30 Spooky Nail Designs For Halloween You’ll Want To Trick Or Treat Yourself To This Year

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spooky nails for halloween
Image: @byleah.x

It’s that time of the year again and we’re totally here for it, Halloween! For some (or many!) of us, our Halloween decor, Halloween costume ideas, food/treats and spooky nail designs for Halloween have been sorted months in advance and it’s finally time to countdown to the scariest and most thrilling night of the year!

There’s usually three types of people when it comes to the topic of Halloween. Those that live by the saying ‘go big or go home‘, known for their extravagant annual halloween parties with meticulous detail in all their halloween decor, those that just keep candy corn by the door for trick or treaters and those that absolutely hate the idea of halloween and turn out their lights early so they don’t have to deal with “TRICK OR TREAT!!” 100 times in one night.

Whatever category of people you fall under, why not get into the Halloween spirit by at least treating yourself to a Halloween manicure (or even have a go at a DIY manicure from home!). We’ve put together a portfolio of 30 spooky nail designs for Halloween that’ll suit even the Grinch’s of Halloween. Whether you’re looking for vampire nail designs, pumpkin nail designs, or spider web nail designs, we’ve got you covered with all that (and more) below!

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Nail Designs For Halloween

For the minimalists among you, you could opt for any of the featured simple nail designs for Halloween below or even go for an all over nail color (think blood red, black, orange, purple or bright green) if our featured Halloween nail designs are too bold or out there for you!

Alternatively, you may find that our cute fall nail designs are more up your street for spooky season (if you’re of the mindset of getting a manicure that is relevant for more than just a day).

Whatever the case may be, we hope that you enjoy discovering some of our favourite nail designs (from some seriously talented Instagram nail artists) for Halloween. You’re in for a treat!

1. Boo-tiful Nail Designs For Halloween

Spider Web Nail Design
Image: @byleah.x

Can’t decide which spooky vibe to possess this year? Now you don’t have to! Delve into the whole spectrum of Halloween with a little ghoulish here, a sprinkle of blood there, a net of cobwebs, and a whole Frankenstein head to boot! Then, allow the entire spectacle of Halloween to play out on a gorgeous almost-nude pink base with cutesy Halloween-themed tips!

2. The Blood Is Life

acrylic halloween nail designs
Image: @jadenailedit

For a look that bites: Stark black glossy nails with a blood-thirsty mouth. Okay, we’ll admit it – the teeth won’t be easy. But they’re not frightfully hard either. Plenty of nail polish remover and Q-tips will keep the nail terrors at bay.

3. 31st October

cute halloween nails
Image: @jadenailedit

A Halloween nail design or a stylish sorceress’s ethereal, dreamy nails? We can’t decide! Shades of the night sky and moonlight contrast seamlessly in this ultra-chic, understated statement nail art featuring dangling stars and moon shapes – can we get a “WOAH!”

4. Trick Or Treat: Ghost Nails

nail designs for halloween
Image: @nails.miastudio

Fancy being your own nail artist this Halloween? Here’s the perfect Halloween nail art design to start with! With no need for a base, a quick slick of black over your nail’s tips, alongside a ghostly silhouette and two dots for eyes – voila! You’re ready to show off your handy work on the spookiest night of the year!

5. ‘Wicked’ Nail Designs For Halloween

halloween manicure designs
Image: @jadenailedit

Have you been looking for Halloween nail art ideas that are as fun as you are? Be the life of the party and the style queen of the night with a unique spooktacular design on every nail. From a grinning Jack Skeleton to a starry-night-sky nail, and all the way to a Cabaret-Esque multi-colored nail, or stripes!

6. Glam Halloween Nails

easy to do halloween nails
Image: byleah.x

Hunting down an easy Halloween nail design? Here’s your prey. These stand-out nails are all black polish, a little glistening gold, a shiny top coat, and all with a Frankenstein-Esque twist!

7. I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Make A Darker Color

black and orange halloween nails
Image: @illustrated_nails

Want to turn your acrylic nails into Halloween acrylic nails with just a few dabs of your nail polish brush? Now you can! Who knew that two adorable little pumpkins could transform a set of sleek black nails into Instagram-worthy nail art? We sure didn’t – but know that you’re in on the secret – you gotta try them!

