JUNOCO: The Clean Skincare Brand Behind The Viral JUNO CO Cleansing Balm (With A 50k Waitlist!)

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TikTok is the platform that is dominating the beauty industry. One viral video could make or break a brand. JUNOCO is one of the first independent beauty brands to go viral on TikTok – growing 300% year on year (thanks to the JUNO CO Cleansing Balm).

JUNO Co skincare is a female-founded brand that found its audience amongst Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok. They fell head over heels for JUNO CO’s sustainable and vegan skincare that ticked all the boxes.

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If you’re looking to jump on the ‘clean beauty’ bandwagon, this is the brand for you. JUNOCO is an affordable skincare brand with almost 170,000 followers on Instagram. JUNO and CO is located in San Francisco in the sunshine state of California and is just guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Their products are kind to your skin and to our fluffy four-legged friends as well. 

Junoco spongebob
Image: @thejunoco

Following JUNO CO’s immense success on TikTok, the brand is already making a name for itself. You can find the best-selling JUNO CO Cleansing Balm everywhere, from Anthropologie to Target and Urban Outfitters. The brand even collaborated with SpongeBob SquarePants and was hit with an impressive 65,000 customer waitlist! Skincare and cartoons – who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately, the collaboration was only for a limited time and so the Spongebob range is no longer available to purchase (so well done to those of you who managed to get your hands on it!).


What is JUNOCO?


JUNOCO describes itself as the “second wave” of the beauty industry – “inherently inclusive, minimalist, and sustainable”. It’s one of the latest brands to jump on the clean beauty philosophy that promotes a ‘less is more’ ethos that prioritises using a small number of active ingredients to achieve the best results. (Think The Ordinary!).

Education is at the heart of the JUNO & CO story. If you’ve clicked on this brand’s cleansing balm reviews, then the chances are you’re someone who likes to do their research before clicking ‘add to cart’ (which is exactly what we’re all about at Haul of Fame!). JUNOCO use their TikTok to highlight their brand story and educate their community with how-to tutorials and bitesize explainers.

One thing that makes JUNO CO different is that they only use 10 ingredients in every product. The JUNO CO community – known as #junobabes, have been the secret to the brand’s success. Their affordable price point and education focus mean that the brand is accessible to everyone, regardless of your budget or skincare knowledge.

Who Created JUNO CO?

Mira Torres, a beauty enthusiast and beauty editor founded JUNOCO with her business partner Kyle Jiang in 2017 with the sole purpose to create fresh skin from fresh skincare and products that are mindful to the planet.

Since launching, the brand has taken the social media world by storm and JUNOCO has been flying high ever since! You can read more about JUNOCO’s founder, Mira Torres here.

How Do You Use JUNO Skin?

Juno-and-Co-Cleansing-Balm-1 - Is Junoco a Korean brand?

JUNOSKIN is the brand’s affordable skincare range that is set to compete against brands like The Ordinary and CeraVe. None of their products feature more than 10 ingredients, allowing you to curate a routine that addresses your specific skin concerns.

You can mix and match any JUNOSKIN product to suit your needs – whether it’s dull skin or premature aging skin. We’ve included detailed descriptions of how to use JUNOSKIN’s 5 best-selling products below to help you figure out which of these hero products will vibe with your skin and how exactly it will do so!

JUNOCO’s JUNOSKIN range focuses on using formulas that use fewer ingredients with a laser focus on one or two active ingredients. The brand’s co-founder, Mira Torres spent a year working with labs in Korea and Japan to create ‘luxury-quality’ skincare at an accessible price point.

The JUNOSKIN range is designed for Gen Z and those who want nourishing skincare without breaking the bank (after all, not everyone is Hailey Bieber!).

Fermentation is a key part of JUNOCO’s product formulation. This process breaks ingredients down into smaller molecules to make it easier for your skin to absorb every last drop. Your product goes further, and your skin gets the best results from these vegan ingredients.

Is JUNO & CO Cruelty Free?

Yes! JUNO CO is proudly cruelty free – with none of our furry friends harmed in the process.

Transparency is one of the things that make JUNOCO so popular. While other brands hide behind greenwashing and clever marketing tricks, JUNOCO set out to empower their customers through education. They break down their ingredients list and use simple but effective ingredients.

JUNOCO embodies the ‘clean beauty’ movement as it uses a curated range of sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients. By focusing on only one or two active ingredients per product, it avoids skin irritation and breakouts. Not one of these ingredients or formulas are tested on animals.

Just like other ‘clean beauty’ brands, such as Drunk Elephant, JUNOCO have a long list of ingredients that you won’t find in any of their products. For instance, you won’t find skin-irritating ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances in their formulas.

