78 Hottest Summer Nails (Summer Nail Colors And Designs) To Flaunt In 2023

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Summer Nail Colors 2022
Source: @TwinkledT

Are you looking for inspiration for the perfect summer nails? With summer right around the corner, we’ve collated over 50 stunning summer nail colors and nail designs for you to rock in summer 2023!

78 Hottest Summer Nails (Summer Nail Colors And Nail Designs) To Flaunt In 2023!

We’re back again but this time with a collection of the hottest summer nail colors and nail designs for you to get a TON of nail inspo from.

Whether you show these gorgeous summer nail designs to your nail technician to recreate using acrylic or gel nails (or even on your natural nails too!) or if you decide to recreate them from home with your own nail polishes and nail art, the choice is absolutely yours.

We’ve got lots of nail inspo for you to rock this summer 2023 from everyday nails to minimalist summer nails, neon summer nails, ombre and airbrushed nails, in a range of gorgeous summer colors and shapes including coffin and almond.

We’ve added shoppable links under most of the images below if you wanted to treat yourself to the featured images in the form of press on-nails, nail wraps (or nail polish straps) or nail art.

We’ve also included some shoppable nail polish colors that you can purchase too which were the closest match we could find to the summer nail colors featured, in case you wanted to DIY any of these summer nail designs from home!

To save the images, just tap and hold the image and save to your phone. It’s that easy!

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Summer Nail Colors for 2022 and Nail Designs and Nail Art

The Hottest Summer Nail Colors and Summer Nail Trends 2023:

The latest summer nail trends for 2023 include mainly soft pastel tones with a trendy design of some sort. Whether thats a reverse french manicure, some sort of minimal or abstract nail art or design, or intricate and pretty flower nail designs.

Of course, bright nail colors for summer will also always be trending and will complement your stunning beach look when you’re off on your summer vacay. White nails are also always a good shout and seems to be one of the hottest nail trends that can be worn all year round (not just seasonally).

So without further ado, let’s dive straight in with our absolute favourite summer nail colors and designs for 2023!

1. Rainbow Tips

Summer Nail Colors
Source: @TwinkledT

First up are these super pretty colorful summer nails with rainbow tips. Lately all we’ve been seeing in spring/summer nail trends are rainbow nails. Whether it’s just a subtle touch on the tips or a pop of bright colors on all your nails, these summer nails are just the perfect pick me up!

Or DIY with these popular nail colors:

2. Gen Z French Mani

Everyday Nails, summer nail colors
Source: @TwinkledT

These incredibly classy nails have a natural base coat and a white pointed tip which is trending massively this summer.

DIY with these nail colors:

3. Natural Ombre

Minimalist Summer Nails, summer nail colors
Source: @TwinkledT

These simple summer nails are so elegant and understated. If you’re not a massive fan of color generally and prefer monochrome looks or natural tones in your outfits, these nails are the perfect match for you.

4. Ice, Ice Baby

Cute Summer Nails, summer nail colors
Source: @TwinkledT

The prettiest ice blue summer nails ever that will look super cute with any summer outfit!

DIY with this nail color:

5. 5 Shades of Pink

We’ve noticed this trend of pink summer nails everywhere lately where each finger is painted a different shade of pink, and we’re totally here for it!

DIY with this nail colors:

6. Barbie Doll

Pink Nails for Summer, summer nail colors
Source: @NailBella

Is this not the prettiest summer nail color you’ve set your eyes on? This shade of pink gives us barbie/candy floss vibes and the perfect shade of pink for the summer and to add a pretty pop of color to your summer outfits!

DIY with this nail color:

7. Magenta

Hot Pink Nails for Summer, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

Dark summer nail colors are also always in trend but we tend to see a lot more people playing with darker shades of pink for the Summer (or dark neutral shades too).

8. Dusty Pink

Light Pink Nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailBella

DIY with this nail color:

9. La Vie En Rose

Short summer nails, summer nail colors
Source: @Wonderlies

Don’t you find that these short summer nails are the perfect length for everyday nails? Coupled with that beautiful rose shaded nail polish, this super pretty summer nail color is so perfect to add that touch of femininity to your all your summer outfits.

DIY with this nail color:

10. Pretty In Pink

From the soft pink shade, to the oval shape and short length, these have to be the perfect summer holiday nails ever!

DIY with this nail color:

11. Beige

Summer colors for nails
Source: @NailAandE

If you’re looking for end of summer nail colors, we found this gorgeous shade of beige that we thought would be the perfect transitionary summer to fall nail color.