8. Short Halloween Nails

halloween designs for short nails
Image: @illustrated_nails

Ghostly greetings from this funky nail art to you this spooky season. As fun-tastic as they are spooktastic, these Halloween nails enjoy a light sprinkling of spooky in the shape of ghosts and goo with hefty dose of pink to make the ghouls wink!

9. Blood Dripping Halloween Nails

blood dripping halloween nails
Image: @byamynails

The perfect nail design for any Halloween costume! Oozing blood drips from these French tips like no other. Deceptively simple, these sneaky style queen nails won’t leave you with nail art woes. To try them for yourself, start with a light pink glossy base and let dry before carefully applying red tips. For the droplets, saturate your nail polish brush and paint and dab on gently at an angle that leaves a blood-like blob in its wake!

10. Black And Pink Halloween Nails

black and pink halloween nails
Image: @byamynails

Halloween nail art fit for a DIY-style queen. This Halloween nail design shows us a pink base with a few spooky detailings in black polish. Of all the Halloween-ready girly manicures styles – this is our favorite.

11. Vampire Nail Designs

vampire nail designs
Image: @nails.miastudio

What type of sorcery is this?! Can it be? Acrylic lookalikes without any of the potential on-the-night disasters? Yes. These nails may have the glossy sheen of faux nails, but they’re all natural and easy to master!

12. Cherry Skulls

skull nail design
Image: @nails.miastudio

We’ve never seen a French manicure like this before! But then again, we’ve also never seen black cherry skulls before. Sooo … any one for entirely one-of-a-kind and easy-to-replicate gorgeous nail art this Halloween? Sign us right up!

13. Casper And Friends

ghost nail design
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Wickedly cool and bound to get you plenty of “awwwws,” this is one of our favourite cute Halloween nail designs. Delightfully simple but pack a powerful punch! The trick? Your favorite nude/light pink polish, a white ghost-like squiggle, and two black polish dots! Does Halloween nail art get any better than this?

14. Halloween Spiderweb Nails

halloween spiderweb nails
Image: @manderz_nailart

There’s nothing creepy about these super-chic Halloween acrylics! Keep the cobwebs light and thinly lined to make it a Halloween-themed manicure without going OTT if that isn’t your vibe. It’s simple but hugely effective.

15. Black Nail Designs For Halloween

black nail designs for halloween

For nails that Tim Burton would approve of – this ultra-cool Beetle-juice inspired Halloween nail art! We’ll admit it – these Halloween black and white nails are a challenge – if you’re up for it, great! Good luck! However, unless you’ve got the patience of a saint, this is one to take to your nail tech for inspiration.

16. Peeka-Boo!

halloween black and orange nails

We are in love! Nothing steals our hearts as fast as some cheeky double trouble in the shape of two accent nails: one for smiley ghosts and the other for shimmering fall-effect glitter sparkles. Cartoonish-chic Halloween fun framed by luminous orange nails that say, “Look at me!?” It doesn’t get any better than this boo-tiful nail design.

17. Skull Nail Art Designs

skull nail art designs

It’s hardcore Halloween all the way with gory skulls, shining reds, suspiciously stylish blood spatters, and a fun ghoulish creature with enviable assets on full display! So, if you want the coolest Halloween claw nails this season … you know what to do … nail polish at the ready!

18. Plaid & Pumpkins Nail Designs For Halloween

pumpkin nail designs

Eeek! Don’t look now, but an itsy bitsy spider is laying out some plaid on your nails! These are the perfectly fall-respecting Halloween nails for the “squeee” gal who’s ready to be the “scream” queen for the night!

19. Halloween Spirit

scary nail designs

A mix of matte and glossy has always come down a treat. The trick? Click on your white and orange nail polish before getting to work on your ghostly and pumpkin-like nail art. Only then should you commit to the grand finale of black matte nail polish to ground and “chic-ify” your Halloween nail look without any pesky smudges!

20. Cute Halloween Nails


Don’t be a scaredy cat – get your kitten claws out this Halloween! Sugar, spice, and all things nice are loaded onto this Halloween nail idea that’s ideal for the girly girl who doesn’t think Halloween is only for orange and black!

