30+ Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Ideas To Thank Awesome Teachers!

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Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Are you looking for the best teacher appreciation gifts? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for teacher appreciation week, a personalized appreciation gift to start the new school year with a bang, or a goodbye gift for a teacher before summer vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our top picks of over 30 unique teacher gift ideas to find the perfect appreciation gifts for your or your kids’ favorite teacher – because teachers are fantastic and deserve a little extra love!

Plus, we’re answering some of the most common questions surrounding teacher appreciation gifts – from the best gift card for teachers (and how much money to put on it!) to how to create your own thank-you gift bag and handmade thank-you card. Read on to find out more!

What Do Teachers Get For Teacher Appreciation?

best gift for teacher from student

Teacher Appreciation Week is all about recognizing and honoring the fantastic people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to shaping little minds and helping young people grow. It’s a time to show teachers the love, gratitude, and recognition we have for their incredible impact on our lives – and our children’s lives.

It’s not just about buying teachers gifts, though! Teacher Appreciation Week also highlights the importance of investing in education. It reminds us that teachers are at the heart of our educational system. By supporting and appreciating them, we’re investing in a brighter future for ourselves and future generations. 

So, let’s celebrate the fantastic individuals who ignite the flames of curiosity, instil a love for learning, and create the leaders of tomorrow. Whether with a handwritten note, a box of chocolates, or a simple “thank you,” let’s show our teachers that they’re the real heroes of these modern times.

Without further ado, you can easily purchase 30+ teacher appreciation gifts online!

Haul of Fame: The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Personalized Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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1. Personalized Tumbler (Stanley Cup Style)

Busy teachers need to stay hydrated throughout the day! These customizable tumblers are perfect Stanley Cup dupes and make a fantastic teacher appreciation gift. They’re the perfect gift for your favorite teacher with a stunning floral design, six gorgeous colors, and custom name personalization.

teacher appreciation gifts in bulk

2. Personalized Teacher Planner

Can you go wrong with a planner? We don’t think so! These personalized planners are one of the best teacher appreciation gifts. They’ll help keep educators organized for the year with beautifully designed teaching-themed patterns and teacher-specific layouts.

best teacher appreciation gifts amazon

3. Personalized Teacher Coffee Mug

Being a teacher is demanding – and a little caffeine pick-me-up is often a godsend! This personalized teacher coffee mug is the perfect gift to show school teachers your appreciation for all their hard work.

teacher appreciation  gift ideas

4. Personalized Teacher Bookmark

Is your teacher a reader? Then they’ll love this personalized wooden bookmark with its colorful tassel, perfect for keeping their place in their latest novel or textbook in style. Plus, you can add a heartfelt message (or a quote from their favorite book) to make them feel special.

5. Personalized Teacher Name Stamp

Make your teacher’s life easier with a stamp of their name! Filled with quick-drying permanent ink suitable for most surfaces (from paper to fabric and even glass), these custom-made stamps come with a bottle of ink for refills – so your teacher can stamp as many essays as needed.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts For The Classroom

6. Welcome Sign

Teacher appreciation items that double as classroom decorations, like this hanging sign, make great gift ideas. It’s the perfect size to hang on a classroom door and makes a great kindergarten, elementary, or middle school teacher gift. Plus, it’s so adorable it’s sure to bring a smile to every student who enters the room!

teachers day gift ideas

7. Alphabet Chalkboard Teacher Sign

Another fantastic option for elementary teacher gifts from students is this customizable alphabet chalkboard sign! Decorated with a colorful rainbow of positive words praising your child’s teacher for all their many qualities, it can also be personalized with their name.

8. Reward Stickers Pack

Who said teachers’ appreciation day gifts can’t also benefit their students? This pack of reward stickers contains 40 sheets of 20 adorable, motivating animal-themed stickers – that’s 800! More than enough to reward dozens of fantastic students every day.

9. Gold Stationery Set

Looking for the perfect ‘first day back to school’ teacher gift for the classiest educator in school? This gold stationery set contains everything they’ll need for their desk – a stapler, a staple remover, a tape holder, a ruler, a pair of scissors, a box of binder clips, 1000 staples, a phone holder, a pen holder, two pens and even some glue! Did we forget anything?

10. Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens Set

Who said teachers can’t have cute pens? This set of 12 colorful gel pens with just a touch of sparkle, a smooth ink flow, and zero glitter fallout (according to Amazon reviews) will make their next grading session a breeze. 

11. Foaming Pump Hand Sanitizer

Not every teacher appreciation week gift has to be extra fancy. There’s a chance busy teachers might appreciate receiving something helpful instead! This multi-pack of kid-friendly hand sanitizer is perfect if you’re looking for gifts for elementary school teachers – its cute shape and design will be the ideal addition to their desks.

teacher appreciation week gift ideas

12. Classroom Tapestry

You may be wondering how to give a teacher a gift that can also double as decoration for their classroom. Well, look no further! With its message of inclusivity and belonging, this gorgeous tapestry will hang beautifully on any teacher’s classroom wall.

