Best Gifts for Writers: 43 Genius Presents for the Wordsmith in Your Life (Writer Approved!)

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for all of us to start planning – and, most importantly, shopping. Good thing it’s the Haul of Fame specialty! If you’re looking for the best gifts for writers, we have just what you need.

We know that finding the perfect present can be as tricky as crafting the perfect sentence, but don’t worry! Whether you’re looking for gifts for an aspiring writer, for a dear writer friend about to publish their first novel, or even if you’re just treating yourself, we’ve found over 40 of the best gift ideas that’ll get those creative juices flowing.

Read on below for our selection of the best gifts for writers, from home office essentials to cozy blankets that’ll keep them warm while they work on their next masterpiece.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Writers: Useful Gifts

1. Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

Does your favorite writer come up with their best ideas in the shower? This Aqua Notes notepad was made with them in mind. With durable, fully waterproof paper and suction cups that can be attached to any surface, it’s the perfect gift for writers who never want to miss out on an idea. And if one of these ideas turns into a bestseller, well – it’ll all be thanks to you.

writers kit gift - embroidered fabric notebook

2. Embroidered Fabric Notebook

There’s nothing writers love more than good, high-quality notebooks ready to be filled with creative ideas. This stunning handmade, thread-bound journal with a floral embroidered cover is the perfect gift for authors of romance novels or poets. Pair it with a gorgeous fountain pen and you have a fantastic present.

3. Fridge Poetry Magnets

The original Magnetic Poetry Kit is a tried-and-tested gift for writers, and one that needs no introduction. Containing over 300 magnetic word tiles, this is a great creative writing aid sure to make writers of any kind happy. From haiku to sonnets and sweet morning messages, there’s no telling where their creativity will take them next!

4. Decorative Hourglass Pomodoro Timers Set

Looking for gifts for a writer who needs help with their time management? We have the perfect thing for you. This elegant set of hourglass timers uses the Pomodoro method to help keep creative types in check and increase their productivity while looking oh-so chic on their desk.

5. 100% Recycled Paper Super Sticky Notes

Who said good gifts for writers had to be extra creative? Sometimes the best ideas are also the simplest, and this set of 100% recycled sticky notes may just be what you need. With 5 pads of super sticky Post-it notes in pretty pastel colors, they’ll be a writer’s best friend when it comes to writing down quick ideas and reminders.

gifts for writers uk - writer bookends

6. Writer Bookends

Is your writer also a book lover? We’re pretty sure the answer is yes. And if they need help keeping their shelves organized, this set of bookends is sure to delight them. Handmade from solid steel, they’re heavy enough to hold up even the largest book collection.

7. Magnetic Laptop Privacy Screen

Most writers (this one included!) love working from coffee shops or libraries once in a while – but there’s nothing worse than someone looking over your shoulder as you plot your next short story! This laptop privacy screen makes your laptop basically invisible from the side, protecting your work from prying eyes. 

8. Sony WH-CH720N Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

A good pair of noise canceling headphones is one of the best gifts to buy a writer. Trust us – when they’re hard at work in a busy place, the last thing they need is to be distracted by the conversations happening around them. These Sony headphones perfectly block surround noises for up to 35 hours with a single charge, and feature a microphone for when they need to take calls.

9. The Storymatic

The Storymatic is one of these classic writing tools you simply can’t go wrong with. With over 500 cards containing all the elements needed to kickstart a new story (from unique character traits to awkward situations and mysterious objects) and get their imagination going. It really is, in our opinion, one of the best gifts for aspiring writers out there – plus, it makes a great party game!

10. Writer Emergency Pack XL

Another gift for authors our list wouldn’t be complete without, the Writer Emergency Pack is the ideal tool when someone’s story needs a little boost. With 52 idea cards, this XL version offers hundreds of solutions to fix plot holes, change story themes, or make characters more interesting. These tips can help writers get unstuck and propel their story forward – ready to turn it into a bestseller. 