As a vegan, sustainable, and cruelty free brand, JUNO CO is safe for your skin and Mother Nature. Their products are also microplastic-free – keeping your skin clear and Nemo and his friends safe in our oceans.

The JUNO CO Haul of Fame: The Top 5 Hero Products

Now that you’re all clued up with this wonderfully clean skincare brand, you’re probably considering adding some of their products to your skincare routine – but which ones?? We’ve worked directly with JUNOCO to get an exclusive insight into their top 5 super selling products that will cut your browsing time in half so you can shop smarter with JUNOCO at the very outset!

Here’s the Top 5 hero products you need by JUNOCO for your Haul of Fame.

1. JUNO CO Cleansing Balm: Clean 10 Cleansing Balm

Juno Co Cleansing Balm - Juno and Co Clean 10
Image: @thejunoco

Do you want a cleansing balm that doesn’t call for a double cleanse? Cleansing balms are designed to break down and melt your makeup while hydrating the skin to prevent irritation. While cleansing balms are some of our favourite products, they don’t always get every inch of makeup.

Enter the JUNO and CO Cleansing Balm. JUNOCO’s most iconic and best selling product of all time that had a 50k waitlist after it went viral on TikTok!

Junoco-Cleansing-Balm - cleansing balm review

One of TikTok’s most popular influencers, @glamzilla, in her Clean 10 Cleansing Balm review that itliterally melts off my mascara and lipstick”.

Nikkietutorials, famous for her bold makeup looks – said in her JUNO cleansing balm review that it’s “a $15 cleansing balm that compares to cleansing balms up in the hundreds of dollars”. She pointed to the JUNO CO Balm as her secret for glowing skin.

The JUNO SKIN Cleansing Balm uses a minimalistic cruelty-free formula powered with Japanese Barley Magic that is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. Its formula helps to regulate your skin’s melanin production and brighten your complexion.

How Do You Use JUNOCO Cleansing Balm?

The JUNO face balm is so easy to use! Apply a small scoop directly to damp skin and massage in circular motions. It will start to melt your makeup and break down dirt immediately. Add a splash of water to turn the cleaning balm into milk to hydrate your skin.

Juno-Skin-Cleansing-Balm - Juno clean 10 cleansing balm

You can either use the Cleansing Cookie to then wipe off your fully melted makeup or a muslin cloth (both of which should be wet). You could even simply just wash it off but we’d then recommend doing a double cleanse as a makeup sponge/muslin cloth really ensures that every trace of makeup has been scrubbed right off, whereas splashing with water alone just isn’t as thorough.

Juno-and-Co-Cleansing-Balm - Juno 10 cleansing balm

If your skin needs a little extra TLC, you can do a double cleanse – but the cleansing balm can also be used solo.

Is Juno Skin Cleansing Balm Good for Sensitive Skin?

Also, if you’re wondering what cleansing balm is best for sensitive skin, the JUNO CO cleansing balm (as a fragrance-free product full of clean goodness) is the answer to your makeup removal and sensitive skin woes!

Is the JUNO Cleansing Balm Worth it?

Clean-10-Cleansing-Balm - cleansing balm JUNOCO, cleansing balms for sensitive skin

We’re hoping the virality of this product in such a short space of time answers this question! 100% YES!

2. JUNOCO Clarifying Cleansing Powder


Are you looking for a great affordable dupe to the iconic Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant? Look no further than the JUNOCO Powder Cleanser.

Just like the Dermalogica cleanser, the JUNOCO Clarifying Cleansing Powder is a rice-based powder formula that gently exfoliates the skin to visibly brighten your complexion.

This JUNO CO cleanser is made using rice wine lees (sake kasu) extract as a cleansing powder that offers a deep cleanse whilst also moisturising the skin. The rice extract is unique as it’s a renewable plant resource that adds to JUNO CO’s sustainable credentials.


We recommend this cleanser as a go-to for those dealing with uneven skin texture and blocked pores. We’ve also loved using this straight after using the JUNOCO Cleansing Balm whenever we felt our skin needed a little extra cleanse.

How to use: Pour about half a teaspoon of the JUNOCO cleansing powder onto wet hands and then rub your hands together to create a creamy foam texture. Rub in circular motions on entire face (and neck!) and rinse.

3. JUNO CO Cleansing Cookie

JunoCo Cleansing Cookie
Image: @thejunoco

It’s time to ditch makeup wipes for good. Meet JUNO CO’s reusable cleansing pad that is perfect for use with their best-selling JUNO CO Clean 10 Cleansing Balm. All you need is warm water to power up this sustainable cleansing product and watch the JUNO CO makeup remover work its magic!

