67 Dreamy Spring Nails (Spring Nail Designs and Nail Art) You Need To Try In 2023

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Spring is finally here after what felt like a very very long winter. So out with all the cosy winter knits and in with the cute spring fashion trends and most importantly, some fresh spring nails!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a fresh set of nails that will level up all of your spring outfits and overall spring looks and have you feeling super cute. We know how hard it is to decide on spring nail designs you love which is why we’ve put together our round up of 67 nail ideas for spring to make the search for the perfect spring nails so much easier!

Even if you’re a fan of DIY nails (we personally find it so therapeutic!) or actually prefer that super relaxing pamper session at your nail salon (and catch up with your nail technician and bestie) then you’ll also love the spring nail art ideas and nail wraps we’ve included in our round up.

A lot of the spring nail ideas we’ve featured are shoppable so once you’ve found your favourites, just click on the link below the image to purchase your nail art for spring directly.

We’ve made sure to include a variety of nail ideas for spring in our round up to cater for anyone that prefers cute simple nails to classy spring nails, fun spring nails, and easy spring nails (that you can try at home or show to your nail technician).  Enjoy your new nail candy!


67 Dreamy Spring Nails (Spring Nail Designs and Nail Art) You Need To Rock In 2023

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Nail Inspo

Struggling to choose the right shade of spring nail colors for your upcoming manicure in 2023? Take a look at these gorgeous nail colors and spring nail designs by some super talented and extremely popular nail artists! Just present your top pick to your nail technician and let them work their magic and create some seriously gorgeous nail candy for you to rock this Spring!

1. Purple Nails and French Tips

2. Pastel Nails & Daisies

3. Aqua Nude Swirls

4. Rose Quartz Nails

5. Reverse French Nails – Yellow

6. Hot Pink Nails & Tips

7. Nude Nails With Glitter

8. The Perfect Nude Pink Nails

9. Natural Pink Nails

10. Daisy Nails

11. Spring Tease

12. French Nails With Glitter

13. Spring Nails in Full Bloom

14. Yellow Tips Nails

15. Khaki Nails

16. Cute Spring Nails

17. White Flowers

18. Blue French Tip Nails & Daisies

19. Pastel French Tips

20. Heart Nails

21. Pastel Nails

Press On Nails

Press on nails are a great staple to keep on hand and stock up on for emergencies when you make last minute plans or cant get an appointment at your nail salon in time. Or perhaps you just want to save yourself some time and money and get something more cost effective that’ll last you longer.

Gone are the days where press on nails just came in a handful of boring colors. You can now get all the latest trending nail designs as stick on nails with just a click of a button.

We’ve reached out to some of the most popular and incredibly talented nail artists and designers on Etsy whose press on nails sell out crazy fast! Their work is so meticulous and all hand painted too which truly shows their dedication to keeping up with the latest nail trends and delivering only the most desirable nail designs right to your doorstep.

Once you’ve found your favourite press on nails from these wonderful Etsy sellers, just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button which will take you straight to their shop so you can checkout and enjoy your new nail candy!

22. Daisy Chains

23. Sage Green and Floral Nails

24. Cute Nails – Pink and White Flowers

25. Red, Yellow and Daisies

26. Pastel Blue Nails

Spring nails colours
Image: Wonderlies

27. Sage Leaves

28. French Coffin Nails

Spring Nails Designs
Image: NailBella

29. Ombre Dream

Spring inspired nails
Image: NailBella

30. Diva Glam

Spring time nails
Image: NailBella

31. Pink Ombre Nails with Glitter Tips

32. Purple Marble Nails

33. Hot Pink Nails

Spring colors for nails
Image: NailAandE

34. Marble Nails Design With Glitter

spring nail designs 2022
Image: NailAandE

35. Cute Pink and Blue Nails

36. Spring Almond Nails

37. Daisy Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do

38. Spring Garden & Gold Glitz

39. Spring Abstract Tips

40. Classy Spring Nails

41. Nude & 3D Flowers

42. Coral and Butterflies

43. Matte Coral Pink and Marble

44. Butterfly Fade

45. Watercolour Spring Nails

46. Lilac Beauty

47. Skittle Nails

48. Matte Sage and Leaves

49. Pastel Marble

50. Blush Nails

51. Floral & Coral

Nail Wraps

Nail wraps (also known as nail polish strips) are another very handy staple to keep in your vanity and are SO easy to use. These are simply just pre-painted adhesive strips that instantly stick onto your natural nails to give that salon professional result.

All you need to do is file your nails, push back your cuticles (top tip: soak your hands in warm water first to soften your cuticles), apply a base coat (optional) and stick on your nail wraps. Smooth out any air bubbles or bumps and then cut off the ends. File down any excess nail wrap and then pick away any hanging residue. Finish with a top coat to seal. It’s that easy!

52. Pink Marble and Gold Glitz

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

53. Pretty in Pink

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

54. Floral Nail Wrap

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

55. Abstract Nails

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

56. Pink Modern Abstract Nail Wraps

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

57. Flower Power

Use ‘HAULOFFAME20’ for 20% off

58. Cherry Blossom Nails

59. Dreamy Blue Nails

Nail Art

Whether you’ve already treated yourself to a salon manicure, or just put on a fresh coat at home, nail art is a great way to add that final touch to your nail design and really spice it up a notch. For spring nails, we’ve gathered some of our favourite floral nail art to create classy and elegant spring nail designs that you’ll be getting endless compliments for!

60. Flower Nail Art Designs

61. Flower Nail Stickers

62. Flower Nail Stickers – Pastel

63. Flower Nail Decals

64. Floral Nail Decals

65. Blooming Gorgeous

66. Pink Roses

67. Gold French Tip

So there you have it, the ultimate round up of 67 spring nails for inspo, purchase and DIY! We hope you’ve loved these spring nail designs as much as we’ve enjoyed curating them for you!

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