Unique Teacher Appreciation Gifts From Students

gift for teachers appreciation week

13. Handmade Art / Letter

Gift-giving doesn’t always need to break the bank. Instead, why not encourage your kids to create beautiful handmade cards and paintings or write a heartfelt letter to thank their teacher for their support throughout the school year? This solar printing kit is our favorite to help you create beautiful and eco-friendly handmade gifts!

14. Thank You Teacher Fill-In Book

Speaking of heartfelt messages – these fill-in-yourself books make great end-of-year teacher gifts! Containing simple prompts to help you or your child express their gratitude for their teacher, they can also be filled with drawings, stickers, or collages for the ultimate do-it-yourself gift sure to make an impact.

15. Forget-Me-Not Plant Cube

Does your teacher have a green thumb? Then give them this adorable tiny planter cube with a sweet message. It includes everything they need to grow beautiful forget-me-nots on their classroom desk and brighten every school day!

gift teachers appreciation week

16. Teacher Affirmation Cards

Show your teacher how great they are with these sweet affirmation cards! They’re the perfect gift for a newer teacher who might need a little extra reminder of their worth and impact on little lives daily. With 20 affirmation cards inside a canvas drawstring bag, this pack slips easily into their daily bag for a little pick-me-up whenever needed.

unique teacher appreciation gift ideas

17. Teacher Appreciation Coloring Card

Looking for last-minute gifts for teachers’ appreciation day? Quickly download this printable coloring card! It’s super easy to download, cut, and fold, and it can be colored in your child’s (or their teacher’s) favorite colors for a unique gift. The inside is blank, allowing you to write a sweet message or even slip in a gift card before handing it to your teacher.

gift ideas for teacher appreciation

18. Mental Health Self-Care Package

This is, undoubtedly, one of the best end-of-the-year gifts for teachers – they’ve probably had a pretty intense year and deserve all the self-care and relaxation. This handmade, personalized self-care package is a spa day in a box, with carefully assembled items such as scented candles, bath salts, and body oils. The perfect way to pamper the outstanding teacher in your life!

Fun Teacher Gift Ideas From Parents

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19. Funny Teacher Appreciation Candle

Giving gifts to teachers can be an excellent way for parents to show their gratitude for the hard work they do. This scented candle adds a touch of humor to your usual teacher-day gift with a tongue-in-cheek message that teachers will love! 

20. What Do You Meme? Teacher’s Edition

Do you know a super-cool teacher who can meme on the same level as their students? This game is for them! What Do You Meme, the party game where players match memes to captions, got a teacher upgrade with brand new hilarious captions educators are sure to relate to.

21. Teacher Swear Word Coloring Book

This is where parents have the upper hand. Gifts for teachers from students usually stay away from swearing – they’re supposed to be getting educated, after all – but nothing stops parents from having a little fun. This sweary coloring book will help your child’s teacher relax after a long day wrangling students!

thank you teacher gift ideas

22. Customizable Grade Stemless Wine Glass

Looking for gifts for a kindergarten teacher? Look no further. This stemless wine glass is a tongue-in-cheek way for parents to show appreciation for the teacher spending daily with their offspring. And the best part? They’re fully customizable for all grades, so you can give them to teachers from kindergarten and elementary school to high school graduation!

Practical Appreciation Gifts For Teachers

23. Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

This may be one of the most straightforward teacher appreciation presents you can give, but it doesn’t make it any less impactful – who doesn’t love chocolate? This 8-piece Godiva gift box contains an assortment of gourmet dark, milk, and white chocolates filled with fruit, nuts, and more. Perfect for the teacher with a sweet tooth!

24. Novelty Teacher-Themed Socks

What makes good holiday gifts for teachers and students? Coziness! These socks will be great for Christmas or the summer holidays. They’ll ensure everyone knows your teacher is finally off the clock, all while keeping their feet warm – what more could you ask for?

25. Teacher Print Tote Bag (8 Pieces)

These printed tote bags are the perfect cute back-to-school teacher gifts! They’re made from durable canvas and are large enough to hold all the school supplies a teacher needs throughout their day – from books to pens and even their favorite reusable cup.

26. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Because teachers spend long hours looking at screens (especially since online classes have become more commonplace), they must protect their eyes. The best way to avoid potential damage from screen usage is by using blue light-blocking glasses.