Cool Gift For Writers: Home Office Essentials

11. Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard

With the amount of time writers spend typing on their laptop, protecting their wrists and hands is essential. That’s where an ergonomic keyboard comes in! This Logitech keyboard is wireless and features a curved layout which helps place hands into the right position while typing, with a soft, cushioned palm rest making writing thousands of words a day a breeze.

12. Keyboard Cloud Wrist Rest

Not only is this wrist rest totally adorable, it’s also great to ensure wrist support and reduce stress on the elbows when typing. It comes in four different colors, including pink and lavender, and uses a non-slip silicone base to ensure it stays in place on a writer’s desk – even during the most intense writing session. Truly the perfect gift for a girl who likes to write in style!

13. Lekvey Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Creative writing may be, well, creative, but it also entails a lot of research. And when you’re spending hours scrolling the Internet for information, your scrolling fingers (and wrist!) tend to get a little bit tired… Enter the Lekvey Vertical mouse to solve all your – or your writer friend’s – problems! Its ergonomic shape alleviates pressure in the wrist and reduces the risk of cramping, allowing for longer research sessions – and even better stories at the end of it.

14. Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

These memory foam pads offer extra support when using a mouse and protect wrists and elbows from fatigue by keeping them in a neutral, ergonomic position. They’re small enough to fit in a laptop case, allowing your favorite writer to bring them everywhere they go for ultimate wrist health.

gifts for writers etsy - Hero Black Titanium Fountain Pen

15. Hero Black Titanium Fountain Pen

Looking for classy gift ideas for writers of crime or science-fiction novels? Look no further! This stylish fountain pen features a unique all-black design with a titanium body and a stainless steel nib providing a smooth writing experience, and comes with two cartridges of ink so the person receiving your gift can start writing right away. Bonus: it can even be personalized with an inspiring message – or a pen name. (See what we did there?)

writers gifts - 5 personalized gel pens

16. Set Of 5 Personalized Gel Pens

Take it from this writer – you can simply never have enough pens. They’re just the perfect gifts for people who love writing. And if they have your name on them? Even better! This set of five soft touch gel pens come in two color styles – neutral pastels or bright gemstone shades – and can be personalized with a choice of 5 fonts. All that for a very reasonable price!

17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Long hours at the computer can cause eye fatigue, which risks damaging your eyes over time – something all writers want to avoid! These tinted glasses protect the eyes by filtering out harmful UVs and blue light to prevent eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision – all while promoting better sleep by promoting the production of melatonin. 

18. Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion 

While you’re looking for Christmas gifts for writers this year, why not give them the gift of comfort? These Everlasting Comfort cushions are made to provide all day support and encourage an ergonomic posture to make sitting in a desk chair as comfortable as possible.

19. Wireless Charging Stand

This 3 in 1 charging station is the perfect addition to any writer’s desk. It can charge almost any model of phone and includes support for multiple devices, including AirPods and Apple Watch. One of the best gifts to buy a writer who’s also a little bit of an Apple addict!

20. Adjustable Laptop Stand

This adjustable laptop stand helps raise the screen to eye level, avoiding neck and shoulder tension (and the dreaded pain at the end of a long day of writing). Pair it with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you have the perfect at-home desk set-up for writers of all kinds.

writing gifts - walnut pen tray

21. Walnut Pen Tray

This gorgeously crafted pen tray is a simple yet powerful tool for keeping a desk organized. Made from walnut hardwood and with a durable glossy finish, it’s the perfect receptacle for pretty fountain pens – highlighting your favorite pen while adding a little more organization to your writing space.

good gifts for a writer - minimalist desk organizer

22. Minimalist Desk Organizer

This classy, minimalist desk organizer features a soft, rounded design and can fit even on the smallest desks and is a fantastic way to keep notebooks, pens, sticky notes, and all the other stationery a writer needs. Made from high quality material, it’s lightweight and durable, and easy to clean.

23. Dimmable Desk Lamp With USB Charging Port

When inspiration strikes, many writers will find themselves working well into the night. So if you’re looking for gifts for creative writers to make their lives just a little easier – even at two in the morning – this adjustable LED desk lamp is what you need. With three color modes and a dimming function, it’ll keep them awake and productive no matter how late it is. Plus, it features a USB charging port so they can keep their devices on throughout the night!

