Burnt Orange Nail Designs: 36 Cozy Creations to Warm Up Your Fall Style in 2023

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With autumn well under way and Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to transition your nail designs away from the vibrant hues of summer and into the warm and cozy tones that define the gorgeous season of fall. 

One color that perfectly captures the essence of autumn is, of course, burnt orange. It’s rich, warm, and is the perfect shade to wear on your nails for a family trip to your local pumpkin patch, Halloween costume party, or Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re looking to update your nail game this season without spending hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest or Etsy for inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Check out our editor’s round up of 36 stunning burnt orange nail designs to recreate at home or with your favorite nail artist.

1. Orange Fall Nails Rainbow

burnt orange nail designs simple

Source: @need_more_fingers

A super easy design to recreate at home is this orange and pink toned “rainbow” of colors. Simply pick up a few similar shades and paint each nail a different color for a unique look.

2. Classic Tortoiseshell

burnt orange nail designs acrylic

Source: @nails.miastudio

No autumn nail roundup would be complete without a classic tortoiseshell look. Combining black, brown and burnt orange with a glossy top coat to blend the colors together, it’s one of our favorite classy manis out there!

3. Autumn Leaves

burnt orange nail designs 2022

Can’t decide between a french mani, nail art, or solid color? Why not blend all of them together with this gorgeous – and still classy – burnt orange almond nails with accent nail design! Just use a super thin brush to draw the leaves over a nude base coat and rub chrome powder onto the design for extra shine.

4. Glitter Sunset

Make a statement at your next holiday party with these burnt orange nails with glitter ombré! We love the contrast of burnt orange with a deep red – the perfect way to symbolize autumn giving way to the Christmas season, don’t you think?

5. Dapper Decals

hot pink and orange nails

Source: @bara.hoyle

Another simple autumn nails design to recreate at home, this design makes use of handy nail decals to create a beautiful accent nail. Shop your favorite decal styles online to create versatile designs without the effort!

6. Show Stopping Shorties

light orange nail designs

Source: @matejanova

A beautiful nail color can be all you need. For quick and easy burnt orange nail designs, short nails make the perfect canvas – just make sure your cuticles are in top shape first, and you’ll rock these short burnt orange nails!

7. Flower Power

orange colour nail polish

Source: @savannahmarielaurent

For fans of long nails, a coffin shape is the ultimate statement mani. Whether on natural or acrylic nails, these burnt orange coffin nails with flowers made using a dotting tool are the perfect blend of classy and cute.

8. Metallic Glam

orange color nails

Source: @need_more_fingers

Reminiscent of a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold day, these subtle, metallic glitter orange and brown nails are a style that will complement any skin tone.

9. Geometric Spice

orange nail polish ideas

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

Did we mention it’s pumpkin spice latte season? Bring a reminder with you everywhere you go with these burnt orange nails with minimalist nail art, super easy to recreate at home using just a thin brush.

10. Simple Orange Polish

nail designs orange

Source: @byleah.x

Once again, simplicity rules. These short, one-color nails are perfect for those wanting a pretty mani without the fuss. Choose a glossy top coat and let your nails shine!

11. Tortoiseshell Micro French Tip

orange nails with designs

Source: @bara.hoyle

Not sure you want to commit to the full tortie look? These micro french tips are the perfect alternative for those who prefer to rock short nails.

12. Autumn Sunshine

These sparkly burnt orange nails are a holiday party dream. Choose a polish with chunky glitter pieces for that light-reflecting look, like the sun shining through autumn leaves.

13. Bright Sunflowers

Van Gogh fan? This easy burnt orange nail art makes sunflowers the star of the show, with a deep orangey-red base that lets the yellow petals truly shine.

14. Girly Glitter

These burnt orange ombre nails with pink tips and glitter are a girly girl’s dream mani, perfect on long or short nails. We can’t get enough of the way the small glitter particles in the polish reflect the light like a bonfire.

15. Tortoiseshell Almond Nails

orange nail polish designs

Source: @witchfacenails

Calling all acrylic fans – these need to be your next design! With an almost jelly nail look to them, these translucent tortie nails are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

16. Orange Skittles

nails orange

Source: @bara.hoyle

Got a sweet tooth? Candy corn, Skittles, M&Ms… This bright orange nail polish is the perfect candy color for autumn nails.

