfect for fall.

61. Black Matte Halloween Nails

Another easy one to add to your portfolio of DIY nail designs. Start with a black base coat on all your nails. Top with a mattifying top coat. Once dry, swirl on your black liner polish however you please and sit back and admire another wonderful masterpiece of yours! Finish with topcoat.

62. Pretty Halloween Nails

Simple and sweet nails for Halloween or fall and so easy to recreate from home. This nail design was made for short nails and we are absolutely obsessed!

63. Fall In The City

We had to end with this super cute fall nail designs that just screams out fall and has it all. Animal print, a warm block color and a minimal design with a neutral base. Guaranteed to suit all of your oversized cosy winter outfits.

So there you have it, 60+ super cute fall nail designs to inspire your next manicure or for you to recreate at home!

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