Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners For All Hair Types

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Best Hair Straighteners

Ah, nothing does silky smooth tresses like a great pair of hair straighteners. Gone are the days of sitting in front of the mirror repeatedly straightening the same portion of hair only for it to look half decent two hours later. Now all you need is just a quick sweep of a marvellous hair irons and within minutes your hair is gloriously transformed to better days. Whether you’re going for a dead straight super sleek finish, beach waves or bouncy curls, a great hair straightener will deliver all that and more.

It’s so important to invest in a good hair straightener that won’t only minimise hair damage and excess pulling, but that also has a long shelf life saving you time and money in the long run (the latter being the ethos that lies at the heart of Haul of Fame). Plus, anything that can cut down the time spent on your morning routine is always a win!

Sadly (and like everything in the world of retail!), we’re spoilt for choice, with thousands of different hair straighteners on offer that all claim to do the same thing and that come at various price points. Does a dearer price always mean a better product? Or could there be a revolutionary dupe available for a fraction of the price? Fret not, we’ve got it covered. 

As always, we believe that our readers deserve the best and in order to save you time (researching) and money (potentially wasted), we have worked tirelessly to search for and narrow down the absolute best hair straighteners around to bring you the top 5 market leading elite.

Here’s to good hair days, all day, everyday!

Tips: It’s best to apply heat protector spray and hair oils when your hair is damp to lock in moisture and speed up the drying process. Ensure that your hair is fully dry before straightening. Never straighten your hair when it is wet. Section hair when styling for a flawless finish.

Cloud nine original iron best hair straighteners

1. Cloud Nine The Original Iron

Multi award winning hair straightener of choice used by numerous celebrity stylists worldwide. Founded by Robert Powls (also the co founder of GHD) who wanted to create a brand that would be the ‘epitome of luxury and innovation’, which is exactly what you’ll find with the Cloud Nine Original Iron. With temperature control from 100-200°C, you can achieve whatever your desired hairstyle is, whether your opting for straight hair, flicks, beach waves or curls, this darling hair iron won’t disappoint. Its mineral-infused ceramic floating plates heat up in 20 seconds, locks in moisture and minimises hair pinching and dragging and automatically switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Labelled as the ‘FERRARI of the haircare world’ by OK! Magazine, this hair straightener will go down quite a treat either as a gift to another or to yourself to form part of your essential self care Sunday routine.

Available at Selfridges

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Original GHD IV Styler

2. The Original GHD IV Styler

The OG gold standard hair straightener that we all know and love and where our love story for hair straighteners began. This multi-award winning tool will make the process of straightening or curling your hair fun, fast and effortless with its advanced ceramic heaters which promise to banish static and frizz leaving you with super silky hair with a natural finish every time.  Heats up in 30 seconds with an optimum styling temperature of 185°C and enters sleep mode by automatically switching off after 30 minutes of being inactive.

One of the more expensive hair straighteners (which is unsurprising since it is the product of a luxury hair styling brand) but if you have the budget, its well worth every penny.

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3. Remington S3500 230 Straightener

Remington s3500 Hair Straighteners best hair straighteners

Here’s your dupe! The best budget hair straighteners on the market that’ll practically give you the same finish and styling options as its high-end counterparts, GHD and Cloud Nine. Common reviewers write that they could not see a difference in the end result after using the Remington S3500 and GHDs! Heating up in only 15 seconds, with a 10 setting variable wheel (holding a maximum temperature of 230°C) and catering to all hair types. The long plates measuring at 110mm, allow you to grab more of your hair, further reducing the total time spent styling during your morning routine, and therefore allowing for more time spent in bed! The ultimate steal!

Available at Amazon

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4. Babyliss 235 Platinum Diamond Straightener


With diamond infused ceramic plates, these straighteners release frizz controlling ions to create lusciously smooth, sleek and shiny hair. With three different heat settings reaching a maximum of 235°C in just 15 seconds, this no fuss styler is suitable for all hair types. Reviewers have raved about this straightener being on par with, if not better than GHDs and claim it takes an average of only 20 minutes to finish styling an entire head of hair! Another dupe for the win.

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5. GHD Platinum+

GHD Platinum 1 Styler

Just when you thought GHD’s couldn’t get any better, it did. Now comes the world’s first SMART hair straightener that predicts your hair’s needs. Consider the GHD Platinum+ styler your very own personalized hair tool. With its integrated predictive technology, monitoring heat 250 times per second, this hair straightener maintains even heat distribution throughout its plates, thereby delivering perfect results after just one stroke. The result? 50% less breakage, 2x more colour integrity and 20% more shine. This groundbreaking SMART styler heats up in 20 seconds with an optimum styling temperature of 185°C and includes an automatic sleep mode, switching off after 30 minutes of inactivity. It also comes in an array of gorgeous colours including white, rose gold, black and deep scarlet (the perfect red shade), to name a few. This is definitely a splurge buy, but if you’re after top of the range specs and fuss free, care free hair styling, all wrapped in pure luxury, then this is definitely the hair straightener of your dreams. 

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