Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review: The ‘It Girl’ Bag On Every Girl’s Radar

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Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review

Looking to treat yourself to the most iconic tote bag of the year? We’re spilling the tea on the must-have, statement bag of the moment in this Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review.

The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag is sensational. It has become THE tote bag rather than just a tote bag. Launching in 2019, 100,000 Marc Jacobs Tote Bag’s were sold in the first year and it has been a firm favorite in the fashion world and among “it girls” ever since. Early on in its debut, this highly coveted bag enjoyed popularity that quickly turned into virality. Ever since, it’s been a staple on social media feeds, editorials, sidewalks, runways and pretty much everywhere.

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review

It’s official: Marc Jacobs is back and better than ever. The Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag is like a stylish dopamine hit that makes you feel good on first sight, second sight, and every sight you get of it since you placed it on the mantelpiece. It’s not just a wardrobe staple or beloved handbag; it’s an icon, and quite literally ‘THE Tote Bag’ of the season. 

Marc jacobs totes bags
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After you’ve ogled it for an hour or two, the first thing you’ll notice while finally setting your hands on the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag is its invitingly soft feeling – almost like a towel but a good bit less coarse. I have to say, while this material looks and feels fantastic, you can’t help but think “very stainable” as you inspect the canvas surface. However, it’s this same material that gives the tote bag its delightfully lightweight feel that simply seems to float in your hand, on your shoulder, or across your body.

bag marc jacobs

But through this feather-light feel, you’ll get hints of durability that suggest this bag can handle a lot of weight and wear and tear before ever being allocated to the “old bag” corner of your wardrobe. Additionally, there is a flap with a zipper inside, where you can stash things like your wallet or cards, alongside a lovely section on the side to hold your bottle. In short, it’s a great, chic, catch-all bag for the material girl on the go. 

marc jacob tote bags
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This is the “IT bag” for the “IT girl.” Whatever she wants, she gets, and she does it without having to be overly flashy because she’s got things to do! Confident style simply exudes from this in equal parts stylish and functional bag that’s really stealing the moment. That said, the best part is that we just know this gorgeous bags moment isn’t likely to end any time soon – Marc Jacobs is famous for their timeless staying power, after all. What are you waiting for? This is YOUR bag!

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Sizes

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Sizes
Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Size Comparison

Marc Jacob Tote Bags come in four main sizes. The Micro Tote, The Mini Tote, the Medium Tote (formerly the Marc Jacobs Small) and the Large Tote. To find out more about Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Sizes, check out their size guide. For the purposes of our Marc Jacobs Tote Review, we’ll be focusing on the Medium Tote Bag.

  • Marc Jacobs Micro Tote Bag Dimensions:
    H: 15cm x W: 18cm x D: 10cm. Handle Drop: 9cm. Strap Drop: 48cm
  • Marc Jacobs Mini Tote Bag Dimensions:
    H: 21cm x W: 26cm x D: 13cm. Handle Drop: 11cm. Strap Drop: 69cm.
  • Marc Jacobs Medium Tote Bag Dimensions:
    H: 27cm x W: 34cm x D: 15cm. Handle Drop: 12cm. Strap Drop: 69cm.
  • Marc Jacobs Large Tote Bag Dimensions:
    H: 34cm x W: 42cm x D: 16cm. Handle drop: 24cm.

Is the Marc Jacob Tote Bag Ever on Sale?

We’ll cut to the chase – yes – some Marc Jacob’s Tote Bags go on sale but not all. The likelihood of their tote bags going on sale is largely style-dependent. In other words, some colors and materials are on sale more often than others. Unfortunately, their classic styles are far less likely to enjoy reduced prices, so if you’re looking to nab the iconic Marc Jacob’s tote bag at a fraction of the price, your best bet is to wait for discount code weekend or a new customer discount voucher.

Is The Marc Jacobs Tote Crossbody?

It sure is! The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag can be worn crossbody (though it’s not the most popular choice.) Much more standard wearing options are shoulder or handheld, but you’re completely free to have it your way – it looks fabulous no matter what!

are marc jacobs bags worth it

When did the Marc Jacobs tote bag come out?

Marc Jacobs graced us with their tote bag in 2019. The tote bag, having been designed as a resurrection of the long-gone Marc by Marc Jacobs, was an instant hit. Nostalgia met contemporary trendiness alongside a timeless minimalistic appeal that was underpinned by functionality – all with a little pretty bow on top that came in the shape of a clear Marc Jacobs logo – they were clearly proud of their creation – as they should be!

What material is Marc Jacobs’s tote bag?

The classic March Jacobs Tote Bag is made of canvas. Canvas is a plain-woven fabric made out of cotton and, to a lesser extent, linen. In Marc Jacob’s case, they use 100% cotton for that ultra-soft and almost silky-smooth feel/look. 