21. Candy Corn Nail Designs

candy corn nail designs

Are you an all-out Halloween-style queen?! This mesmerizing Halloween nail art design is just for you! Enchanting sparkles, dizzying swirls, bewitching, creepy crawlies, and spooky cobwebs make this the all-in-one Halloween manicure for the gal who wants the title of best nails on the night! The sweet cherry on top? Tasty on your tastebuds but looking oh-so-delicious on your nails – candy corn is just made to be nail art – as you can see just above!

22. Spooktacular!

spooky nail ideas

These Halloween nails should come with a hazard warning! So toxically neon you could swear they’d glow in the dark. These Halloween nails are for the gal who isn’t afraid to go a little wild and splash a little crazy-chic fun onto her nails. Halloween ahoy!

23. Black Halloween Nails

halloween nail ideas

Neon green oozing toxic slime, blood-drenched teeth, and peaceful night skies – it’s all happening with this exquisite nail art. A chic matt base carries the weight of so much spookiness while acting like a sort of black chalk board for you to let your Halloween nail art imagination run wild on!

24. Orange And Black Halloween Nails

halloween nails orange and black

If orange is the new black, that would explain why they go so well together! Wear the spookiest colors of all this spooky season. Pumpkin orange from cuticle to tip with plenty of spooktacular detailing along the way. The perfect Halloween nail art idea for a nail art novice who wants to put their skills to the test? You betcha! This was one of the more striking black and orange nail designs we’ve seen as orange was the primary color and base (and much softer on the eye too don’t you think?).

25. It’s Scary Season!

easy cute halloween nails

We’re in love with this light-hearted Halloween nail art. It’s fun, it’s gorgeous, and just the right amount of spookiness. Not too ghoulish, not too sweet – this is the goldilocks Halloween nail design idea that’s perfect for whoever wants to get it just right.

26. Spiders And Bats

spider nail design

Dreaming of the allure of gorgeous natural nails with a subtle Halloween twist? Always in a rush but don’t want to rush your nails? Ding Ding Ding! You and this minimalist-chic Halloween manicure are a match made in heaven! With just a few delicate strokes, your nails come to life with cobwebs, bats, and a splash of glitter – all within just a matter of minutes. A quick top coat, and you’re good to go!

27. Vampire Blood

blood nails design

Be your own nail artist this Halloween! Chic-yet-gory and looking like they cost a frightful amount – these Halloween nails have that fresh-from-the-salon look that can be created from home. Here’s how: Either purchase red matt nails or red matt nail polish – (witch)ever you prefer. Next – apply. Finally, saturate a lighter red nail varnish brush with … well … varnish and apply at an angle, leaving a blood-like blob behind!

28. Nail Designs For Halloween: Minimal

pumpkin nail ideas
Image: @karasnailsomagh

Ring in the spooky season with one of the most unique looks on the list. Really? Yes, really! How often do we see brown nails accompanied expertly by an oh-so delicately (almost tantalizingly) detailed accent nail? Perched on your nail is a cute and extremely pretty orange pumpkin with a lil’ bit of sparkle and glam that brings this minimalist nail art masterpiece to life!

29. Halloween Themed Nails

halloween themed nails
Image: @elle_orlyboutique

Va-va-voom, is it getting hot in here, or did someone just turn up the nail art heat! These Halloween nails don’t hide the fact that the 31st of October can be sexy – they relish in it! A flurry of bats flies among cobwebs, and candy corn brings the fun factor, while black nail polish is speckled with a dark brown polish for an almost metallic, moon’s surface-like effect.

30. Cute Ghosts And Pumpkins

halloween designs for short nails
Image: @karin.nailedit

If you’re looking for some seriously cute Halloween nail designs for short nails, then look no further! It may be spooky season, but it’s still Fall! So you can pay homage to Halloween without having to sacrifice on the more cutesy, oh-so-adorable vibes that Pumpkin spice season bestows upon us. A gorgeous lilac nail polish is used as a canvas for smiling pumpkins, fun dots, and a few friendly-looking ghosts – simply to die for!

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