Gifts For Writers To Hone Their Craft

writers christmas gifts - online writing workshops

24. Online Writing Workshops

Writing workshops can be an incredibly useful tool for writers at any stage of their career, but they make especially good gifts for aspiring writers. From poetry to crime novels and even non-fiction essay writing, you’ll find a workshop to fit any style.

25. Residential Writing Retreats

Many providers offer fully catered retreats for creative writers, allowing them to find the space and time to focus on their craft, often in a beautiful country setting. From one-day retreats to week or month-long residencies, these offer writers the chance to connect with like-minded people and learn from established authors.

26. Writing Software Subscription

We’ll let you in on a secret: writers are just like everyone else, and sometimes need a little extra help. Writing softwares such as Grammarly, Scrivener, Hemingway Editor and Pro Writing Aid can act as digital editors to catch spelling mistakes, overly complex sentences, and even help them manage their research notes and documents. A one-year subscription to one of these apps is basically a golden ticket to finishing an amazing novel!

27. 5-Minute Daily Writing Prompts Book

Practice makes perfect, and this book of creative writing prompts is a great way for authors to improve their skills and get inspiration for even more fascinating stories. This daily writing prompts journal contains over 500 short writing prompts to help writers carve out some time for writing every single day, building their skills and confidence little by little.

28. Books On Writing 

One of the best ways to learn (other than practicing a lot) is by getting advice from experts. Books like On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King and How To Write Non-Fiction by Joanna Penn make great gifts for writers and readers keen to understand more about what the life of a published author looks like.

Cozy Gifts For Writers

29. Lap Desk

Sometimes, all a writer wants is to work from the comfort of their bed or couch. This large, adjustable wooden lap desk is the perfect work from home companion – with enough space for their laptop, cup of tea or coffee, and Bluetooth mouse. It’s assembled and adjusted easily, comes with a handy side drawer for pens/sticky notes etc, and is made from 100% natural bamboo, meaning it’ll last them a long time.

30. Shiatsu Electric Neck Massager

Long hours hunched over a laptop or notebook can take their toll on your neck, shoulders, and overall back health. This electric shiatsu massager pillow helps alleviate muscle pain and provide deep relief and relaxation after a long day of writing – or as a quick pick-me-up in between scenes!

christmas gifts for authors - DIY Writers Gift Basket

31. DIY Writers Gift Basket

Not sure what to buy a writer? Giving a thoughtful, homemade gift instead is a sure way to say “I see you, and I appreciate you”. Fill this DIY gift basket kit with all their favorite snacks, drinks, self-care items, and any other cool stuff for writers you can think of for a present that won’t go unappreciated.

christmas ideas for writers - chunky knit blanket

32. Chunky Knit Blanket

As the days grow colder, everyone working from home will appreciate the gift of coziness. This handmade chunky knit blanket made from chenille is amazingly plush, soft and warm, and will keep writers warm for hours at their desk – or on their couch.

33. Electric Heated Blanket

Give blankets an upgrade with even more warmth and comfort! Heated blankets are the solution for those who run just a little too cold and need something to keep them warm. They’re energy efficient, helping to save on heating costs, and can be safely used in a variety of settings – from the bed to the office.

34. Smiley Face Slippers

These retro slippers embroidered with colorful smiley faces (in six different colorways) are not only adorable, they’re also super soft and comfortable. With a textured non-slip foam sole and a plush inner material, we guarantee whoever wears them won’t want to take them off – ever!

35. Long Fleece House Coat

This extra-long fleece bathrobe with a shawl collar is the cozy housecoat of every writer’s dreams. With an adjustable wrap belt and two oversized pockets, it’ll be the comfiest work from home outfit to wear while working on their newest project.