27. Plant-Based Reusable Coffee Cup

We can’t overstate how important a good cup of coffee is to – almost – every teacher. Especially on busy days when they must rush out in the morning to get to school before the bell rings! This reusable coffee cup, made from 100% plant-based ingredients, is a fantastic teacher gift – especially if you pair it with a Starbucks gift card or a box of their favorite coffee beans.

28. Apple AirTags

Does your teacher regularly misplace their planner, keys, or even phone? We have the perfect solution: a pack of Apple AirTags. They’re dust and water-resistant, straightforward to set up, and most importantly – they’ll ensure even the most forgetful teachers can track all their essential items.

29. All In One Multi Device Charging Station

Still looking for teacher appreciation gift ideas? This one is perfect for the techy teacher who needs to keep all their devices charged! This minimalist charging station fits on their classroom desk and can simultaneously charge up to 6 devices.

30. Amazon Gift Card (+ Gift Card Holder)

If you’re still wondering what the best teacher appreciation gifts from students are and can’t decide what to get for your favorite teacher, try a gift card! Gift cards are a tried-and-tested option to please even the most difficult person to shop for. On Amazon, you can choose from an e-gift card or a physical card – if physical is your preference, why not pair it with a cute gift card holder and thank you card for extra appreciation points?

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Why Do Parents Give Teachers Gifts?

Teaching is very demanding: between long work days, preparing lessons outside of school hours, and the endless patience needed to wrangle 20+ children or teenagers daily, week after week. Giving teachers gifts on teacher appreciation week is a beautiful way for parents to thank their kids’ teachers for all the hard work they do – but you don’t always need to buy something to show your gratitude. A lovely handmade card or thoughtful letter can be enough.

What Do Teachers Want As A Gift?

The million-dollar question! Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day vary from a simple box of chocolates to personalized journals and gift cards. But what is the ideal gift for teachers? Well, it depends on who you ask. People have different tastes, and the novel your favorite English teacher loves may not be the right gift for a science lecturer! If you’re worried about getting it wrong, a gift card may be the best option – that way, your teacher is free to buy whatever they’d prefer.

What Are Good Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week?

Here are some fabulous things you can gift on Teacher Appreciation Week:

How Much Should You Put On A Gift Card For A Teacher?

Now that we’ve established that practically every teacher out there will be delighted to receive a gift card, you may be wondering what the right amount for teachers is. As a rule of thumb, most gift cards given to teachers fall between $20 and $50 for individual gifts. However, this amount regularly goes up to $200 or $300 for classroom collections – so why not speak to the parents of your child’s classmates and pool together to give their teacher a precious gift?

Do Teachers Prefer Gift Cards Or Cash?

The preference between cash and gift cards for teachers can vary from person to person, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer! It often depends on individual circumstances, personal preferences, and the relationship between you and your teacher. However, we recommend gift cards, as they show that you’ve put more thought into your gift. Choosing a gift card to a store or restaurant your teacher enjoys will make the facility feel more personal and let them know you’ve been paying attention to what they like.

What Is The Average Teacher Gift?

Nothing says “thank you for being an awesome school teacher” like a thoughtful gift, but finding the perfect thank you teacher gift ideas can sometimes feel overwhelming – what if you get it wrong? If that concerns you, stick with some of the most common gift ideas: chocolates, a thank you card or a simple Amazon or Target gift card. Or browse the list above for some more inspiration!

What Do You Put In A Goodie Bag For Teachers?

A personalized goodie bag is a great way to make a teacher appreciation day gift a little more special. Get a pretty box or gift bag, fill it with shredded or tissue paper, and add three to five items you know your teacher will love. If you need some ideas to get you started, we recommend some chocolates, a scented candle, and a personalized mug.

Is Starbucks Doing Anything For Teacher Appreciation?

Unfortunately, Starbucks has stopped running any Teacher Appreciation Week promotions in recent years. We know – heartbreaking stuff. But do not despair! If a teacher you love is a Starbucks addict, we recommend gifting them a handy digital Starbucks gift card with enough cash to keep them caffeine-fueled for a while. 

Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts Wrap-Up

Teachers genuinely deserve our appreciation and recognition for their unwavering commitment to education. 

Whether you’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week or want to express your gratitude at any time of the year, there are numerous thoughtful gifts. 

Finding the ideal gift for your teacher will depend on their tastes and interests – we recommend everything from personalized items like drinks tumblers and monthly planners to classroom essentials like stationery and stickers. Handmade art can also be a lovely touch for those with a creative flair. And if you’re unsure about their preferences, an Amazon gift card is a versatile choice that allows them to pick something they genuinely love.

Ultimately, the thought and appreciation behind the gift matter most. So, whether you choose something personalized or a more traditional gift, remember it’s all about making teachers feel appreciated and recognized!

Are you looking for more unique gift ideas? Check out the best gift guides chosen by our editors!

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