JunoCo-Balm - clean 10 balm

The JUNO and CO Cleansing Cookie’s cloud-like feel makes it perfect for removing tough eye makeup or if you have sensitive skin. It’s a cost-effective product that can take the place of hundreds of makeup wipes. It’s better for the planet – and your wallet too!

How to use: Wet the JUNO CO Cleansing Cookie generously with warm water and swipe over your face to remove makeup following use of the Juno & Co Clean 10 Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Powder or your Clay Mask.

4. JUNOCO Kale No More Pore Clay Mask

A face mask is our favourite form of self-care. The JUNO CO Clay Mask gives your skin a gentle but effective detox. It works with an antioxidant-rich formula that works deep in your pores to remove excess oil, blackheads, and impurities. The formula is packed full of skin-loving vitamins and probiotics that hydrate and brighten your skin.

It’ll feel like your skin is brand new after one application. Add it into your nightly routine once to twice a week to leave it feeling plump and refreshed. It’s basically like treating your skin to your favourite Starbucks!

How to use: Apply a thin layer of the JUNO Co Clay Mask to clean skin and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and massage in circular motions with warm water.

5. JUNO CO 2% Hyaluronic Acid+ Peptides Serum


Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient we can’t get enough of. So, it’s no surprise that it pops up in JUNO CO’s product range. The brand describes it as a “hydration hero” that locks in moisture and uses vitamin b5 to give your skin a vibrant glow.


It uses hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights to penetrate deeply into your skin and stimulate collagen production. This serum is like giving your skin a vacation – helping it come back refreshed and renewed after even the most stressful days.


As a water-based serum, it’s perfect for layering with other serums and creams for an extra hydration boost.

How to use: Apply several drops on to skin after cleansing and pat into face and neck. Follow with your other favourite serums and moisturizer.

Other JUNOCO Products Worthy of an ‘Add to Cart’ Moment

Are you yet to hit check out your JUNOCO basket of goodies? Here’s a couple of extra products we’ve established to be worthy of an ‘add to cart’ moment – without the regret of an impulse purchase.

JUNO and CO Sponge: Microfibre Velvet Sponge

JunoCo Microfiber Sponge
Image: @thejunoco

Beauty blenders have been around for what feels like years. Can anyone remember putting their foundation on with a brush?

The JUNO and CO sponge is a multi-tasking tool that is worth its weight in gold. The microfiber fabric doesn’t absorb as much product, meaning a little of your favourite formula will go a long way.

It helps to minimise your pores and gives you a natural finish that unlocks your skin’s inner radiance.

JUNOCO Sponge: Bamboo Sponge

Junoco Bamboo Sponge
Image: JUNO CO

JUNOCO Bamboo Sponge is even better for the environment – with all the same benefits as the microfibre version and is 100% recyclable.

Juno-Co-Sponge - JUNO skin cleansing balm review

Cortney Dryden in her JUNO review of the JUNO and CO Sponge on TikTok said “I used less than a pump of foundation and my skin looks so airbrushed and smooth”. The JUNO and CO Microfiber Sponge could be a gamechanger for your makeup routine and overall makeup look.

How Do You Use a JUNO and CO Sponge?

If you’re applying any sort of liquid makeup product (foundation/concealer) its always best to wet your JUNO and CO sponge just as you would with an ordinary Beauty Blender. Apply your foundation or concealer directly onto your face (not the sponge) and start dabbing away to reveal a flawlessly even and airbrushed finish.

The JUNO and CO Sponge does not need to be wet when applying any sort of powder/dry makeup product.

How Do You Clean a JUNO Sponge?

One hack we’ve learnt from TikTok is to use a soap bar to deep clean the JUNO CO Sponge for the best results.

Do You Wet JUNO Sponge?

See above. Yes when applying wet makeup products such as foundation/concealer. No when applying dry makeup products i.e. powder.

JUNO & CO Moonshine Miracle Cream

Junoco Moonshine Miracle Cream
Image: @thejunoco

A product that hydrates and primes in one! JUNO and CO Moonshine primes your skin perfectly before you begin your makeup routine. It somehow instantly transforms your skin making it visibly smoother and more plump, soft and bright thanks to its formulation of 3% avocado oil and hyaluronic acid. The JUNO CO Moonshine Primer also helps your makeup stay put for 12+ hours and blurs your pores too!

Some have even gone as far as to say that the Junco and Co Moonshine Miracle Cream is a dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. If you’re a fan of primers and want to switch to a cleaner beauty brand, you won’t be disappointed with this one!

How to use: Use before makeup as a primer or in place of a moisturizer on face and neck.

So now that you’ve had your fix of The JUNOCO Haul of Fame, which of their products will you be treating yourself to? Let us know in the comments below!

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