DIY with this nail color:

12. Lavender

Summer almond nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailAandE

If you’re struggling to find summer nail colors for pale skin, then your search is over. This stunning lavender nail color would look beautiful on the fairest of skin tones, along with pretty much any pastel/soft tone nail polish colors (light pinks, baby blue, soft neutrals).

DIY with this nail color:

13. Bottega Green Nails

Bright summer nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailAandE

If you’re a lover of Bottega, then you’ll LOVE this green Bottega nail color for summer!

DIY with this nail color:

14. Neon Nails

neon summer nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailBella

Take a walk on the wild side and ask your nail technician to pop on these gorgeous neon summer nails for you. We dare you!

DIY with this nail color:

15. Cappuccino

Nude color nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailAandE

DIY with this nail color:

16. Burnt Coral Orange

Orange nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailAandE

The saying still goes, orange really is the new black, especially in the summer! This gorgeous summer nail color is a cross between burnt orange and coral. Just stunning!

DIY with this nail color:

17. Mint Cornetto

Almond nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailAandE

Isn’t this such a cute nail color for the summer? These gorgeous pastel nails remind us of mint choc chip cornettos! If you know, you know!

DIY with this nail color:

18. Lilac

purple nails, summer nail colors
Source: @Wonderlies

Does anyone else find that lilac is such a calming color? These lilac square nails are such a pretty color for the summer and will look gorgeous against any skin tone and nail shape too.

DIY with this nail color:

19. Glitz & Glam

Sparkly nails, summer nail colors
Source: @Wonderlies

We had to include these white frosted nails because white nails are just a must for the summer (especially if you’re off to a white party!). Plus the added texture and detail of the frost really gives it that wow factor!

20. Coral Red

DIY with this nail color:

21. Pink Sparkles

Pink sparkly nails, nail colors for summer
Source: @TwinkledT

DIY with this nail color:

22. Good Vibes Only

good vibes only nails (evil eye), nail colors for summer 2022
Source: @TwinkledT

23. Feeling Beachy

Summer holiday nails, summer nail colors
Source: @TwinkledT

How cute is this summer nail art? Bikini’s, sunnies, ice cream and the beach. Pop these onto any nail color as a little reminder for whats to come this summer!

24. Summer Fruits

Summer nail art
Source: @TwinkledT
summer nail art stickers
Source: @TwinkledT

Fruit punch anyone?

25. Bright Summer Nails

Yellow nails for summer, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

26. SAGE

green and white swirl almond nails, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

27. Classy French Manicure

french manicure nails simple, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

There’s something about french manicures that just look so elegant and sophisticated. We wanted to feature this style for anyone looking for minimalist summer nails inspiration. So classy and chic!

28. Pretty Nails for Summer

pretty nails for summer, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

29. Heart Nails (Outline)

heart nails, colors for summer nails
Source: @NailwayArts

Of all the cute summer nail colors, this shade of nude has to be our favourite, especially with the addition of two simple heart outlines.

30. Black Heart Nails

black heart nails simple, summer nail colors
Source: @NailwayArts

31. Queen of Hearts

red heart nails
Source: @NailwayArts

32. White Heart Nails

white heart nails
Source: @NailwayArts

33. Gold Quartz

gold and marble nails
Source: @NailwayArts

If you’re into glamorous nails but aren’t a fan of styles that are too out there, these beautiful gold quartz nails are perfect for you and work really well with daytime and evening summer outfits.

34. Marble Nails

marble nails
Source: @TwinkledT

We couldn’t do a summer nails post without featuring marble nails now could we? These have to be the prettiest marble nails we’ve ever seen!

35. Abstract Nails

abstract nails
Source: @NailwayArts

36. Butterfly Nails

butterfly nails
Source: @NailwayArts

37. Boss Babe

sparkle and checked nails
Source: @NailwayArts

38. Ice Cream With Sprinkles

beach nails for summer
Source: @NailwayArts

39. Party Nails

summer coffin nails
Source: @NailwayArts

Coffin nails are gorgeous but the true art comes from a woman’s ability to actually get stuff done with them on!

40. Summer Ombre Nails

summer ombre nails
Source: @NailAandE

Nude, almond, ombre nails…Music to my ears and an absolutely beautiful sight to see!

41. Pretty Daisy Nails

pretty daisy nails
Source: @NailAandE

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do! We are SO obsessed with these daisy nails.