Marc Jacobs totes are also available in leather and toweling versions of the much-loved bag, albeit they’re a little less popular than their canvas counterpart, but no less stylish and well-made. 

Can a laptop fit in a Marc Jacobs tote bag?

Yes! You will be able to carry your laptop in style with your Marc Jacobs Tote Bag. With dimensions that look a little like – W 34cm x H 27cm x D 15cm – there’s more than enough space for your laptop with a little wiggle room to spare, making it the perfect commuter bag. Once your laptop is in, things don’t get crammed – you’ll have plenty of space for your other possessions.

Check out how this stylish instagrammer packs her Marc Jacobs tote for university.

Is Marc Jacobs considered a luxury brand?

When compared to Gucci or Prada, Marc Jacobs certainly falls short of the “luxury brand” mark. That said, Marc Jacobs and high street are two terms no one would put together. Marc Jacobs occupies a unique space in the fashion industry – not too unreachable but not too accessible – it’s just right. Its nearest contemporaries would be the likes of Coach and Kate Spade.

While Mr. Jacobs continues to design luxury ready-to-wear and be recognized by the CFDA, the name simply no longer gives off a luxury vibe, and consumers are completely fine with that. They offer that high-end edge at an affordable price, with unlimited units and, of course, the added perk of hosting many sales every year.

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Winona Ryder are just a few of the A-listers who are fiercely loyal to the designer – and that’s luxury nonetheless.

Can you wash a Marc Jacobs tote bag?

Yes! You can wash all Marc Jacob’s bags, regardless of style and material, and the Marc Jacobs bag is no exception. In fact, you’ll even find many TikTok videos that’ll guide you through the process of refreshing your Marc Jacob bag.

What you’ll need: 

To wash a canvas Marc Jacob’s tote bag, a small bristle brush and either some gentle detergent or fairy liquid are all you need. 

Mixing the cleanser of your choice with water to make a soapy solution. Dip the bristles of the brush into the solution before gently applying them to the surface of the bag and lightly working in circular motions to lift out unwanted dirt or dark marks.

For lighter cleaning, the Marc Jacobs bag can be simply wiped clean of all dirt and pesky marks. The trick is to take a clean, soft cloth, lightly wet it with water until damp, and wipe the bag clean. The leather version can be cleaned with a little leather cream to lift off any stains. 

Warning: No matter what you do or how devastating the stain is, DO NOT allow your Marc Jacobs bag to see the inside of a washing machine or any cleaning machine, for that matter.

Struggling to figure out a Marc Jacobs Tote Bag outfit. Dressy or casual?

The beauty about the Marc Jacobs Tote is that it can really be styled with anything! Whether you pair it with your favorite loungewear set with sneakers or some cheap uggs, a little black dress with heels or our go-to daily outfit of choice – a t-shirt, mom jeans and chunky ankle boots which we personally think would look best with the iconic Marc Jacobs Tote Bag. But whatever outfit you opt for, the statement bag is guaranteed to add the wow factor to your overall look.

Some people prefer to pair jeans with sneakers (which is a classic look) but once you’ve figured out exactly how to wear ankle boots with jeans, you’ll never look back (it’s just such a great shout with our unpredictable weather too, not to mention it looks très chic)!

Are Marc Jacobs Bags Worth It? The Verdict

Now to answer the question running through everyone’s mind, ‘are Marc Jacobs bags worth it?’, we certainly think so!! The tote bag in particular is incredibly versatile and durable and an essential staple when packing a day trip bag or weekend bag, be it for college, university, a carry on, or even as a trendy mom/baby bag and the convenience of the crossbody strap allows you to go hands free wherever you go with the Marc Jacobs easy tote and super statement bag.

marc jacobs tote bag review - marc jacobs small

Marc Jacobs tote bags come in various sizes, colors and materials to fit the lifestyle, purpose and style of every consumer. The Medium Tote bag is a great catch all bag that fits an impressive amount of belongings with a convenient zip insert to store valuables like your wallet/cardholder/keys.

Cons: The only downfall that we could think of and also after analysing other consumer reviews of Marc Jacobs totes, is the fact that the bag only has one main compartment without any additional compartments to organise different bits and bobs. This would be frustrating for the organization queens among you and also for anyone that plans to use this as an everyday bag as you may find yourself rummaging through the bag everyday to find your keys.

Our solution: Fear not, we’ve seen people resolve this minor setback by purchasing inserts for Marc Jacobs totes bags and that seems to have done the trick.

jacobs tote - marc jacobs tote bag review

Did you find our Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review helpful? Or are you a proud owner of this lush tote bag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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