30+ Cute Christmas Nails To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

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Pumpkin spiced lattes, Christmas jumpers, eggnog, mistletoe, Christmas decorations, and of course Christmas presents are some of the most exciting things we look forward to on our favourite holiday of the year. But of course, no celebrations are complete without some cute Christmas nails to complement our festive outfits!

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the hottest trending Christmas nails and have showcased our favourites below so all you need to do is save these images as inspiration for your next manicure or channel your inner nail artist and have a go at recreating some Christmas nail designs and Christmas nails art from home.

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christmas nail designs

As far as Christmas nail colors are concerned, you’ll see lots of reds, whites and neutral shades, greens, gold and silver sparkles, and some ice blue tones.

For anyone that prefers minimal and simple Christmas nail designs, we’ve also included the latest Hailey Bieber nails trend aka the ‘glazed donut nails’ which are perfect for Christmas or Winter generally (and not to mention, super chic too!).

So grab yourself a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy browsing our seriously cute Christmas nails, ready for your next trip to the salon.


1. Gingerbread Christmas Nails

cute christmas nails
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Getting the cute Christmas nails show off with a bang are our classic red festive nails. There’s a touch of the timeless in this nail design thanks to an adorable Ginger Bread Man who seems to have dropped his Candy cane. Snow falls around them to the tune of little white varnish dots (delightfully easy effect to achieve!), and the very festive picture is completed by glitter reds.

2. Silver Christmas Nails

beautiful christmas nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

Meet the frosted glitter tips fit for an ice queen. These nails are the gift that doesn’t stop giving. They’ll see you through Christmas parties, all wrapped up with a Christmas tree accent nail bow on top!

3. Diamond Nails

christmas design nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

What’s that? All you want for Christmas are cute nails? Your wish is our command. We gift to you holiday nails that are 100% cute, from manicured cuticles to perfectly executed French tips! Dot a few diamonds along the way, and voilà – it’s Christmaaaaas!

4. Baul Bauls

christmas themed nails
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Don’t just leave the Christmas cheer and decorations to your Christmas tree this year! Instead, claim some baubles for your nails and carry the Christmas spirit with you wherever you go! These Christmas tree nails are DIY manageable – but be sure to enlist the help of a toothpick for those trickier spots!

5. Red and White Christmas Nails

designs for christmas nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

Kick off Christmas with a French manicure with a festive twist. Red tips are back in style this year, and when overlayed with a delicate snowflake – they’re Christmas nail trend royalty. Give them a go using a toothpick or sewing needle to recreate the ultra-fine xmas nail art lines.

6. Winter Wonderland Nails

nail designs christmas pictures
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Kick off Christmas with a French manicure with a festive twist. Red tips are back in style this year, and when overlayed with a delicate snowflake – they’re Christmas nail trend royalty. Give them a go using a toothpick or sewing needle to recreate the ultra-fine nail art lines.

7. Gold Glitter Christmas Nails

nails christmas
Image: @nails.miastudio

Sometimes, all that glitters IS gold. We can picture these noel nails looking pretty comfortable around the stem of a champagne glass. Glitter speaks of luxury, while white lines form an almost tartan-like effect that’s as sleek as it is charming.

8. Hailey Bieber Nails With A Twist

nails for christmas
Image: @nails.miastudio

Admit it – we all like to gorge a bit at Christmas – even your nails. So, treat them to that indulgent and oh-so deliciously trendy chocolate glazed donut edge that’s very much á la Hailey Bieber.

9. Glitter Tip Nails

Christmas design nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

Not absolutely obsessed with Christmas, but enjoy a good seasonal theme? Meet your new favorite go-to Christmas themed nails (without screaming out xmas)! Honestly, glitter nails have never looked so good. Who knew that a little sprinkle of gold glitter could warm a classic look right up to Christmas-ready levels!

10. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

xmas nail art
Image: @manderz_nailart

If you’re practically chewing your nails in excitement for Christmas – stop. We’ve got just the thing that’ll satisfy your Christmas craving while looking too good to even nibble! These cute Christmas nails are a festive Christmas wonder. Whatever genius came up with, the snow-effect textured polish used in the image above, should be at the very top of Santa’s nice list!

11. Pretty In Pink Christmas Nails

christmas designs for fingernails
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Simple Christmas Nails have never looked so exquisite! A  tiny glitter heart makes an otherwise subtle mani feel special. The light and blush pink tones evoke a personal and adorable aura that’ll add a little warmth to your Winter season.

12. Christmas Holly Nails

christmas designs nails
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Why deck the halls when you could deck your nails this Christmas! For anyone looking for red and green Christmas nail designs how about showing your manicurist this gorgeous design? Tiny little sprigs of holly resting on a base of light pink varnish while white specks are – well – speckled all around.

13. Elegant Christmas Nails

christmas nail art designs
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Have cute nails for Christmas on your wish list? Well, Christmas has come early this year! These cute festive nails looks as good as they feel. Every time you catch a glimpse of glitter and snow whites out of the corner of your eye, you’ll be reminded just how good it feels to show these babies off!

14. Festive Acrylic Nails

christmas nail images
Image: @manderz_nailart

Christmas is busy, okay! Sometimes we don’t have time to perfectly craft our nail art, much less let it dry! We hear that busy vibe loud and clear, and we respond with these gorgeous Christmas acrylic nails that are ideal for the fast-paced holidays.

15. Pearl Nails

christmas nails art
Image: @nails.miastudio

Each nail is like a window looking out onto a particularly blustery day. Snowflakes move in a flurry, evoking a swirl pattern (that just so happens to be right on trend, luckily for us!). Essentially, these nails are an art design. We’d say their pearly sheen belongs in an art museum, but we think they look better on your hands!

