Ultimate Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials for 2023

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Best Hair Tools and Essentials 2020

Whether you style your hair every day or like to do it on special occasions, you’ll want to invest in the best hair tools and essentials for your hair. We’ve rounded up the best hair products on the market that you need to add to your collection.


A hairbrush is one product that we use every day, even if our day consists of watching Netflix in our loungewear. You want a multi-tasking hairbrush that you can use in wet or dry hair to get ultimate results but that is also built to minimise pain and tugging while brushing too!

Tangleteezer – The Wet Detangler

Best Hair Tools and Essentials 2020 - Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler

Available at Amazon

Tangleteezer is the brand behind our favourite detangling hairbrushes. They have just released their ‘wet detangler’ which is designed to help untangle your hair after a shower and can help you evenly apply leave-in products. We recommend getting one to leave in your shower and another to keep in your vanity for daily use.

The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush Original Detangling Hair Brush - Best Hair Tools and Essentials 2020

Available at Amazon

If you like the idea of a detangling brush but want something closer to a traditional hairbrush, then the West Brush is perfect for you. You can use it on dry or wet hair without causing any breakage to your locks. This brush uses ‘Intelliflex’ technology in its bristles which helps go through even tangled hair smoothly. 

Denman D3 Classic 7 Row Hairbrush

Denman-D3-Hairbrush - Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Amazon

The best hairbrush for curly hair! The Denman hairbrush range is a classic that has been around for generations. It’s an affordable hairbrush that uses an anti-static rubber cushion and is perfect for helping you achieve a blow-out look at home. The spacing and placement of the smooth bristles make it ideal for separating and defining curls and reviews have also mentioned that it is the best hairbrush for afro curly hair too!

Hair Turban

Do you ever wish that you could dry your hair quicker? Or are you tired of the weight of wrapping your hair in a bath towel only for it to fall out moments later? Take a look at this best-selling hair turban which is an absolute hair essential!

Aquis Hair Turban (Lisse Luxe)

Aquis-Lisse-Luxe-Hair-Turban - Best Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Lookfantastic.com and Amazon

The Aquis hair turban cuts your hair drying time in half and helps reduce frizz and breakage. Their pioneering fabric helps to quickly absorb the water from your hair while leaving your hair looking shinier and smoother before you’ve even added any hair care products! This hair turban can help add definition to your curls and reduces the overall time needed on heat products.

Hairdryer Brush

Are you tired of holding a hairbrush and a hairdryer while styling your hair? These incredibly popular hairdryer brushes help you achieve the perfect salon-worthy bouncy blow-out at home with just one styling tool. 

Revlon One-Step Salon Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon-One-Step-Hair-Dryer-and-Volumizer - Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Amazon

When Elle calls a product ‘Game-Changing’, you know that you need it, fast! The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer gives your hair a volumizing blow-out while styling it at the same time (and in half the time too!). It has a titanium coating on the barrel which helps you achieve long-lasting hairstyles while reducing breakage. With this essential hair product, all you need is one-step to get perfect voluminous hair.

Dyson Airwrap

Dyson-Airwrap-Complete - Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Boots.com and Dyson.com

If you want to invest in your hair and you have the budget for it, then you need the Dyson Airwrap. This multi-purpose product dries your hair and gives it a smooth finish. At the change of a barrel, you can even add a curl or a soft wave to your hair. The Dyson Airwrap was the named the Best Hair Curling Tool on the Glamour Beauty Power List 2020. 

Hair Dryer

While some of us like to air dry our hair, there is always a time when you need to run out the door right after washing your hair. With the right hair dryer, you can form the perfect foundation for styling your hair at home or otherwise go from wet hair to dry in a few fuss-free minutes! 

Dyson Supersonic HD03

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Fuscia

Available at Boots.com and Amazon

Dyson is dominating the world of hair products, and their hairdryer is no exception. It is one of the fasting drying products on the market and is specifically engineered to work for all hair types. This hair dryer does not use extreme heat and its technology is designed to regulate the temperature to prevent hair damage.  

GHD Air Hairdryer


Available at Amazon

For years, GHD was the must-have brand of hair straighteners and now it’s ventured into the world of hair dryers. The GHD Air hairdryer dries your hair in half the time with its 2,100w motor and advanced ionic technology that reduces frizz to give your hair a smooth finish every single time.

Remington D3010 Power Dry Lightweight Hair Dryer

Remington D3010 Power Dry Hairdryer

Available at Amazon.co.uk and similar at Amazon.com

This Remington hairdryer is a budget-friendly option that is lightweight and perfect for travelling. It has an eco-setting that helps conserve power while also protecting your hair. The ceramic ionic grille means that the heat is evenly distributed and prevents frizz. With over 12,000 Amazon reviews and in excess of 8,000 Google reviews, the popularity of this hairdryer is clearly unquestionable!

Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are a two-in-one product that in the rights hand can both straighten and curl your hair. Every woman needs to have a trusty pair of hair straighteners that they can rely on to style, smooth and tame their hair when needed.  

Cloud Nine – The Original Iron

Cloud Nine - The Original Iron - Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Amazon.co.uk

Labelled as the ‘Ferrari of the haircare world’ by OK! Magazine, the Cloud Nine Original Iron has indeed proved itself to be the ‘epitome of luxury and innovation’ (which was the prime objective of the founder of Cloud Nine, who was also the co-founder of GHD). Designed for everyday styling and is perfect for those with thinner hair. It heats up within 20 seconds with a variable temperature setting that goes between 100 and 200 degrees. The mineral-infused ceramic plates give your hair a healthy shine, locking in moisture and minimising hair tugging and pulling.

GHD Original IV Styler

GHD - The Original IV Styler - Best Hair Tools and Hair Essentials 2020

Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Nothing beats the OG. These straighteners built GHD into the powerhouse that it is today. The GHD Original IV Styler goes up to 185 degrees in temperature and uses floating plates that glide across your hair. With this straightener, you can achieve a spectrum of looks with its ceramic heat technology.

Remington S3500 230 Straightener

Remington S3500 230 Straightener

Available at Amazon

Looking for the best budget hair straightener? This model by Remington heats up within 15 seconds and is one of the most popular stylers on the market. The anti-static ionic plates give your hair a perfect shine. With its 30-setting variable temperature wheel, you can choose your desired heat. This straightener has 110mm long plates, meaning you can catch more hair with every stroke to style your hair quicker.

Want more options? Check out our post on the Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners for All Hair Types for more inspiration.

Curling Wand

Is there anything better than curly hair? Whether you’re trying to achieve tight ringlet curls or soft brushed out beach waves, investing in the right curling wand will save you so much time and get you your desired result effortlessly.

BaByliss 2667U Curl Secret Hair Styler

Babyliss 2667U Curl Secret Hair Styler

Available at Amazon.co.uk and similar at Amazon.com

If you struggle with curling your hair, this styler by BaByliss is beginner-friendly. It uses pioneering auto curl technology and its ceramic chamber creates beautifully long-lasting effortless curls (just like it says on the tin!).

BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro

Babyliss Curling Wand Pro

Available at Amazon.co.uk and similar at Amazon.com

For a versatile curling wand, this BaByliss wand is easy to control and a popular affordable option if you want something to take travelling with you. It has a 25-13mm barrel that gives you the option of tighter or looser curls.

Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver

Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver

Available at Amazon.co.uk and similar at Amazon.com

If you want to achieve ’80s worthy waves, then this deep barrel hair waver by Toni and Guy is a must-have. This salon-tested hair waver uses ceramic tourmaline technology that makes it fuss-free and super quick to use. Also an Amazon best seller with over 4,000 reviews!

Silk Hair Scrunchies

Slip Hair Scrunchies


Available at Amazon

Add a little luxe into your life with these Slip silk scrunchies. Silk hair scrunchies prevent your hair from creasing and is a miracle worker for hair all-round but especially for those with thin and delicate hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and soft to the touch, then you need to invest in some silk hair scrunchies.

LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchies

Available at Amazon

If you’re after a budget-friendly option, this is our top pick from Amazon which is the closest match to the Slip silk scrunchies. Also made from 100% Mulberry Silk.

Silk Pillowcase

Want to know another secret for healthy and shiny hair? It’s silk pillowcases and they’re changing the hair care (and skincare!) game.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Available at Amazon

The silk pillowcase hype began when Slip released their range in 2004. If you want to prevent the early signs of ageing and say goodbye to bed head, then a silk pillowcase is the answer to all these problems. Unlike your traditional pillowcase, this silk option keeps your hair and skin moisturised and reduces the friction around your face and hair that can tug your skin and lead to wrinkles, or pull at your hair and cause frizz. 

Amazon Silk Pillowcase

Available at Amazon.co.uk and similar available at Amazon.com

Want to save yourself £35+ for an almost exact dupe of the Slip Silk Pillowcase without compromising on quality? This 100% Mulberry Silk 22 momme pillowcase with a handy zip fastening is incredible value for money and boasts over 11,000 reviews on Amazon. Comes gift wrapped for an extra special touch and in a variety of colours to choose from too. Win-win!

Now that you have a list of market leading hair tools and hair essentials to add to your vanity, why not check out our Ultimate Best Hair Products of All Time post next?

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