42. Pastels and Swirls

pastel nails
Source: @NailwayArts

43. Ribbons

sage and light pink nails with gold swirl
Source: @NailwayArts

44. California Dreamin’

white nails with palm tree
Source: @NailBella

45. 4th of July Nails

Get ready for Independence Day with these super sparkly and glam 4th of July Nails!

46. Patriotic Nails

Or how about these simple 4th of July nails instead?

47. Cute Flower Nails

This is literally the definition of cute summer nails. They’re short and the pastel flowers and gold detailing are super cute too!

48. Cutie Pie

49. Ice Cream, You Scream

fun summer nails
Source: @ClebleNails

You wanted fun summer nails, you got them. Ice cream with sprinkles please!

50. Summer Vibes

pink and white aesthetic nails with ice cream
Source: @ClebleNails

51. French Manicure With A Twist

Add a little bit of zhuzh to your french manicure with these beautiful sage swirls. Also how gorgeous does it look on these oval nails too?

52. Pink Swirls

53. Boujie

54. Summer Leaves

purple and palm tree nails
Source: @msknails

55. Gold Leaf

gold leaf nails
Source: @msknails

56. It’s Melting!

ice cream nails
Source: @msknails

57. Polka Dots and Lashes

polka dot and lashes nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

We love everything about these monochrome nails from the short length, the cute polka dots and the lashes. Just so cute!

58. Colorful Flowers

colorful flower nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

59. Pineapple Nails

pineapple nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

60. Cactus

cactus nails green and pink
Source: @NailsByGemma

61. Strawberry Picking

strawberry nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

62. Strawberry Ice Cream and Sprinkles

press on nails for summer
Source: @NailsByGemma

63. Unicorn Love

unicorn nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

64. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

nails with stars
Source: @NailsByGemma

65. Gold Specks and Hearts

marble, pink and gold nails with hearts
Source: @NailsByGemma

66. Vintage Florals

floral nails
Source: @NailsByGemma

67. Rainbow French Manicure

rainbow french manicure, summer nail colors
Source: @NailsByGemma

68. Inverted Rainbow Manicure

69. Retro Florals

retro nails, summer nail colors

Anyone remember ‘That 70’s Show’? These funky nails throw us way back!

70. Sherbet

71. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

For anyone looking for summer nail colors for dark skin, you’ve met your match. This hot pink shade will look insanely good against any skin color but particularly darker skin tones! So lush!

72. Blue French Tips

blue summer nails, summer nail colors
Source: @allnailss._

Who says french manicures have to be with a white tip? A really fun trend we’re seeing for spring/summer is pastel color french manicure tips which look stunning. But this baby blue color though!!

73. Groovy

74. Lime

One of our favourite nail colors summer 2023 is this gorgeous shade of lime green which will look beautiful on every skin tone!

75. Bright Daisy Nails

Another gorgeous daisy nail design to rock this summer!

76. Floral Tips

Nails with flowers will never go out of trend. Especially when they look this good!

77. Pretty Pink Nails

Another super cute flower nail design that is perfect for anyone that loves simple nails.

78. Happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! Get ready to manifest your best (and happiest!) summer yet!


What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape for 2023?

Deciding on summer nail colors and designs isn’t just the only piece of the puzzle when creating/designing your dream nails. There’s also the nail shape too!

As for nail shapes 2023, you can go down the route of old is gold and opt for a more traditional nail shape like square, round or oval which look beautiful on short to mid length nails.

Or if you fancy unlocking your inner diva, why not go for coffin or stiletto nails?

Our personal favourite? Almond nails all the way! A nail shape that looks incredible with any nail design or nail color, ultra chic, feminine and sophisticated too.

Whatever summer nail colors or nail designs you opt for this season, just remember that you’re your own kind of beautiful – so just go with whatever clicks with you and your personality, makes you feel pretty, confident and ready for holiday season!

So there you have it. A wonderful collection of gorgeous summer nail colors and nail designs for you to save, shop or take your pick from and flaunt during holiday season! Nail therapy is the new retail therapy, especially in the summer, so enjoy your pretty nails!

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  1. Amazing summer nail colors! I already added a few to my bucket list. Thanks for the inspirations.

  2. Wow, these summer nail designs are absolutely stunning! I especially love the ombre designs and the neon colors. I can’t wait to try these out for myself!”

    1. We’re so glad you love them! Summer nails have to be one of our favorite things about Summer!

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