16. Christmas Stiletto Nails

christmas nails art design
Image: @manderz_nailart

There’s always the chance that full-on designs for Christmas nails will look a little – well – tacky. Somehow, these nails have masterfully avoided that fate through gorgeous festive art designs on top of a slate grey base with a shimmering pinkie nail for flair – who knew it was that easy?!

17. Holly Nails

christmas nails art designs
Image: @nails.miastudio

Of all the festive nail designs, we think this one could be our favorite. A glossy natural base finished off with red tips gets us off to a fabulously festive start, but the holy-clad nails? Just wow! The perfect nails for Christmas.

18. Candy Cane Nails

christmas nails design
Image: @manderz_nailart

This is one funky Christmas nail design! Completely one-of-a-kind and totally stand-out, there’s nothing about these oh-so-sweet candy cane Christmas nails that’s ordinary. The best part? They’re easier to achieve than they look! Start off with a white base and place a diamond center of the nail. Work out from the diamond with gentle slicks of glitter red nail varnish.

19. Classy Christmas Nails

christmas nails designs
Image: @nails.miastudio

While some nails scream, these cute Christmas nails whisper. We can’t get enough of the natural look; I mean, you can even peep a slight glimpse of nail tip under the glossy top coat – simply divine.

20. Red and Gold Nail Designs

nail christmas art designs
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

When it comes to deceptively simple yet packs a satisfying “I spent hours on these!” punch, this Christmas nail design offers a masterclass. Nail art ideas have never been so beginner-friendly! If you’re taking on the role of your own personal nail artist this Winter, this is the DIY manicure to start with.

21. Christmas Nail Art – Frosty Winter

nail xmas art
Image: @nails.miastudio

Hold on, we need to catch our breath! This Christmas nails idea took it away. A flurry of grey, white, and silver enhance this ultra-chic look. It’s snowflakes galore as, one by one, the delicate beauties occupy your nails to a shimmery backdrop. This is one festive nail style you might want to take to your nail technician to avoid biting your nails with smudged varnish stress!

22. Sparkly Christmas Nails

nails designs for christmas
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

These nails are New York on a Winter’s day. Light greys that lean into metallic form a blustery, crisp backdrop. Meanwhile, a biting frost is forming from tips and cuticles with even one nail fully frosted over. Claim these winter-ready nails for yourself with a glossy light grey varnish and a clear glitter varnish – the rest is just a matter of a few careful strokes – enjoy!

23. Reindeer Nail Design

nails xmas designs
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Can we get an “awwwww?” Santa’s sleigh isn’t the only thing Rudolf the red-nose reindeer can pull; he’s also pulling this adorable Christmas nail design together! Helping him out is a little glitter heart that adds a personal touch to an already charming look. You’ll need just a little extra patience and focus, but this nail design is very doable – even for the rookiest among rookies. We believe in you!

24. Red Christmas Nails

xmas nail designs
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

These are the definition of beautiful Christmas nails. If you could paint a Christmas party onto your nails – this is what it would look like. Shades of celebration and good tidings just leap off every nail, from the breath-taking confetti-effect middle nail to the masterpiece thumb and all the sumptuous, rich reds in-between.

25. Sparkles On Christmas

christmas design for nails
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Dress up your nails in their Christmas finest with this timelessly chic look. It’s full-on glitter with this stunning Christmas nail design. A twist comes in the shape of a festive Christmas accent nail which you may think ruins your simply DIY Christmas nail plans. But think again. Toothpicks to the rescue! Dip them in the varnish and enjoy having a pointy, ultra-precise pen to draw the snowflake on with!

26. Embellished Nails

christmas designs for nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

Make an understated statement with these decorative Christmas nails. A mixture of studs and diamonds creates that light-hearted yet fun Christmas tree effect embedded in a glossy base for a gorgeous festive manicure.

27. Santa Baby

christmas manicure designs
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

Santa Claus is coming to … the tips of your nails?! That’s right. And he’s left his har behind! So keep your nails warm this winter season with little Santa hats. It’s a Cute Christmas look that brings enough warmth to thaw even the frostiest of hearts!

28. Dreaming Of A White Christmas

christmas nail decoration
Image: @manderz_nailart

When it comes to elegant Christmas nail art designs – they don’t get much more exquisite than this! These statuesque nails are frost-like in their coolness.

29. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer Nails

christmas nail design
Image: @manderz_nailart

Looking for a full-on-festive nail art design to put your creative abilities to the test? Look no further! Treats your nails like the canvas they are, and get to work with your greens, glitters, reds, and black!

30. All Glammed Up For Christmas

christmas nail design images
Image: @vikis.shellac.vibes

What better way to kick off the festive season than with a Christmas nail manicure? Want everyone to know that you’re on top of the Christmas nail game with as little effort as possible – here’s the absolutely fabulously simple mani you’ve been looking for!

31. Cute Christmas Nails – Reindeer

christmas nail pictures, charlie brown christmas nails
Image: @nails.miastudio

It’s love at first sight with this Christmas nail design idea! How can you not melt while looking into the cartoon reindeer’s eyes? Oh, and the fact the nail art is split between two nails? Dead cool. With all of its zig-zags, dots, snowflakes, what appears to be a pizza slice, and a smiling reindeer – this Christmas nail design is a feast for the eyes! That said, it’s not an easy manicure to master, but with the Christmas spirit and your creative abilities – anything is possible!

So there you have it, 30+ seriously cute Christmas nails for your next manicure to really get you into that festive spirit! Happy holidays!

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