36. Massage Voucher Or At-Home Massage Tools

Christmas is the perfect time to treat your loved ones to some self-care! One of our top picks for writer gifts this time of year is a voucher to a relaxing and energizing massage at a local spa. But if the recipient is more the do-it-yourself kind, at-home massage tools can be a fantastic choice, so they can relax from the comfort of their own home.

creative writing gifts and gift for new author - scented candle saying 'omg! you're published!'

37. Scented Candle

No gifting list would be complete without a scented candle. We don’t make the rules! This soy candle, complete with a lovely message, is one of the best published author gifts – allowing you to celebrate their amazing achievement while bringing a delicious aroma into their homes.

Literary Gifts For Writers And Book Lovers

38. Literary Magazine Subscription

The New Yorker; Granta; Paris Review; Harper’s Magazine; Poetry… We bet the writers in your life have submitted their work to a few of these before. Why not get them a yearly subscription, so they can get inspiration from other talented writers and – who knows – get their own work published? With thousands of literary journals and magazines to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one just for them.

39. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindles changed the game forever from the day they were released. Compact, portable, and with up to ten weeks of battery life, they can store thousands of books in one small device. Pair the device with a one-year Kindle Unlimited Subscription, and you have the perfect present for someone who goes through books quicker than the space on their bookshelves allow.

40. Penguin Clothbound Classics Boxed Set

The Penguin Clothbound Classics editions of literary classics make beautiful additions to anyone’s shelves, even gracing Kate Middleton’s desk. Now, with boxed sets of some of the world’s most well-known authors, from Jane Austen to the Brontë sisters, they make an impactful gift for any book lover.

41. Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Book

The world’s bestselling literary-themed cocktail book, Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist is the perfect idea when looking for creative writing gifts with a boozy twist. With 65 delicious cocktail recipes matched to iconic novels (“The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose”, anyone?), it makes an amazing stocking stuffer or all-year-round present.

42. Vintage Typewriter Keyboard

Who wouldn’t want to feel like Hemingway or Virginia Woolf while they work on a collection of short stories, an essay, or a poem? With this wireless typewriter-style keyboard, writers can achieve all their retro dreams. Compatible with most computers, laptops and tablets, it’s a unique gift sure to make any lover of classic literature happy. 

43. Bookshop or Amazon Gift Card

Still struggling for writer gift ideas? Time for the most fail-safe of all presents: a trusty gift card! Whether you decide to give them a gift card to their favorite local bookshop or a classic Amazon gift card, they’ll be able to buy the books and writing tools they really want – no risk of getting it wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions: Gifts For Writers

What Do Writers Like As A Gift?

Most writers appreciate writing and literary-themed gifts. After all, it’s their passion for a reason! Some of our favorites include Penguin Clothbound Classics Boxed Sets, writing prompts books, and aesthetic fountain pens.

What Do You Get Someone Who Wrote A Book?

When someone you know writes and publishes a book, it’s certainly cause for celebration! Some of our favorite book launch gift ideas are a beautiful notebook (so they can get started on their next bestseller!), a DIY gift basket showing all your admiration, and a cocktail recipe book to continue the party at home.

What To Gift A Senior Content Writer?

Senior Content Writers most likely spend long hours at their desk coming up with creative ideas – especially if they work from home. Cozy, comfortable gifts are the way to go! We recommend a chunky knit blanket or some cute slippers to help keep them feeling good throughout their work day.

What Are The Three Things The Writer Needs?

According to Willia Faulkner, a writer needs three things: experience, observation, and imagination. While we totally agree, we’d also add a comfortable place to work, a notebook, and a pen – from there, they can let their imagination run wild! If you’re looking for more creative gifts for writers, check out our list above for inspiration.

Best Gift For Writers Summary

There is no shortage of amazing gifts for writers, authors, poets, and anyone in between!

Finding the perfect writer gifts depends on a few things: the writer’s tastes, the kind of writing they do, and even their work-from-home situation. Some of our most loved recommendations include fridge poetry magnets, ergonomic seat cushions, writing software subscriptions, and more.

Looking for gift ideas for more of your friends and loved ones? Check out the best gift guides by our editors!

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