17. Wild And Fierce

burnt orange design

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

Feeling feline? These cute orange nails feature an almost red base with leopard spots on your accent nails for a bold statement. We love this design on short nails, but we also see it working on long coffin nails for that Instagram baddie style!

18. Glossy Fall Gradient

These brown, gold and orange nails (plus a cute white thumb!) are super easy to recreate at home. Choose a glittery gold for extra oomph, and don’t forget a glossy top coat.

19. Spooky Pumpkin

Just because Christmas is approaching doesn’t mean we should let go of Halloween just yet. Orange and black nail designs like this one are the perfect spooky style for witchy vibes.

20. Catching The Light

orange nails

Source: @nailsbyrosie

This glossy, light-reflecting burnt orange manicure is absolutely stunning on short square tips. Make sure your hands and nails are prepped and moisturized for a uniform, ultra shiny look from tip to cuticle.

21. Big Tipper

orange nail art - orange french tip manicure

Source: @jadenailedit

We’re calling it now: these are the perfect burnt orange french tips for a subtle fall look with just a touch of color. They’ll work best on long, almond-shape nails but could be adapted as a cute micro french for even more subtlety.

22. Burnt Orange Matte

red and orange nail designs

Is it just us, or are these matte burnt orange almond nails giving Kylie Jenner? Either way, matte top coats have never looked better than with a deep, warm shade of orange underneath.

23. Orange Opulence

burnt orange nail designs - orange nails with glitter with grey nail polish on ring finger and gold flakes

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

Show this gold, silver and orange nail design featuring gold leaf accents to your nail artist for the ultimate Friendsgiving party nails – classy, opulent, and modern.

24. Simply Squared

orange nail color

Source: @byleah.x

Looking for a simple autumn vibe? These square orange nails are your new best friends! We love the bright orange for a reminder of summer before winter starts in earnest.

25. Cozy Pumpkin Plaid

burnt orange nail designs - red with white nails and pumpkins and checkered design on small finger

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

This nail design with white polish and plaid blends the coziness of a warm plaid shirt with whimsical pumpkins – like Cinderella enjoying a warm cup of tea after the ball!

26. Molten Gold

burnt orange nail design with black and gold accents on middle and ring finger

Source: @nailsbyrosie

Of all the glittery nail designs we’ve listed, these french tip accent nails with gold glitter have to be the most luxurious looking of them all!

27. Sugar And Spice

orange and gold nails

Source: @nailsbyrosie

These stunning burnt orange glitter nails are an easy style to recreate at home, featuring two glitter accent nails for a pop of light everywhere you turn.

28. Glorious Gloss

burnt orange nail design

Source: @nailsbyrosie

We love a high-shine top coat around here – and this ultra glossy burnt orange nail polish truly hits the spot! The color is deep, rich, and simply glorious.

29. Hot Chocolates

burnt orange nail design with different shades of brown from dark to light

Source: @jadenailedit

When looking for burnt orange nail designs for dark skin, turn to almost-browns and the deepest shades of orange – think hot cocoa and cinnamon! The dark, warm shades will complement deep skin tones like nothing else.

30. Gingerbread Glitz

orange nail design with squared nails and gold glitter

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

Another of our favorite burnt orange nail designs with glitter, this style features two accent nails with different glitter placement for an eye-catching mani.

31. Nude Illusion

matte orange nails with a mix of french tips and full colour matte orange nails

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

We love these matte nude and orange nails with french tip accents for a simple yet elegant mani with a natural base color.

32. Rich Witch

burnt orange nail design with black nail polish and tortoiseshell with gold foils

Source: @thevibenaillounge_by_manderz

Halloween may be over, but these black and tortoiseshell nails are keeping the witchy vibes going with an added touch of class and opulence, thanks to the gold foil incorporated in the tortoiseshell design!

33. Maple Taffy

coffin shaped orange nails press on with maple leaf designs and matte orange

Looking for an easily removable long nail option for Thanksgiving? These gorgeous burnt orange press ons in a long coffin shape feature accent nails with maple leaf designs and glitter and will come right off once the party is over.

34. Illumi-naughty

burnt orange nails with gold triangle on ring finger

Source: @vikis.shellac.vibes

A simple manicure can be taken to new heights with the addition of nail gems. We love these pretty orange nails with gold gems arranged in a triangle shape on the ring fingernail for a subtle accent.

