Top 5 Best Fans for Summer Heat

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There’s nothing more irritating than when temperatures rise and you’re struggling to sleep because of the heat. You then dig out your fan from storage and find that it’s either blowing out warm air, is too bulky, too low, too noisy or just not powerful enough to keep you comfortable at night.

With Summer around the corner, it’s time to invest in the good stuff. Whether you’re replacing your existing fan or fancy buying an extra fan for your bedroom or living room, we’ve done all the research to find and bring you the top 5 best fans for Summer 2020. This line up suits all budgets and spaces so you can rest assured that it’ll be a good while before you find yourself on the market for a new one.

So don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered ;).

top tips when choosing a fan:
  • For large spaces like a living area opt for an oscillating tower fan or a powerful floor fan.
  • For your bedroom opt for a desk fan or tall tower fan.
  • Consider bladeless fans for households with children.
  • For bedroom fans consider the convenience features on a fan like a remote control, timer and oscillation so you don’t need to leave your bed at night to control the fan.
Meaco 1056 Fan

1. MeacoFan 1056 Personal Air Circulator

This multi award winning fan has been featured in pretty much every ‘top fan’ article out there and is backed with raving customer reviews. The most common reviews mention the extraordinary power that comes from a fan of this size as well as the fact that the MeacoFan is surprisingly quiet compared to other fans, making it the ideal fan for your bedroom too!

Granted, it may not be the best looking fan on the market, but with 12 speeds to choose from, a timer, remote control, vertical and horizontal oscillation, all whilst being extremely powerful yet incredibly quiet, the MeacoFan is easily a strong contender for the best fan around!

Available at

Dimplex Tower Fan

2. Dimplex Mont Blanc Tower Fan

This ultra chic and super stylish tower fan can be stored comfortably in any corner of a room but especially so in smaller spaces too with its slim, sleek design!

With 3 speed settings which can be controlled via the remote control provided, the Dimplex has an oscillating function and includes an 8 hour timer setting to keep you cool throughout those warm, muggy Summer nights.

We’re a big fan of this one!

Available at

Honeywell Turbo Fan - Best Fans

3. Honeywell Turbo Fan

If you’re on a budget but are of course still after a top notch fan, look no further than the Honeywell Turbo Fan.

This fan boasts power whilst remaining quiet and is therefore ideal for bedroom cooling without disrupting your sleep.

The fan is an ideal size for floor or desk positioning but can also be wall mounted to free up floor space.

The Honeywell Turbo Fan also comes with 3 speed settings and a tilt function (rather than oscillation) which can be pivoted up to 90 degrees to direct cooling to your preferred area.

Available at Amazon

4. Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

Another super popular tower fan and an Amazon best seller, which is quite a bit shorter than the Dimplex Mont Blanc Tower Fan (H: 74 cm vs Dimplex at 122 cm). It may therefore be better suited for use in a living room where it can be level with the sofa rather than bedroom where you may not benefit fully from the cooling if your bed is quite high.

Other than the size difference, the Bionaire Tower Fan is pretty much on par with the Dimplex Mont Blanc Tower Fan, with 3 speed settings, LED digital display, timer, remote control, wide oscillation, and even a natural cooling function with wind like breezes for overnight cooling.

It all comes down to personal preference but we had to include it as it is another highly regarded fan!

Available at

Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07 - Best Fans

5. Dyson Cool Tower Fan (AM07)

This brand needs no introduction and it goes without saying that owning a Dyson product is an investment with plenty of return as you’re pretty much guaranteed the creme de la creme.

If you’re after something that looks slick but is also an exceptional and multi functioning product, the Dyson Cool Tower Fan really is our top pick and is the most energy efficient Dyson fan around with an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

Its unique bladeless design makes it super easy to clean and extremely safe too, therefore perfect for households with children!

Includes a timer of up to 9 hours, remote control with 10 airflow settings and oscillation. It has also been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, so this fan definitely isn’t going to be causing any disruption to your beauty sleep!

It also comes with a 35 day money back guarantee because Dyson are that sure that you’ll never look back!

Available at Amazon

some other notable mentions..

Dyson has very much earned itself a reputation for being a leader in household technology and innovation and their variety of fans are always selling out fast so if you can’t get your hands on the Dyson Cool Tower Fan, we’ve listed some extremely popular alternatives that’ll serve you just as well.

Dyson Cool Desk Fan AM06 - Best Fans

Dyson Cool Desk Fan (AM06)

Another favourite among consumers is the Dyson Cool Desk Fan which is great for cooling smaller spaces such as bedrooms and is extremely powerful.

It is also one of the more affordable Dyson fans too, so if you’re after a high end, energy efficient, powerful yet quiet fan that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this would be the ideal investment.

Available at

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan - Best Fans

Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater (AM09)

We’re a major advocate for multi-functional products, which is why we believe that if you’re going to be spending a LOT of money on something, make sure you get as much out of that product as possible and that its the best of its kind!

Perfect for all year around, the AM09 will provide the perfect amount of heat to warm you up in the mornings with its built in intelligent thermostat as well as keep you cool on those hot Summer days!

Available at

We’d love to know if you’ve used any of our top pick fans. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!


    1. We personally love the Dyson fans and keep the desk fan in our daughter’s room and the tower fan in our room/downstairs. It’s expensive but worth every penny!

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