35. Santa Baby

burnt orange nails - dark maroon square shaped nails

Source: @byamynails

Get into the Christmas spirit with these ultra-glossy dark red holiday nails, perfect for an office Christmas party, caroling evening, or even just searching the internet for Christmas gift ideas – you might as well shop in style, right?

36. Celestial Stilettos

This burnt orange sparkly nail art on long stiletto nails is feminine and ethereal, bringing a touch of magic and mystery to your style.

Frequently Asked Questions: Burnt Orange Nail Designs

What Nail Color Goes With Burnt Orange?

When looking for a nail color to complement nail designs for orange nails, first look to neutrals such as cream, nude, or brown. Use your neutrals as a base to create stunning nail art designs, or for a simple yet classy accent nail. And for a statement nail, gold is the way to go! The shimmer will complement the warmth of your burnt orange nail color and create a stunning, eye-catching look for your hands.

What Do Orange Nails Symbolize?

Orange is the color of optimism, enthusiasm, and warmth. As a symbol of fall, it also represents change, movement and transformation. Choose a lighter shade paired with short round nails for a cute manicure that shows your more playful side, or a dark burnt orange nail polish on long almond nails for a more mysterious style.

What Is Complementary To Burnt Orange?

On the color wheel, the complementary color to burnt orange is a shade of blue. Specifically, a cool and deep blue, such as navy or teal, will complement the warm tones of your burnt orange manicure the best. Whether you incorporate blue in your clothing or as part of orange color nails designs, we guarantee it’ll stand out!

What Skin Tone Suits Burnt Orange?

The beauty of burnt orange is its versatility! Burnt orange complements a wide range of skin tones, from fair to deep, and enhances warm or golden undertones to give you a radiant glow. Olive skinned beauties will also benefit from the added warmth burnt orange can give your skin, giving you a summery glow even in the depth of autumn.

Is Burnt Orange Warm Or Cool?

As most shades of orange do, burnt orange leans towards the warmer side of the color spectrum. It’s rich, deep, and earthy, making it a perfect choice for cozy and comfortable clothes, as well as autumn nail designs.

Do Brunettes Look Good In Burnt Orange?

You bet they do! Warm toned brunettes (think autumn and spring in the color season wheel) can rock orange tones like no one else. The contrast between your dark hair and the deep tones of orange clothing, nails or makeup will give your skin and natural features a much needed warm glow during the colder months.

Can Pale People Wear Burnt Orange?

They absolutely can – but with some caveats. While orange can be a striking choice for those with paler skin tones, you also need to make sure it doesn’t overpower your natural coloring – especially if you lean more towards the cooler side! Try experimenting with different shades of orange to see which complements your features the most.

Is Burnt Orange Still In Style?

Okay, so we might be biased here – but the answer is a resounding yes! Burnt orange is a timeless color perfect for the autumn months. While bright orange nail designs might be more suited to spring and summer, darker, deeper shades of orange create the perfect warm hues to transition into winter. We simply love it!

What Is The Difference Between Orange And Burnt Orange?

While both fall under the orange spectrum, the key difference lies in the depth and richness of the color. Burnt orange is darker, deeper, and more subdued, bringing to mind the warmth of autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, and gingerbread cookies. It also has a more sophisticated vibe compared to vibrant, summery orange shades.

Does Burnt Orange Go With Silver Or Gold?

Once again, the versatility of burnt orange is one of its best qualities. Paired with gold, it creates a rich, opulent mood – perfect for holiday parties – while silver brings a touch of modernity to your nail designs.

Can You Wear Burnt Orange In Winter?

Absolutely! Burnt orange nails bring a touch of warmth and coziness to the winter season. Whether you opt for orange nails with intricate autumn-inspired designs or choose a classic burnt orange polish, this color effortlessly transitions from fall to winter, making it a stylish and seasonally appropriate choice for many months.

Burnt Orange Nail Designs Summary

And there you have it – 36 gorgeous fall burnt orange nail designs to take you from the sunny days of summer into the coziness of winter (as long as you’re staying indoors, that is!).

From long, glittery coffin nails and fierce black and orange nails all the way to simple matte orange nails and micro french short styles, these orange nail ideas will bring warmth and sophistication to your manicure throughout the colder months. 

Embrace the beauty of burnt orange – it’s a color that’s here to stay!

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